Jets have “good” offer on table for Revis


A day ago, the chances of Percy Harvin and Anquan Boldin being traded before Darrelle Revis would have been regarded as slim, at best.

But Harvin and Boldin are both changing teams, while Revis remains a Jet.

So how much longer will he be one?  Possibly, not much.

A league source tells PFT that the Jets have an offer on the table for Revis.  Per the source, the offer is a “good” one, both as to the compensation given to the team and the financial package that would be extended to Revis.

Another source tells PFT that, if such an offer has been made, the financial component has yet to be shared with the Revis camp.  To date, the Jets and Revis have had no talks, and the Jets have not given Revis’s agents permission to talk to other teams regarding a new contract.

On Monday, owner Woody Johnson declined to discuss the situation during a press conference regarding the joint NFL-GE concussion initiative that he would answer questions about Revis “next week,” presumably at the league meetings in Arizona.

It’s believed that, during the annual March get-together, the Jets will make a strong push to work out a deal, possibly with Johnson directly negotiating terms with other owners.

Still, someone eventually needs to negotiate terms of future compensation with Revis, or whoever acquires the player will have a one-season situation.

44 responses to “Jets have “good” offer on table for Revis

  1. I don’t buy it. Ol Woody sees other teams making moves and is trying to create a false market

  2. It is probably the Niners. My Vikings just overpay terrible free agents, like Jerome Simpson and John Carlson, and pass up on superstars like Reevis, even if they have the assets to make the trade.

  3. I really have no clue why the Jets would be working so hard to get rid of their best player and perhaps the best CB since Deion Sanders.

    Has Brady, Welker, Peterson, and the countless other ACL victims not proven that the injury is not a death sentence like it may have been 30 years ago? Pay the guy and let’s watch Brady compete against Revis Island for years to come.

  4. I call BS on this one. Sounds like a ploy from the Jets to get someone to pony up more picks. The part about the financial package is the giveaway. First, that part wouldn’t be negotiated with the Jets and second how can that even be possible without speaking with Revis’ agent. I think the Jets just saw the Vikings get a kings ransome and are trying to get their own haul.

  5. Time helps this situation as Revis recovery from injury is biggest issue. If there was a way to know he was going to play in 2013 at the same high level, then go for it. Until the signs show that there is a high probability of that, don’t make a move.

    If you could sign him to multi year performance driven……..that would be worth trading and giving up alot of picks.

  6. Jets are playing this smart by not jumping the gun, there will be more than one team that will want him, force the other teams to raise their offers.

  7. Because Patriotinvasion there is a thing called a salary cap and there is no way you can pay a CB 16 million a year like Revis wants. I love the guy as a player but you can’t use up 1/8 of your cap on one player like that. Check out what Parcells said about paying a corner that much. You are a Pats fan, you think there is any way Bellicheck would pay that much for a corner? No way in hell.

  8. The team with the biggest need and the cap room to make it happen are the Bucs. I can’t say that I am happy about that. The guy is going to want another contract in 2 years.

  9. Jets are keeping on their poker face. I like the way Idzik is working the chess pieces so far. All the releases were sound & Garrard makes sense for what the situation is. I’ll give him a preliminary ‘A’ for initial effort in setting a new course for the organization.

  10. Total BS…no one has plans to “extend a package” to Revis without seeing him workout after the ACL. huh huh…extend a package…

  11. This could make the next episode of NFL Network’s “worst free agent signings” in a few years. It’ll probably be the Redskins.

  12. As a Vikings fan, I am surprised how much Seattle gave up for Percy Harvin. A first and a seventh this year and a third next year. No wonder the Jets are chirping about a possible deal (or at least are trying to give the impression that a deal is in place in order to gain more interest). I guess we’ll all find out soon.

  13. Redskins release DeAngelo Hall to clear cap room, have a backup QB the Jets would probably love to have, and a long history of trading for and signing Jets players.

  14. Hey, the Jets need a running back and the Panthers seem to have more than they want. Plus, the Panthers need a CB. Why not!

  15. I really hope If it is true that its the eagles. Makes it that much easier for the niners to nab Sean Smith and send Rogers packing. Smith wasn’t always consistent but Fangio’s system has allowed Carlos and Goldson to shine brighter than they really are. Smith would be an upgrade in coverage and if Reed comes along he can set up the next guy to take over. I love Revis and would love to have him but not at a $15M salary

  16. Nobody thinks the bucs are taking this deal? I think its a dumb deal cause he’s gonna pull the same crap he did In New York but at least we can fill some seats for a season.

  17. Doloboh, yes a long history of Redskins overpaying for underperforming overrated Jet players. If the skins go for a deal that will be an omen & I’ll be relieved to know that Mevis will fade intto mediocracy & know we haven’t missed out but had him when he was at his peak.

  18. Man people like to poke at my Bengals (PB) as the idiots of the NFL… I look at these owners Jets,Cowboys,Redskins as the true idiots.. All of these owners throw good money after bad… Revis is a good corner… But when was he last a shut down corner? Anyone ever notice when corners turn into “Shut dow guys” ???? When you have a killer D line… The Jets have lacked that for 2 years and look… Revis hasnt been a major threat since… hurt mostly.. I do not blame the guy for wanting big cash… But play… You can not have a new contract every year..

    Now to the JETs ownership…

    Sit down.. own the team and let the people you hire do their jobs… Your screwed up this team with #15 and then threw your GM under the bus with it… LEt Revis go… you will get a good pick and build a team… not buy one..

  19. Meanwhile Richard Sherman is still the best sht down corner in the game, AND is better educated, AND says MEvis is a girl

  20. for those of you who don’t get it, it will be a sign and trade deal, where the Jets don’t pay him a penny. it would get a deal done with another team quickly.

  21. Its been almost 2h since the last Jets update, 3 since the last Revis one; I was worried something was wrong.

  22. There’s been rumors floating around the Broncos have offered a first and third (I hope not!) although Dummervil being worked in there somehow makes sense for both teams (if they can make the Jets cap work) since the Jets need pass rush.

  23. Oh by the way, my first comment was completely sarcastic. This reeks of the kid who stands in the offing and screams for everyone to pay attention to them, while they stand and watch everyone else get attention.

  24. When did corners become so overvalued in the NFL? D lines and pass rush make the difference. even Sherman benefited from Seattle’s great D line. When the Jets D line started sucking Revis became irrelevant. And why would the team that built their defense around this guy want to jettison him? if the Jets have figured this out why cant everyone else? the Ravens and SF went to the super bowl with no name CBs and Pats went last year with a converted receiver playing corner. Also does anyone else realize how fast these guys get out of their prime? Deangello Hall anyone?

  25. The problem here is that it is a “good” offer and it needs to be an outstanding offer if you are serious about retaining the services of the best CB in the league. Revis is better than Deion because Revis tackles, Deion was afraid of the contact and avoided it whenever possible. Revis’ teammate Cromartie is like Deion in that regard; afraid of the contact and afraid of being hit. Do you all remember when Cromartie was playing for San Diego against the Jets in the playoffs in January 2010 and stepping out way to let Shonn Greene score and then bumping him in the end zone? What a wimp that guy iz!

  26. I think this Revis trading has to do with more than money. I’m betting that his ACL tear was worse than the team originally thought. Doctors gave Revis information that he will never be the same CB. The Jets and Revis got together to make up a story in order to get Revis re-signed by another team. Because if you really think about it, why would any team want to get rid of their supposed “best player” after doing what they needed to keep him with the team before? Something is up with this. We will find out when Revis lines up for the first time on his new team. Never the same again. Mark it down.

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