Bruce Allen’s cap-penalty comments hint at a possible deal with league


The Redskins remain upset with the $36 million in cap penalties imposed against the franchise in 2012 for taking the term “uncapped year” too literally in 2010.

The Redskins promptly filed a grievance under the labor deal.  Though the effort was unsuccessful, the Redskins continue to be irritated and frustrated by the seemingly arbitrary punishment.

Through it all, the possibility of litigation has percolated.  Last month, the Washington Post reported that a lawsuit could be coming, including an effort to delay the start of free agency while the team’s attempt to recover its stolen cap space is determined in court.

On Monday, G.M. Bruce Allen said that a lawsuit has never been contemplated, and that there’s nothing the Redskins can do.

A source familiar with the team’s thinking throughout this process tells PFT that Allen’s comments could be evidence that a deal between the team and the NFL has been struck, or still could be.

Any agreement would entail restoration of cap space; thus, it would be difficult if not impossible to keep the arrangement completely quiet.  Both the NFL and NFLPA track cash and cap spending.  If the Redskins at some point in the future exceed their allotment of cap space, the union will be able to connect the dots.

Either way, the decision of the Redskins to act like everything is fine when the facts suggest otherwise means there could be more to this one than meets the eye.

14 responses to “Bruce Allen’s cap-penalty comments hint at a possible deal with league

  1. The Washington Redskins are the greatest franchise in professional sports. The hatred from the rest of the football worlds towards us is pathetic. Don’t blame us for being first class at everything.

  2. I can’t wait till this is over so we can examine how many times you threw your dirty diapers at the wall and hoped it would stick. You’re starting to get on the same par as Jason LaCanfora…. Seriously.

  3. So why does the NFL need to make a deal; what is the Redskins bargaining chip and is it different than the one they had last year? This is just pure speculation that doesn’t make sense to me.

    You must like to stoke the flames of Skins fans. Logicalvoice must get to you as well.

  4. If we end up getting some of our cap money back, I’ll bet John Mara will get so mad he’ll make Goodell take away some of our home games.

  5. If we get any money it probably won’t be much maybe between 5 or 10 million dollars but that would be better then nothing.

  6. Imagine that, Goodell dispensing arbitrary punishment. Dallas, New Orleans, James Harrison and a host of other franchises and players welcome you to The Ginger Hammer’s version of reality. And for poster who claimed Washington does everything with class, I ask if he saw the games where Griffin, Peterson and Clemons shredded their knees? Classy field you have there in Landover.

  7. The Redskins better hope they have a solution to this mess because now that they are so far away from being below the salary cap and with no money to spend because of this $36MILLION DOLLAR CAP HIT, they are letting players go left and right. D Hall was let go yesterday as will more Redskins players today.

  8. Hate to break it to you but the field had nothing to do with Peterson’s injury. If you saw the hit, he would have torn his ACL if he was on a cloud. As for the RG3 injury, it would be tough to blame the field for that one. His leg have out earlier and the one that knocked him out wasn’t a field issue. As for Clemons, replays were really inconclusive as to how that happened. Do the research for yourself instead of reading a headline and drawing an opinion.

  9. “…Allen’s comments could be evidence that a deal between the team and the NFL has been struck.”

    Or it could be evidence that the team kicked around the idea a little, then saw it would never ever ever ever ever in a thousand years win against the league. And therefore threw in the towel long before anyone even so much as drafted a complaint on a word processor.

    Of course, that doesn’t really make much of a breathless specualtion story, does it?

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