Cowboys have to restructure more deals to get under cap


Before the Cowboys can add anything when the league year opens Tuesday afternoon, they still have some subtracting to do.

Despite restructuring a handful of contracts already, the Cowboys still need to adjust some more, as they’re nearly $7 million over the cap, according to David Moore of the Dallas Morning News.

After putting the franchise tag on Anthony Spencer, the Cowboys went back over the limit they crawled under by restructuring DeMarcus Ware, Brandon Carr, Jason Witten, Miles Austin and Ryan Cook.

They’ve discussed further cap-saving moves with players including Jay Ratliff, Orlando Scandrick, Dan Connor, Kyle Orton, Nate Livings and Mackenzy Bernadeau, and will have to push the button on those deals to get below the limit before Tuesday.

Of course, they could create the biggest chunk of space by extending quarterback Tony Romo, but that’s a decision that’s bigger than short-term space, and not one that’s likely to get done quickly.

16 responses to “Cowboys have to restructure more deals to get under cap

  1. Robbing peter to pay paul again Jerry, We’ve been down this road before and it doesn’t end well!


    Life long Cowboys fan

  2. Personally I say if romo don’t sign send him away. If you can get the second pick in the second round for a game managing qb like smith why can you get for romo. Sure we have to start orton but its not like he is a slouch he’s taken the bears to the playoffs and with the money we save on dealing romo we can get more o line peices and Kyle would succeed. I say you talk to the browns about romo our first for their first their second their fourth and a conditional pick next year. Win win for both we get a higher first they get a mid first they essentially are a playoff team by only losing a second and a fourth because behind their o line with a solid run game ala Trent Richards and a bevey of big young wideouts and without the pressure of the world on romo because he is the browns qb not Dallas he wins that division

  3. That’s a lot of contracts to restructure for mediocre players. Most teams would have simply cut those guys, or better yet, never have signed them to their current contracts.

  4. Almost sounds like a Ponzi scheme Mr. Jones is running. Take money from 5 people, to pay one, and then realize you need more money.

  5. Its easy to see why he tried to screw the other owners with the cap problems they have.

  6. Its funny how some people that constantly comment on a football website know so very little about football. “Cut this guy” well you know what you can’t just cut guys, they still cost money against the cap unless they are UFA. Also the idiots who think Jerry is the only one doing this, you should really find another sport to follow or find someone who can explain it to you. These restructurings are NOT taking money away from any players they are simply reallocating it to other years and in all of these cases the restructuring is built into the contracts. The restructuring is different than other players being asked to take pay cuts. No player on the Cowboys except Dan Connor has been asked to take a pay cut and thats only because he’s expendable. So yes we know you all hate Jerry jones but when you come in here and make comments that you think will be popular, hate against Jerry Jones for instance, then you look like uneducated morons, which apparently some of you are. Do some research and educate yourselves.

  7. What’s the cap savings if you cut Romo and bring somebody else in to lead them to an 8-8 season?

  8. How do they expect to sign a single draft pick?? Free agents must be out of the question too. Aside from Demarcus Ware, who on that team deserves a cap crushing deal?? Problem #1 is Romo has never played up to the level he is paid to. #2 Miles Austin had a fluke good season and Jerruh thinks he’s the next Michael Irvin. #3-52 I have no idea how you screw up a cap that bad to be $7million OVER before free agency and the draft. At least my team has $35 million+ ways to improve and the Cowgirls are stuck fielding the same mediocre team they’ve had for the last 15+ years. Nothing makes Eagles, Skins, and Giants fans happier than Jerruh continuing to try to be a GM; a job he’s horrible at.

  9. Cowboys gona end up like the debt and unable to sign outside free agents down the road

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