Eagles to make an offer to Danny Amendola


In 2009, the Eagles signed Danny Amendola to a league-minimum contract and had him on their roster throughout the offseason, but he never got into a regular-season game. Four years later, the Eagles are ready to sign Amendola to a significantly more lucrative contract.

Amendola, a soon-to-be free-agent receiver who isn’t expected to re-sign with the Rams, is in the Eagles’ plans, according to CSNPhilly.com.

When Amendola left the Eagles’ practice squad to join the Rams, Pat Shurmur was the offensive coordinator in St. Louis. Now Shurmur is the offensive coordinator in Philadelphia, and he and new Eagles head coach Chip Kelly apparently see Amendola as a good fit for the offense they plan to run.

Amendola is capable of having a huge impact: He had a 15-catch, 160-yard game against the Redskins, and an 11-catch, 102-yard game against the 49ers last season. The biggest problem Amendola has had, however, is staying healthy. If Amendola can be healthy for 16 games, he’s going to be an important part of some team’s offense. That team may be the Eagles.

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  1. If Amendola is in the Eagles’ plans, then there’s a better-than-not chance that Jason Avant is subsequently in the Chiefs’ plans.

  2. Woah. As an eagles fan, I never saw that one coming. Itd be great if he could stay healthy. Not sure about avant’s contact, buy it sounds life he’s gone. hope they keep cooper.. It’s nice to have tall receivers…

  3. Yuck, I hope this is not true. The Redskins cannot stop punky players like him and Welker. He single handedly beat the Skins in week 2 with a bunch of 2 yard screens and then running around like a chicken with his head cut off. He is a punk too so he would fit in really well on the Iggles. 1960.

  4. This is why I did not want Chip Kelly as the coach and his offensive system. I would have liked to see a big WR that can move the chains. The Eagles have undersized WR’s now, they don’t need more. Going with a coach that would have run a conventional offense with a pocket QB and big WR would have made a lot more sense.

  5. Wide receiver is one of the areas where be DON”T NEED HELP!!! Why do we always seem to chase the top free agent – did we not learn anything from signing Nnamdi??

  6. Well with this move you’d never know how awful the secondary and safeties are on this team.

    Hopefully, mercifully, the Eagles sign at least one free agent to upgrade the back of that defense. I wouldn’t even care if they were a huge name, just someone who is not named Nate Allen, Colt Anderson, Asoumgua, or Coleman.

  7. Complete danny amendola signing comes with his own first aid kit and a box to stand on in team pictures. batteries not included.

  8. I dont think id EVER call Amendola a TOP Free Agent. I dont like the signing either as we have a roster of receivers. We need a healthy O-line and a secondary on D.

  9. I hope this is not true. This guy can’t stay healthy and I lump him into the same mold as Clint Beasley, Julian Edelman and dare I say Brian Hartline. All wannabe wes welkeresque slot guys. Eagles need a big physical WR, not some runt who catches 2 year slant passes that can hardly stay healthy.

  10. i write i nice long comment, which highlights some pretty valid points as to why the eagles have more important holes to fill. no offensive language etc.. and the site doesn’t post it??? now i have to re-type the whole thing…great!!

  11. i have nothing against danny amendola, but i would hate this signing. with upwards of $45 million in cap space, the worst secondary in the NFL and a change to 3-4 which means some new d-line and linebacker help, it just makes no sense to ass a WR. you take a look at this list of FA secondary help available, and you can’t help but hope we try to sign a young star like goldson, or sean smith from the dolphins. you can even see maybe a 2 year deal on a veteran like mikell to bring in some good leadership while you groom young guys. and you have to like the possibility of a guy like kruger, since our current defensive ends aren’t the right size for a 3-4 scheme. and as exciting as it would be to ad amendola to an offense already filled with explosive talent at the skill positions, us eagles fans have been begging for a prototypical big WR for years. someone with riley cooper’s size, but with legit #1-#2 talent. danny amendola is literally the last thing the eagles need right now. i would love to see them add a big receiver via the draft, but i doubt it. keenan allen from cal is the only top prospect with real size, but he is projected as a mid-late 1st rounder so i doubt we’ll be in position to draft him….anyway i really want to believe in the new regime, but news like this doesn’t necessarily promote confidence.

  12. You say he’s a cheap imitation of Welker, but would Welker be Welker without Brady? He was in the NFL prior to being on the Patriots and no one ever heard of him. Put Welker on the Rams and his numbers would probably equal Amendola’s.

  13. That’s just like Philadelphia teams to get rid of great players and replace them with over paid garbage.Chip will be at USC in 3 years.

  14. Kdub79, Welker had 111 catches with Matt Cassel throwing him the ball. I’d say he would do just fine without Brady.

  15. The Eagles do not need another small, slot-type receiver. They need a nice 6’3″-6’5″ red zone threat. I think someone like former Tennessee wideout Da’rick Rodgers would be perfect in the 3rd or 4th round. He’s 6’3″ and was UT most talented wideout before dismissal. I like Amendola but don’t the Birds have enough injury-prone wideouts?

  16. Ok maybe I am confused.reading these posts would lead one to believe that teams are only allowed to sign one free agent player. According to the morons posting on here it sounds like if the Eagles sign this guy then they can not sign anyone else? What? I am pretty sure that by signing Danny it does not mean the defense will be ignored. WOW? You people need meds.

  17. Not as good as he was. Much much more to address besides him. Not a big jump over Jason Avant. Get a corner to go with Crow like Revis. Need a big big guy in the middle. Another safety or maybe even two. How about going after the best free agent linbacker avail. No lets worry about Danny A. Chip worries me to death. Chip this is The NFL

  18. chut26, good point. I should have said without Brady and/or Belichick. Matt Cassel had a breakout season in Belichick’s system and has done absolutely nothing since. How many players have left that system and thrived? How many players have been mediocre elsewhere and become major contributors in NE?

  19. Why? Why does a team that is small and fragile need to get smaller and more fragile?

    I really hate the direction this team is going. The more I see the more I foresee a Kelly trainwreck

  20. Be very afraid eagles fans. All the eagles have been doing since chip was hired was try to figure out how to get amendola on the eagles. They haven’t put any thought into any other position. Seriously though, settle down. This wouldn’t be a horrible move or a great move, and it’s not going to be the only move

  21. Wait so I need some help understanding…

    If you had major Offensive Line issues last year, signing an undersized WR that is hurt more than healthy makes you a better team?

    The logic of this front office is almost as bad as the Redskins.

  22. For all you “the sky is falling” Eagle fans…at least your team is doing something productive. The Rams are dismantling a team that was a whisker from the playoffs last year. They are letting one of the main reasons for last year’s success get away. Furthermore, as their draft history shows, they will probably draft 2 or 3 more o linemen that will all be busts.
    Keep the faith Iggle fans!
    (and save room for me on the bandwagon…I’m about out of patience waiting for the Rams to do the right thing.)

  23. Look I understand everyone here wanting a Megatron type receiver… With the former Regime the offense required it.. and never had it…

    But its hard to judge what this offense needs since no one has seen it yet. Perhaps smaller, more versatile WRs is what makes Chip Kelly’s offense so difficult to defend against? Not sure…

    But the birds definitely need to upgrade that defense both FA and more importantly through the draft! Cant wait till Tuesday

  24. They want Amendola cause he can block, on top of his quickness. That is important in a Chip Kelly offense. Eagles fans have wanted a run first offense forever. Well this is actually a move to improve the run.

  25. omg, you people have no idea what you’re talking about. they’re gonna make a bunch of moves. This is just one piece of the puzzle that isn’t even near completion. Do you REALLY think they were done after adding kinne? do you REALLY think theyre done after adding amendola? do you REALLY think they won’t sign and draft secondary help? do you REALLY think they won’t sign and or draft o-line and d-line help?

    Man the internet is a great place for information but its also a place the lends a voice to no-brain ignoramuses acting like wanna-be Florios. You should have to pass an IQ test before being allowed to post comments here.

  26. Why not sign Chad Hall?He is just as good and he isn’t as fragile and you can get him at a fraction of the cost.

  27. Amendola would be a huge pickup for the eagles, Enough of the moaning and complaining the eagles have more then enough cap space to make moves on the defensive side of the ball. The defense is going to need a complete overhaul along with the offense to get players to fit his style of an offense. Dont shot the guy before a game has even been played….I am almosted ashamed to be an eagles fan at times because cry eagles cry is about right.

  28. Amendola has been a very good player in the past but recently injuries have been a major issue. in the past 2 seasons he has only played 12 games and has a total of 3 TDs.

    He is from Texas and the Cowboys let him get away to the Rams as an undrafted free agent so I would look for him to give a big effort against Dallas.

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