In the absence of long-term deal, Cruz switches agents


Unable to get a long-term deal with the Giants, wide receiver Victor Cruz is changing agents to someone who has proven to be able to do business with them.

According to Mike Garafolo of USA Today, Cruz is switching his representation to Tom Condon of CAA, who also negotiated deals with the Giants for Eli Manning and Mathias Kiwanuka.

Cruz is a restricted free agent, and Giants tendered him at the first-round compensation level, which would pay him $2.879 million.

That’s a far cry from what Cruz would earn, and what he should earn.

And the pressure’s now on Condon to deliver, because this isn’t Cruz’s first switch.

16 responses to “In the absence of long-term deal, Cruz switches agents

  1. This makes me feel a little bit better. Please don’t leave Victor… I don’t want to have to change my PFT username.

  2. As a Giants fan that played against Cruz throughout high school I love this guy – just don’t think Reese gives him big money. They seem more set on Nicks (which despite last year, I still agree with) for the future. I’d love to keep them both, but having two monster contracts at receiver is a terrible idea. I’d take a first rounder, maybe beef up the line for Eli and pick up a solid corner so we don’t have to watch Toast Webster another year and see what Randle can do. Sucks but it’s the reality of it, I think he’s gone.

  3. With the 9ers trading for Boldin that’s one less team the Giants have to worry about trying to poach Cruz. I have a feeling he stays just like Wallace last year.

  4. As sure as the sun will rise, Victor Cruz will be a Giant for the foreseeable future.

    After all this, isn’t the Redskins were talking about, the Giants actually know how to conduct business in a legal productive way.

    Signed-Sealed-Delivered I’m yours!!!

  5. kaeperdicking says:
    Mar 11, 2013 4:54 PM
    With the 9ers trading for Boldin that’s one less team the Giants have to worry about trying to poach Cruz. I have a feeling he stays just like Wallace last year.
    Yeah, but the Ravens can use the #32 pick to poach him and they just created a need

  6. And after I make my comment, he changes agents to Condon. Shows you that the agent part of my comment was the biggest issue. The guy was pushing for Calvin money (and Cruz obviously wasn’t going to stop him), but the Giants are not going to overpay, when they will have just as many big contributors to pay next offseason. Get your bonus money, Vic, and either come back or go for the bread on a perennial loser with the cap space to give you $12M a year. It won’t be happening with the Giants, because they have to keep guys’ cap numbers low. Otherwise, they will be in cut/restructure mode with a half dozen players until Eli’s contract is up.

  7. I am sure the giants will not sign both Cruz and nicks. Unless one of them goes below their market value. If not the other could end up with the vikings or the fins if they don’t sign Wallace. Should be interesting

  8. The way the league is heading there are now few things better to have than a good slot receiver. The wide-outs still get the highlight plays, but guys like Welker and Cruz bring the meat and potatoes.

  9. I don’t feel bad for Shareef here. Rumors are he paid off Cruz and Huntington is a good guy, as well as agent, so seeing a crook, in my opinion, like Malik Shareef lose his client like this, is good. Why any player would sign with a guy like him is beyond me.

    Hopefully Cruz now gets a deal done and I’m sure he will. Condon is a good agent and will do the right thing for Cruz, unlike Malik.

  10. Come on!! The Skins didn’t do nothing other teams do all the time! The penalty just came right after they made trade for number 2!! Coincidence? I think not!!

  11. For the last time: Any team that signs Cruz has to give up their own pick, not one that they traded for.

  12. I love Cruz but I’m sorry, any team that wants to trade their 1st round pick and sign him to a big money contract expecting Steve Smith (Carolina) is more likely to get Steve Smith (USC, Giants). Say what you want about Eli, but he makes receivers and tight ends look great out there. Steve Smith, Kevin Boss, Mario Manningham, etc., what did they do for their next teams? The Giants already have Cruz’s replacement on the bench and he’ll put up just fine numbers, thank you very much. The most likely outcome here is that the Giants will get him on a cap-friendly deal and Cruz will get a nice chunk of guaranteed money up front to make him happy. He sure ain’t getting any national advertising campaigns if he leaves NY, so he ought to consider that financial implication as well.

  13. He’s not playing for the restricted FA tender. If another team makes an offer, he’ll sign and force the Giants to match.

    The dude’s family still lives in Paterson. For all you non-New Jerseyans out there, think of the worst city in your state and multiply it times 10.

    I can’t blame him for taking guaranteed $$ from some crummy team to set his family up for life over gambling on the prospect of having some post-Giants’ TV career if he retires a Giant. Tiki stayed for that reason and he now writes for

  14. @ justintuckrule

    I dont believe that is what will happen. If another team makes an offer it will be what they think Cruz is worth minus their first round pick. Meaning he has less value to them since they have to give up a first rounder as well. So if he does that, the Giants will match an offer less than what he’d have gotten if he were a UFA (unrestricted). He’d be costing himself money..

    I beleive he will take a bit less to be a Giant, and I believe the Giants want to make sure that signing Cruz wont cost them Nicks next off season. There is a Reeson that Jerry is the best GM in the game… he thinks these things through.

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