Four teams pursuing Dashon Goldson

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It was already expected that San Francisco 49ers safety Dashon Goldson would be one of the hottest commodities on the market when free agency begins on Tuesday.

In fact, Goldson is already being pursued by multiple teams on the eve of free agency.

According to Adam Schefter of, four teams are in play to sign the two-time Pro Bowler. The 49ers, Detroit Lions, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Philadelphia Eagles are all in the running to sign Goldson with the Lions and Buccaneers likely the front-runners.

Goldson has made the Pro Bowl in consecutive seasons and been an enforcer in the 49ers’ secondary. He made 69 tackles with three interceptions and a forced fumble for San Francisco last season. With Ed Reed seemingly an option for the 49ers, Goldson could decide to head elsewhere to play next season.

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  1. Goldson’s a good player but I don’t think I’d want a hard hitting safety over someone like Ed Reed who’s still got star power at 34. He’d really compliment the 9ers defense

  2. Come to Tampa Dashon! You and Barron back there will be among the top safeties in the league!

    Plus…it would give us Buc fans a reason to come up with a cool new nickname for dread-headed safeties! THE DREADED DUO! THE DYNAMIC DREAD-HEADS!

    …I’ll show myself out now.

  3. It would be awesome to have Ed Reed in SF! Sorry Goldson you are an enforcer but Reed is probably the greatest ball hawk at Safety ever!

  4. Ed Reed is perhaps one of the best safeties to ever play the game. That being said, with rumors circulating that they may let Goldson go and pursue Reed, just doesn’t seem to be the M.O. of the front office. They both seem likely to expect roughly the same amount of money per year, but Goldson is way younger, and has honed his skills here and not somewhere else. Even if they “let” him go elsewhere, I don’t see them signing Reed. I say keep Goldson around or package some picks and move up to get a top talent rookie S/CB

  5. I love it! 49ers lose their only S because Whitner is the worst cover safety in the NFL. He was really good in coverage and a hard hitter for sure. I do see them replacing him with an old vet out there but with those CB’s it’s going to be stealing for Wilson/Bradford/Geno Smith

  6. if the niners decide to let him go, which ever team signs him is guaranteed a big playmaker. lacks to good good coverage skills but has very good hands to pick off any qb and of course has the power to deliver the huge game changing hits. i would be a very happy fan if my team signs this guy.

  7. Having watched Dashon be lackluster most of his career before Fangio came to town I will say the only shot he has of continuing success is with the bucs. This really isn’t a slight against Eagles or Lions but Goldson is a system player period and he is only gonna do well in certain schemes. I like the guy but he was a big coverage and penalty liability even under Fangio and he simply isn’t worth the 8 million he’s seeking

  8. Being able to sign Ed Reed for a two-year gig that would really only be a one year stint would be smart for the 49ers. Reed wouldn’t need to be the Reed of a few years ago IF the team could reinforce the DL. Reed’s intelligence and football acumen would make up for other lost areas in a way that Jordan did in his latter years (Bulls NOT Wizards, lol) by playing smarter rather than harder. Having the best inside linebackers in the world playing in their prime complimented with a reinforced DL could be quite the enticement.

    But I think the ‘9ers draft a big bodied WR….like the kid out of Tenn.

  9. Love Ed Reed but I’m not sure what he’ll bring to the table after finally getting his ring. He’ll be 34 which is gettin up there in age for a safety, especially one that has played football since he was 10 years old.

    He’s slowed up, and is a lot more fragile and definitely not anywhere near the tackler he used to be.

    Still a good player but if you’re gonna pay them around the same number then you ought to stick to Goldson.

  10. Goldson hasn’t been lackluster; he’s often been the bright spot in the secondary when the team was struggling. He is one of the better cover safeties in the league as well, but I would like him to continue to hone that skill. Make no mistake, the 9ers want to keep him; at the right price. I hope they do, but those teams can overpay him if they choose too and he will be gone.

    Having Reed as an option, who does provide better coverage than Goldson, isn’t a bad option to have as a transition piece to a rookie they draft this year. I’d still prefer Goldson because of his overall abilities and age. He will be the top safety when Reed retires unless a rookie emerges.

  11. kd727 says:
    Mar 11, 2013 10:56 PM
    Come to Tampa Dashon! You and Barron back there will be among the top safeties in the league!

    Plus…it would give us Buc fans a reason to come up with a cool new nickname for dread-headed safeties! THE DREADED DUO! THE DYNAMIC DREAD-HEADS!

    …I’ll show myself out now.

    How about…”The Dread-ed Predators” or “The Dreadators”?

  12. Hard to imagine how Niners could still be in it at this point. He’s wanted a long term deal for years and they never bit. If he covered better he would be worth 8 mil a year and they would have locked him up, that’s why they passed on the 7.5mil franchise tag last week. He’ll get what he wants from somebody else. He’s talked about playing for the Bills, so he’s in it for the big payday only. Ed Reed is much better vs. the pass and would be a nice one year or two kind of pickup at this point. At 34 he my retire after just one more year anyway, so the price shouldn’t be prohibitive. With Boldin and Reed SF would be loaded in the leadership department with having to pay next to nothing in terms of draft picks.

  13. @Mackstrong SF was top 5 in passing defense last year genius despite Goldson and Whitner repeatedly getting torched. The fall off in the playoffs was more due to fatigue and lack of pass rush. Goldson really is no major loss… and Then you top it off with Torched by Geno Smith? LOLOLOL yeah ok. He is way way overrated too and they still won’t have a line in front of him. For that matter Bradford hasn’t shown any consistency to this point in being able to torch anyone on a regular basis either. You seahawks homers crack me up

  14. I think SF wanted to keep him, but he has wanted a big contract for a few years now and it just hasn’t worked out. They payed a lot of their top defensive players and there just isn’t room for another big contract. Trent Balke the 49ers GM seems to want to place a reasonable price on players and stick to that. I doubt they will trade picks and offer a big contract to any FA. They seemed determined to have lasting success by building through the draft, not making big splashes in the free agent market, and not outbidding other teams for their free agents.

  15. Get it done Mayhew. No idea how you’ll pay him but I’d let Delmas (Bob Sanders 2.0) in favor of Goldson any day.

  16. Players like Willis & Bowmen took 15% off market value on long-term contract to stay with 49ers. And they made it clear to Goldson that they wouldn’t pay him $8 mil a year so it’s time to move on. Fortunately there’re FA options & this is a safety-rich draft.

  17. I really hope the bucs get this guy, but why would you not resign for a contender who look like perenial Super Bowl contenders for the foreseeable future?

  18. Anyone who says Goldson is not a liability in coverage is crazy. Beside a few big hits, Whitner and Goldson have let up major yards. I’m not sure if all the blame should be put on his shoulders or the CB’s that he backs up. Either way, he has not shown much for the amount of money he wants. Someone will still over-pay for him.

    As for Ed Reed, If the 49ers have the chance to sign him, then go for it. Not only would he be an upgrade over Goldson, but he would be able to help groom a future draft pick. He is up there in age, but has shown he still has what it takes.

  19. Ed Reed will resign with Baltimore. You’re nuts if you think Reed will be wearing another uniform next yr, or even for the rest of his career. If he is one of the best safeties to play the game, then he shouldn’t be let go that easy.

  20. Goldson will resign and they will cut Whitner… Plan and simple!

    Why would you sign an older Ed Reed to the same contract that you could use on Goldson?!

    Will look to draft a SS to replace Whitner and his bad coverage skills

  21. Goldson has a year before he’s gonna have to move to SS and the money he wants is too much for a SS. Would make a great SS and I’d give him a 5yr contract worth 34 million w/14 guaranteed, but he wants more. I think SS who can’t cover are going to be a thing of the past.

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