Ed Reed hires agent, could be headed to 49ers

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Receiver Anquan Boldin may not be the only Ravens player who joins the 49ers.

A league source with extensive knowledge of the current safety market believes that the 49ers could land Ravens safety Ed Reed.

As Albert Breer of NFL Network first reported on Twitter (as best we can tell), Reed has indeed hired David Dunn of Athletes First.  Now that Reed has an agent, the agent can talk to teams in advance of the start of free agency at 4:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday.

The fact that Reed is in play for the Niners means that Dashon Goldson isn’t.  Goldson is expected to be the hottest free agent on the safety market.  Reed may not be the hottest, but he may be the next big name to join one of the hottest teams in the league.

83 responses to “Ed Reed hires agent, could be headed to 49ers

  1. Dashon Goldson to the Patriots – about time they spend some money on their secondary!

  2. So awesome!!! Seattle keeps getting young and talented players while frisco keeps responding with older,slower, over the hill players!!!

    Go hawks!!!!

  3. Love everybody gushing over the Seahawks and 49ers right now. They are winning the offseason Super Bowl these trades and signings have to prove worth see eagles

  4. Don’t know which is going to be more fun. Watching the Ravens unravel or the Ravenator implode.

  5. I honestly like Boldin and Reed. That is why it pains me to see their talents fall off a cliff suddenly. But I do love that the Niners are loading up on old players past their prime.

    That being said, it is going to be so very sad to see Mr. Sherman shut down old man Boldin and then watch as Mr. Chancellor and Mr. Browner repeatedly blow him up until Boldin quits.

    Will be sad to see the greatest QB in the NFC and top 2 WR Mr. Percy Harvin abuse old man Reed over and over again twice next year. It will be like two grown men playing keep away from a 5 year old(which is the intellect of 90% of Niner fans)

  6. So, the Ravens honestly think that keeping Flacco around will keep them succesful? As if every player leaving them this year isn’t more important than their success than him. That locker room without Lewis and Reed???

  7. Oh please! The Lord could not much better to the AFC North! Thank you Joe Flacco!!! Wow implosion from the top down in Baltimore haha!

  8. More like Seattle keeps mortgaging their future on primadonna malcontents who want $100M contracts, while the 49ers play the FA & draft game wisely going for value and best return for the $$$. Seattle will crash and burn in 3 years due to this Harvin contract they’re taking on and their fans can say goodbye to all their “young talented players”….

  9. rapcine262 says:Mar 11, 2013 6:45 PM

    Ed Reed signs you might as well hand the Lombardi trophy before the pre-season starts.

    LoL… Karma… saying ignorant things like “just hand us the trophy” usually leads to “I thought we were going to be better this year?!?!?!”. 49ers will have the new dream team.

  10. Ravens aren’t going to pay #20 $6-7 mil like he wants. While I would suck to see him go, it’s much better to let a player go a year early than a year late. Whether he stays or he goes, I can honestly say he was a pleasure to watch.

  11. As a 49er fan, I am happy with Boldin for a 6th rounder but I hope Reed goes elsewhere. He’s older, lost a step and is one hit from being done.

    Would rather trade up in the first with the plethora of picks to grab Vaccaro or sit and wait for Elam.

  12. This would be so great I hope he goes to the 9ers!! Thank you Joe Flacco! This franchise is just falling to shambles one day at a time and its beautiful!

  13. 49’ers are like the Borg from Star Trek.

    They assimilate their opponents to get stronger.

    They lost to the Giants in the playoffs, and then signed Mario Manningham and Brandon Jacobs that following offseason.

    They lose to the Ravens in the Super Bowl, and then traded for Anquan Bolden and are potentially signing away Ed Reed the following offseason.

  14. Hate to break it to the Niners or whoever ends up with Reed. Players like Boldin and Reed on the wrong side of thirty are no longer playing for rings when the just won one this late in their careers.

    It’s all about a cozy retirement now.

  15. With an agent, the price just went up for Reed. He would be a good addition to any contending team for next season. If its SF; darn……….If its AFC team; yeah……..

  16. I said this before; if the 9ers lose Goldson, they need to sign Reed and use him to bridge to a safety that they draft. A 1 or 2 year deal max. Otherwise, the only other viable option is the kid Clemons of the Dolphins.

    I don’t mind the move at all, but prefer to keep Goldson if possible. I always prefer to stay young when possible, but they have a window and they need to seize it. They let this year get away…

  17. If* this is true, it’s short-term gain, long-term loss (and that assumes that Reed is better than Goldson right now). I’d rather sign a talanted player to a long-term deal than rent a big name for his last year in the league. Us Redskins fans know something about that.

    *I trust “un-named sources” like I trust my dog to guard my steak for me.

  18. Dream team Philly was way overhyped. They weren’t even close to SF’s level before or after all those signings. We’re talking about the Superbowl loser adding 2 of the best players from the SB winners. Wow. Glad SF isn’t on the Bengals’ schedule next year.

  19. Goldson is overrated. He was garbage for 3/4 of his year. Total system player and at that he still gets burned a ton. Fangio made Goldson look better than he is.

  20. How could winning the super bowl be a fluke? In The NFL its hard just to sniff the playoffs let alone win it all you sound like a straight up hater…

  21. Harbaugh is a much better coach than Reid, and having a 3rd year qb out of Nevada, and an aging RB is hardly a dream team. Very good team, but some holes that need to be addressed. I think they have the best chance to be the next team to collect a couple Super Bowls in a few years, but any mention of “Dream Team” is stupid.

    -49ers fan

  22. Seems that the 9ers are in the running for offseason Superbowl, and that rarely has a positive outcome when the season starts.

  23. I don’t care where Reed goes but if the 49’rs are looking to go away from Goldson – I wouldn’t mind Ted making a run at him here in GB.

    We can use the help.

  24. typical Sea chicken fan talking trash again. If not mistaken I believe those “old, slower, over the hill players” just won the entire NFC which contains the Seattle Sea Chickens my friend. To be a super bowl caliber team you need a balance of young and veteran players which we have. Our experience will outplay your youth any day. Niners 2013!!

    liddogg33 says: Mar 11, 2013 6:47 PM

    So awesome!!! Seattle keeps getting young and talented players while frisco keeps responding with older,slower, over the hill players!!!

    Go hawks!!!!

  25. Count me among the few that couldn’t care less if Goldson goes elsewhere. He’s a great hitter, but some of his bonehead personal foul/late hit penalties cost the 49ers dearly last year.

  26. As a Seattle native i can only say that football looks great in the NFC West for the foreseeable future. The 9ers and Hawks are making some interesting moves this offseason that can go either way, but with or without these additions both teams are still excellent and will make for some great games for a long while.

  27. Let’s all question the only GM to put together a team which has made the playoffs 5 years in a row, three afc championships and a superbowl. The only team to have accomplished that is the Ravens and you can thank GM Ozzie and Co. for putting the best, competitive product on the field year in and year out. It’s easy to hate on success, because obviously your team has not accomplished that feat. Cheers!

  28. The 9ers did the same thing last year with the Giants Brandon Jacobs and Mario Manningham.

  29. Hate the stink’n 9ers but have to hand it to them for smart business moves and great eye for talent.
    Their business smarts may make them the team of the decade…ahhhh…too bad Seattle Hags, will look forward to them stomp’n you in the dirt! Reed and Boldin,Kaepernick will have so many weapons he will be like a kid in a candy store!

  30. Oh no ravenator!!!! Now what??? Another one bites the dust! I’m sure you will have a witty excuse on how this will be better for the ratbirds.

  31. I think a lot of commenters here are having trouble differentiating between accumulating big names and accumulating big contracts. San Francisco isn’t another “dream” team – they’re not shelling out huge contracts for the hottest free agents. Their philosophy is and has been to build the team through the draft and supplement through free agency. Boldin and Reed may command somewhat high figures for a single year, but they aren’t demanding contracts that are going to hurt the team’s cap situation down the road.

  32. It’s not even the middle of March folks. Slow down. We’re 10 months away from anyone sniffing the Lombardi Trophy. It’s exciting, signing free agents. I know.

    Boldin and Ed (wherever he may land) will no way, shape, or form be the game-changing moves made this offseason. Ed and Q did have nice Super Bowl performances, so I see why 49er fans are salivating.

    In case you forgot, Pitt fans….Ed > Troy

  33. funny….theres like 3 times as many ravens fans on this site as there were about a month and a half ago. as much as a moronic fanboy hypocrite ravenator is as least he was a fan before their super bowl.

  34. Boldin, and possibly Reed can’t help but make SF better. A 6th round pick is nothing for SF to give up. Maybe they could have waited until tomorrow when Boldin would have been cut and saved the pick, but to ensure they get someone they want, and more importantly, someone they can afford is huge. I will surely miss Q. Class guy and a great competitor. I wish him well.

    The cupboard is not bare in Ravenland. Of course, losing some quality guys is tough, but how many of you have mentioned how old this team was? Gone now are Lewis, Reed, Williams, Birk and Q; average age at start of next season—-36.

  35. Haha. 49ers want to be the ravens so bad they will pick them up one at a time. Face it 49ers you need a good QB to win a superbowl. Like Brady Bree’s. manning not some tattooed troll face looking weirdo who is gonna get roped up physically and mentally next year.

  36. Kudos to Oz making the hard decisions.
    Ed can’t tackle anymore, Boldin disappears for long stretches and isn’t getting faster.
    I miss them, they are two of favorite Ravens.

  37. So, the Ravens honestly think that keeping Flacco around will keep them succesful? As if every player leaving them this year isn’t more important than their success than him. That locker room without Lewis and Reed???

    What are you talking about? Of course keeping a reliable durable franchise QB is going to help keep them successful. Ravens have been there done that as far as not having a QB. Who says Boldin or Reed didnt contribute to the Ravens success?? Balt. could not afford Boldin. Who knows about Reed yet? Certainly not you. Ray Lewis retired so the locker room would miss him regardless.

  38. But… But.. The all knowing Ravenator stated earlier that the reason Boldin was traded was to be able to sign Reed and Elderberry.. You mean the all knowing one was wrong????

  39. Ozzie has forgotten more football than any of you clowns think you know. I remember similar over the top reactions in the past that are now long forgotten (see Adelius Thomas, Todd Heap, Willis Mcgahee, Dawn Landry, Bart Scott, Troy Smith) all these players had very productive #’s in their last seasons in Baltimore….& then promptly replaced. As for the 49ers, I’ve seen this movie before too….New York Jets….west coast edition.

  40. Ravens fans:

    Please don’t compare this loss to the losses of Mason and Heap. We know the IQ level of people in Baltimore is lower than the national average. But you really show your ignorance when you make such a silly comparison.

  41. Don’t you Seattle fans realize that no one out side of you’re city gives a damn about your team. Its also very stupid when after every interview your QB does he says GO Hawks . It makes him sound like such a tool.

  42. Hey five timechamps I have some news for you. Percy harvin DEMANDED a trade while A Boldin was asked to take a pay cut!! Harvin was a MVP candidate threw nine games last year. I was in my seats on the forty yard line last year when the Seahawks DESTROYED your squad in from of the world!! Seattle never lost a game by more then 7 points last season. Ya ya ya you played in two more games then seattle did last year. You know you and the rest of the San Francisco fan base took a huge breath after seattle lost in Atlanta. Russell Wilson is the future of this division and he just got his playmaker to go alongside his workhorse back. Say what you want because the time is coming for Russell and the boys to TAKE what belongs to them and there isn’t a damn thing the old niners can do but watch the show!!! Always remember no matter what you say the last time these two teams met it was as lopsided a victory as seattle had all year!!! Can’t wait to shut all you hooligans up!!!!

    GO HAWKS!!!

  43. First off the big difference between SF and Philly is that the Niners already have that nucleus in place..Philly did not! Second, don’t confuse SF fans for Cowboys fans…we know we haven’t won anything yet …with that said.. Boldin proved he can still play and Reed instantly commands respect…Plus he will be playing behind the best LB corp in the NFL ( no arguement is valid on that). Seattle will be very tough..especially at home…bit going into the year…SF is the NFC champs and NFC west champs until they finish ahead of SF, Seattle can’t claim nothing. good thing Harvin is going to coffee country with all his migraines…oh and the Niners don’t have speed!? they have the fastest TE in the game and LeMicheal James…come on man!

  44. Let’s all question the only GM to put together a team which has made the playoffs 5 years in a row, three afc championships and a superbowl. The only team to have accomplished that is the Ravens and you can thank GM Ozzie and Co. for putting the best, competitive product on the field year in and year out. It’s easy to hate on success, because obviously your team has not accomplished that feat. Cheers!

    Cheers to the team that is suffering from Super Bowl hang over. We warned you all knowing one , but no you are smarter than god. You and Ozzie that is. Be sure to set a place for Ravenmuscle when you eat your crow all knowing one……lmao.

  45. So funny! If your team doesn’t get a guy he’s too old, slow or whatever. If they do then he’s a pro bowler with a lot of gas left in the tank. Seattle, how’d it feel watching the Niners from your couch the last two weeks?

  46. The Ravens will be fine without Boldin and Reed, Boldin is the biggest loss but 6 mil was to much when the Ravens have bigger issues to address such as Ellerbe, now if Ellerbe,Kruger,Pitta,Williams all go elsewhere then ill be ready to say the Ravens are falling apart.

  47. Boy these Seattle fans talk big for a team (current and past) that hasn’t won anything (except one regular season game against the Niners).

  48. Just for all you morons, this article is all speculation, he’s doing it to try the ravens hand. No source has linked him to the Super Bowl losers out on the west coast. Reeeeeeeeed ain’t going nowhere

  49. John to Jim ” hey little brother I’ve won my Super Bowl now here are some of my top players now go get you one next year”!!! Jim to John ” thanks big brother but we have Seattle to deal with, do you think Ray would come out of retirement so we will have a shot “? Both brothers do there Dr Evil impersonation laugh.

  50. How exactly is signing one player at age 33 causing a team to get older? These Niner haters are something else. I’m sure the 49ers 14 draft picks will help keep them young.

  51. “Always remember no matter what you say the last time these two teams met it was as lopsided a victory as seattle had all year!!!”——————-

    Oh, you mean the game that was played the week after we had just played a cross-country nationally televised game on the east coast against a team that hadn’t lost in December since 2004 against a HOF QB captaining the most up-tempo offense in NFL history against a HOF coach and then flying back to the west coast to get fired up again to play another nationally televised game in the most slanted home field advantage stadium in the NFL??? THAT GAME?? Because it’s pretty funny…………you guys had nearly the same exact production the following week when you played the RAMS and nearly lost….at home….where less than 20 points were scored.

    Keep playing that game over because even you know it was an aberration.

  52. Look at all these Monday morning GMs! So glad that Ozzie is running the show, he’s been putting on a competitive product nearly every single year in Ravens existence. Shedding older expensive players in favor of smart drafting and diamonds in the rough is the absolute key to success. Of course the silly majority of the fans will never understand how the magic happens. Keep on keeping on fellas.

  53. Just remember,
    Ravens were 12 million under the cap when they let Q go. IF Ravens brass thought he was worth the 7 million believe me they’d have found a way.
    Oz sees things we can’t – throw Harbs and Caldwell in the room and I promise you this will make the RAVENS BETTER – when its all said and done – not saying this doesn’t help the other teams – it does. Here’s what happens on the back end of the defense: Webb moves to safety where he played in college – this will save his knee – he’ll be there with Pollard – that’s young, physical and smart. At corner – the door won’t hit Sister Cary Williams in the back, believe me. They’ll plug in Chykie Brown and Corey Graham – Jimmy Smith in the nickel – nice.

    PS: who is the last fa the Ravens let go who produced significantly elsewhere? Priest Holmes last decade? Where’s Heap? Mason? Adalius Thomas? Bart Scott? They’re on the scrap heap. Niners may have gotten fleeced for that 6th.

  54. The rats are all leaving the sinking ship- maybe the Ravens can find some practice squad players who want to play there.

  55. Wow if SF gets Reed that is a huge upgrade for at least 2 years. This guy is the best ballhawk Safety ever! It’s all about getting those turnovers and Reed is the best at that. With him back there the defense will be over the top great!

    Kap is young and has Crabtree who is peaking and now Boldin who can catch everything along with Davis and hopefully Jenkins. I can’t wait to see these guys destroy Seattle twice this year on the way to the SB!!

  56. “Niners may have gotten fleeced for that 6th.”—–the errancy of that statement is that all the players you mentioned started with the Ravens. Q was already a major player BEFORE the Ravens. And clearly he still has great possession ability. He’ll do just fine with an UPGRADE at QB no less.

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