Cardinals have decision to make on Kolb

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Last year at this time, the Cardinals had until the fifth day of the league year to decide whether to pay quarterback Kevin Kolb a $7 million roster bonus.  While waiting for Peyton Manning to pick his next team, the Cards decided to keep Kolb.

After that point, it was a no-brainer that Kolb would be on the team, since his base salary was only $1 million, along with a $500,000 roster bonus.

This year, the same day brings another seven-figure decision.  And while this time it’s only a $2 million roster bonus, it will be chased by a $9 million base salary and a $500,000 workout bonus.

There’s a chance the Cards will pay the $2 million for the ability to make a $9 million decision later.  But cutting Kolb would drop his $13.5 million cap number to $6 million, creating (abacus on) $7.5 million in extra cap breathing room.

Last month, team president Michael Bidwill acknowledged that the situation would require discussion and consideration.  In the end, it could require a significant restructuring/reduction by Kolb, or he’ll be on the market.

If that happens, maybe Andy Reid would sign Kolb in Kansas City, and trade him in a year or two for a second-round draft pick.

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  1. The funny thing is, he was actually decent last year when he was healthy enough to start. That’s not to say he played up to the contract, because he didn’t, but he was hardly the disaster of 2011.

  2. He will be the competition for Weeden that the Browns front office has been saying they will bring in…May help Brandon out alot..

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!!

  3. Hard for me to take Kolb serious with the close resemblance to Johnny Knoxville. I’m always waiting for him to do something stupid. Kinda the way a lot of Cards fans feel.

  4. Career stats: 28td’s & 25int’s. History of making tons of money while being inconsistent and injury prone. Cardinals should move on…

  5. Spent more time with his OBGYN than in team meeting rooms the past three years. Not sure why the Cards can’t see this guy is only good coming off bench in reserve. Cards motto… Desperate times call for desperate deals!

  6. Hey, remember when the Cards were geniuses for getting Kolb, and the Seahawks were idiots for signing Tavaris Jackson?

  7. “There’s a chance the Cards will pay the $2 million for the ability to make a $9 million decision later.”

    Not with his injury history.

  8. I have never seen a player get more for less out of two organizations then Kevin Kolb. This guy has been getting starters money for years based on what? A hope and a prayer?

  9. As a 9ers fan I hope they cut bait and draft Geno Smith. That guy puts up stats against terrible college defenses and stinks against good defenses.
    But if I were a Cards fan, then I would hope they would keep Kolb, draft a project like Nassib, Wilson or Manuel, and let Kolb start until he gets hurt, then test out the rookie. Kolb should be able to stay healthy for at least half the year and naming him the starter would take some pressure off of the rookie.

  10. “If that happens, maybe Andy Reid would sign Kolb in Kansas City, and trade him in a year or two for a second-round draft pick”

    good one lol

  11. Dump him and pick up David Carr for nothing. He may be mediocre but at least he’s got an arm and experience as an NFL starter, and can fill the void until a real prospect QB comes up in the draft. Cards aren’t going to be competitive anyway.

  12. DAMN, who is Kolbs agent? That man received quite a lucrative contract. 7 and 2 million dollar signing bonuses for this guy?! What a joke, Cardinals management has to do a better job with their contracts.

  13. I didn’t think he was bad during the games he played last year, but they need cap space badly!!!

    If declining the roster bonus equals nearly $11.5 million in cap space (different from exercising the $2 million roster bonus and then cutting him) they should just do it.

    If they can’t land free agents, however, they should just use it as cap carry over for 2014.

  14. Cut him…because he won’t be an outright starter anywhere else either! AZ is really his best chance.

  15. Keep Kolb a year and let him get shelled behind that line while getting Mike Glennon ready to play. Glennon fits the Arians mold of a big kid with plenty of arm.

    You know your team is in dire straights when you talk about bringing in Matt Cassell or David Carr as upgrades to your starting QB.

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