Harvin trade will include new contract

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The Vikings and Seahawks quickly have finalized a deal that will send the 2009 NFL offensive rookie of the year to play with the guy who should have been the 2012 NFL offensive rookie of the year.

Though the terms aren’t yet known, one term is clear:  Harvin will be getting paid.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the deal won’t happen without a new contract for Harvin.  He’s currently entering the final year of his rookie contract.

The question becomes how much will the Seahawks pay?  Surely, they’ve been talking to Harvin’s agent, Joel Segal, and they’re comfortable with the asking price.

Harvin was believed to be looking for Calvin Johnson/Larry Fitzgerald money.

52 responses to “Harvin trade will include new contract

  1. Wow the NFC WEST just got tougher.. looking for two playoff spots outta that div.. The East just got harder ..

  2. Re: “……a deal that will send the 2009 NFL offensive rookie of the year to play with the guy who should have been the 2012 NFL offensive rookie of the year.”

    I thought he got traded to the Seahawks.

  3. LMAO..but the Vikings “Are Not” trading Harvin..These GMs and owners kill me with they Bolonga!

  4. HAHA! You have top stay healthy to get a Megatron or Fitz type contract. He needs to measure himself with whatever Mike Wallace gets, b/c he’s delusional to think he’d get top 5 WR money.

    He will either be a hit or miss for Seattle, but when he plays, he is one of the best players on the field. So not a bad move overall.

  5. codiablo says:
    Mar 11, 2013 1:15 PM
    good riddance and he’s not worth that kind of money…he can’t even finish a season.

    He can’t finish a season because the Vikings didnt let him. You cant honestly think a sprained ankle could land him on IR, even after several weeks of rest? The Vikings have been pushing him out since seattle, when Percy got in Frasier’s face about his poor game plan.

  6. There are two teams that will dominate the next 10 years. Seattle is one of them. They have the best QB in the NFC, the best defense, the best scouting department, the best head coach, and the best fans.
    The road to multiple Super Bowls will all go thru Seattle.

    The other team that will dominate comes from the AFC… Chiefs nation sees their team being assembled to dynasty status right before their very eyes. They have a top 5 QB now that he has a quality Head coach and stable offensive system. The Chiefs have the AFC’s best head coach, young defense, fans, and running back.

    I see multiple KC vs Seattle Super Bowls.
    Coffee vs BBQ baby I, II, III, IV, V

  7. Yes, pay the man! Drain all of your future cap space into him. Hope he’s a real headache in multiple ways for you.

    Winning the division is already hard and now this. Seattle is going all out and it’s a good thing…the 9ers are certainly being pushed. The 9ers still need to focus on DBs and pass rush, even more now. Coverage units on ST weren’t as good as 2011, better step that up as well.

  8. Never had 1000 yards receiving. Never had 10 TDs in season.

    He think he is way better than he is.

    The biggest knock on him, is he clearly sees himself above the team.

    I also believe he is losing more and more fans (if he had any) each day. I don’t see how anyone could cheer for this guy.

  9. The first half of the season just got much tougher for the NFC west. Don’t worry about the playoffs, that spoiled brat will be fighting for a new contract by then.

  10. I thought the 49ers would be the front-runners for Harvin. What a steal for Seattle. This team was already on the rise, now it might be meteoric depending on what they do in the draft and FA.

  11. John Schneider/Pete Carroll just made a great move for Seattle fans. Slow off-season news for team as we have been building through the draft the last few years but this move is great for a young team already. Couldn’t be more excited & can wait to be at Century Link. 100 Million contract for Harvin – Paul Allen found that in couch this morning. Go Hawks!

  12. Great pick up for the hawks! This should put them over the top in that division. I hope Seattle knows what they are doing. This guy is a bit of a head case and I think is not good for the locker room. Pete Carrol is a coach players seem to enjoy playing for, but between Harvin and Sherman, you need to enlarge the locker rooms to handle both of their egos.

    I’m sure it is a disappointment to Vikings fans, but this guy is too much of a diva and was hurting your team. I’ll wait to hear what the compensation was before I can determine if it is a good deal for the Vikes or not.

  13. codiablo says:
    Mar 11, 2013 1:15 PM
    good riddance and he’s not worth that kind of money…he can’t even finish a season.
    You do realize before the 2012 season he only missed a total of 3 games in his career? Also, he played in all 16 games in 2011 so I’m not sure where you are going with that statement. To your point though, if he wanted out then let him go. Don’t need that kind of primadona on the team. It’s unfortunate because I think Frazier should have been more in tuned with the QB situation which may have had a cause in Harvin wanting out. You are also correct in that he is not yet worth Fits amd CJ money.

  14. This will work out great for Seattle until some other wide receiver lands a bigger contract next year or the year after. Then it’s right back to migraines and sideline arguments and whining on Twitter.

  15. In the next decade there will be more Seattle-Kansas City Super Bowl matchups than Ali-Frazier bouts

  16. Yeah like Ponder played so well he doesn’t need his recievers.

    I am not even going into his “personality” like I, some guy on the internet, can tell that by anonymous quotes /rumors in the press, but when he did play he was a dangerous guy and that seattle team is now looking very good

  17. Sure Percy had his demons, bless the folks who don’t have any, but this young man is one excellent football player you Seattle fans are getting, and will be great fun for you to watch. A Viking fan…

  18. Yes yes!! Seattle fans think this is the eat mover ever but reality is… Migraines all day.. He’s not worth it… Suckas GO NINERS AND REMEMBER WE RUN THE NFC AND ESPECIALLY THE NFC WEST

  19. Go get that new contract Percy! Not like you’ll be able to play in every game anyway. This will be a “migraine” for Seattle, guy hasn’t played a full season since he got in the league. But here come all the brand new Seattle bandwagoners with the sb talk lol.

  20. So I guess when you take a immature, self-centered player and give him a big brand new contract, it’s just the way the world works in the NFL. I gotta say i’m jealous. I wish I could be a total douche at my job and end up with a new company making more money, all because my old job got tired of my attitdue. Only that would be me getting fired….that dosen’t really happen the exact same way in the NFL. Now i’m even more jealous.

  21. Not really joenash72, congrats on the pickup….maybe. If he works out to not be himself a diva, then you have yourself a a better offense. That he’s injury free next January let alone September isn’t a given. We got very good compensation for Alex Smith so don’t spend too much time patting each other’s back. In other words don’t count your chickens.

  22. Seattle sends this years first round pick and a 7th rounder as well as a mid-round pick next year for Harvin. Win-win for both teams – Jay Glazer

    Useless deal for Vikes. Seattle did OK however as a hawks fan, I hope not too much guaranteed money.

  23. Hope his headaches don’t kick in until after the trade is finalized. Not bad for Vikings. Got more for him than what they used to draft him originally and can replace a part time player with a couple full time.

  24. Hated to lose him, but I think they got fair value and eliminated the issues with him in the locker room, yelling at coach on sideline and in practice. That kind of stuff spreads. He’ll be good this year in Seattle, but next his true self will surface. Awesome talent, but do you really want an individual like that in your locker room when things get tough?

  25. Iknoweverything says:

    I see multiple KC vs Seattle Super Bowls.
    Coffee vs BBQ baby I, II, III, IV, V


    I’m thinking crack vs heroin, cause you are delusional. This is the same nonsense that Detroit fans were spouting a few years ago when Stafford had the near record setting year. as long as Pete C is in Seattle, don’t expect much. Remember, his record in Seattle is 25-23. His previous stint in the nfl led to a 33-31 record. Logic dictates that next season he will fall back to his usual median of modicum.

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