Eagles give Geno Smith a workout in Morgantown

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Maybe new Eagles coach Chip Kelly is planning a revolutionary three-quarterback offense.

Or maybe he’s just doing his due diligence.

Either way, multiple sources tell PFT that the Eagles were in Morgantown on Monday to work out West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith.  The contingency included owner Jeffrey Lurie, G.M. Howie Roseman, and Kelly.

The Eagles currently have five quarterbacks under contract:  Mike Vick, Nick Foles, Trent Edwards, Dennis Dixon, and G.J. Kinne.  They hold the fourth overall pick in the draft.

42 responses to “Eagles give Geno Smith a workout in Morgantown

  1. Is there anyone thinking that Trent Edwards is actually making the 53 man roster?

  2. glynner:

    why in god’s name would the eagles care if someone traded in front of them? they get nothing out of the deal except maybe the player that would have been taken at 3 IF they wanted him.

    Eagles should want someone to trade for THEIR pick, to get more picks in the first two rounds.

    tell me I’m wrong by telling me who the consensus 3rd pick is and why the eagles want him.

  3. A look see, if he’s there with their early 2nd round pick they draft him…..or my fear, they are looking to move back in the 1st round and pick him up ignoring the glaring holes on both lines and the secondary.

  4. Working out Matt Scott two, wondering how commenters get shocked by a QB hungry team working out QB’s

  5. A smoke screen that takes up the time of : Owner-Lurie, GM-Roseman and HC-Kelly? Way-y-y too much! Smoke of this nature is usually laid by lesser personnel staff.

  6. Trying to get someone trade to number 3 so either fisher or sharif makes it to them.

  7. Shayward…

    Maybe, just maybe they know none of the top 3 are picking him & theres the risk of a player they really want going before 4 and theyd rather not move up….. its not too difficult to a concept

  8. Scott makes sense but Smith is a pocket passer. Trying to change a qbs style to fit your system doesn’t work. Chalk this up to due diligence

  9. if eagles become confident that geno smith can be their franchise qb, they take him with the #4 pick. otherwise they take ‘bama CB dee milliner at #4 and foles is their qb, at least in the short term.

  10. glynner:

    i told you that was a possiblity, but asked that you name a consensus top 3 that the eagles would covet above the 4th overall pick.

    Without a clear seperation between 3-4 (in a year which the top 25 are considered very close) then there is no reason to throw up a smoke screen.

    Better assumptions for the eagle’s motivation is looking at tail end of 1st round or beginning of second round. Having brought the guy in first hand gives the team a chance to say if he’s still there at XX pick then we try to move up to grab him

    i just think a smokescreen to move someone else INTO THREE is silly

  11. No problem with the Eagles doing their due diligence, but really do not think that Smith represents their future QB. We shall see…

  12. It’d be a smokescreen if they were working out Manti Teo.

    This is just due diligence.

  13. How can the best qb in this draft continuously get overlooked like he’s garbage or something? Like Floyd or Jordan is a lock for stardom or something?! Get real people

  14. Jbaxt is an absolute stooge, Philly fans are no different than any other fans. It is just magnified tenfold by the media. Philly fans are passionate, loyal and prob the most knowledgeable you will find. Stop with the Philly fans, its tired!

  15. Where was all this hate when Ponder, Locker, Gabbert , & all the other jokes of a qb were picked high?! Explain how they get drafted, get no criticism at all, yet Geno is a scrub?!! At this point I’m rooting for Geno no matter where he goes

  16. Geno Smith is actually a better fit for Kelly’s offense than Mike Vick. Kelly isn’t a proponent of the QB run, just the threat of the QB run- who better than the guy who just ran a 4.56 and barely ran in college?

  17. jbaxt says:
    Mar 11, 2013 3:22 PM
    Any the beagles thought Reid was their problem. Stay classless Philly.
    Maybe worry about forming a sentence with proper structure so people can actually understand your worthless point before lecturing people about class.

  18. Ok professor, you have nothing worth listening to so you go to proper grammar, also tired!

  19. Will someone please sit Kelly down and explain to him that he is not at Oregon any more and in the NFL you don’t get to keep 7 QBs on the roster?

    I can’t wait to watch this epic fail in Philly. Even better than the dream team debacle!

  20. hey cowboys, didnt the niners just come a few yards away from winning a superbowl with an offense replicated by what chip did???? hmm and who better to implement to the master mind behind it all? just some thoughts

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