Jets sign David Garrard


The New York Jets have a new quarterback.

David Garrard, a nine-year veteran who hasn’t played in a regular-season game since 2010, signed with the Jets today, the team has announced.

Garrard had what he described as a “great” workout with the Jets on February 28, but when the days passed and he didn’t sign, there was speculation that the Jets didn’t agree with Garrard about how “great” he looked. That speculation increased when Garrard began talking about a return to Miami, where he was briefly the Dolphins’ No. 1 quarterback in training camp last year.

But now Garrard is a Jet, and he’ll compete with Mark Sanchez to be the starter. At the moment, it appears that Sanchez has a leg up on that quarterback competition. Greg McElroy is also in the mix for the Jets, while Tim Tebow is almost certain to be released, and Matt Simms is on the roster but isn’t viewed as more than a camp arm.

The Jets may still add another quarterback, but at the moment it looks like it’s a Sanchez-Garrard-McElroy competition.

70 responses to “Jets sign David Garrard

  1. Ringling Brothers called, they’re looking for new employment

    Jets put them out of a job

  2. Gerrard will be better than Sanchez, he just was hurt in Miami. Interesting to see if he has a “leg up” on Sanchez.

  3. It’s kind of sad when a newly signed, out of work for a couple of years Garrard becomes your favorite to be your starting QB. I’m not a Jets hater by any means, but this debacle is getting hard to watch. It’s like my eyes are mostly closed, but I can’t keep from peeking…

  4. I saw the leg up comment earlier and figured that meant they found a mechanical flaw with Sanchez’s delivery because his arm looks so weak.

    Garrard will steal that job; easily.

  5. What a joke. U have two worthless qbs competing for the job. Just admit Sanchez sucks. Cut him. Then draft a qb. He will be better than dirty Sanchez from day one

  6. Wow, if the Jets are going to hope a guy who hasn’t played since 2010 in the regular season as the best competition for Sanchez, they deserve to go 0-16!

  7. Great now this is all were going to hear about on espn instead of whats going on over here in the nfc west, where btw it’s worst team is actually better than the jets (cardinals)

  8. Holy Crap! As a Dolphin Fan I just want to make a snark or funny comment, but I can’t. The Jets are so far down, it would be a crime for me to kick them. However, revenge is sweet. Here is a quick AFC East lesson. Dolphins shed players… If they are good they go to the Patriots. If they suck they go to the Jets. No one is sure what to do with the Bills yet… not even them.

  9. great signing.. he won the battle over Matt Moore last year who was the only other viable Free Agent and has proven that he can manage the game very well. Jet’s aren’t leaving any stone unturned

  10. the sanchez implosion — wasting the 1st rd pick, giving him huge money, sticking with him while the team crashed & burned, not going in another qb direction to start to fix the team — caused the jets downfall.

  11. OK, I lied about not kicking the Jets while they are down…. Do you think Rex’s has any room for a new Tattoo of his Wife with a Garrard Jersey like the Sanchez one? Answer: Of course he does, look at the size of that Loser… plenty of skin real estate for all the scrap-bin Quarterbacks.

  12. Jets will run the table nxt season…all the way to the #1 draft pick in the 2014 nfl draft

  13. Gerrard will be better than Sanchez, he just was hurt in Miami.

    He was hurt turning to watch his kid in the pool… scary to think what Wake will do to him.

  14. Kind of reminds me of the ‘Fins a few years ago…stacking the roster with average to below average players. Is Parcell’s back in charge up there?

    The jets should have their own reality show…AGAIN! We can only hope that Hard Knocks comes ‘a knockin’. Funny funny stuff.

  15. Ohh thank GOD! The Jets are still terrible! but at least they are not Buttfumble terrible!

    I know the Jets want Sanchez to win the starting Job because Rex Loves him… But no way Sanchez beats out Garrard in the preseason. And sure they will still piss off their fans by starting Sanchez… but when he goes 0-2 and has more ints than TDs the Jets will have no other choice but to bench Sanchez!

  16. he would’ve won the starting job in miami this year if he stayed healthy…he still is a slightly better than average QB and is definitely an upgrade over sanchez…i’d bet that he’s the starter week 1, but rex has his whole face in sanchez’s ass so ya never know

  17. mediocrity at best…. I should know, Ive been watching that crap for 13 years now… Garrard is an ok guy to play a few games subbing for the starter (like Fitz) but i wouldnt put my money him being very effective… esp when Sanchez is the bar that was set….

    again not being critical as much as getting sick of seeing teams try to over take the Pats with garrard and fitz…..

    at least Miami drafted a young guy… idk if he will amount to alot but at least they are taking a chance..

  18. No matter how bad a team might be at QB, when a guy wasn’t able to live up to the lofty standards a Jaguars QB is held to and then is unemployed for two years……

  19. This signing is just admitting to the fans that they don’t plan on trying that hard to win!

  20. More money wasted instead of gathering more to pay Revis!!!

    The Jets deserve to win fewer than 6 games next year!!

    What’ll they do when Garrard goes down … again???

    The guy hasn’t played since 2010!!!

  21. Now that’s making headlines!

    Ya gotta think now, Rex won with Mangenius personnel and now that personnel is gone.

    No way Jets win 8 games, I’d say 6 is realistic. But, hey, they signed David Garrard!

    (Maybe they’ll trying inserting that Tebow kid. Or not)

  22. You can get Nick Foles for a lot less money and is a good alternative than this guy. Your pass up Foles to Hit bumps on the road???

  23. That is by far the worst quarterback trio in the history of the NFL. Including when the Ravens had stony case and whoever else

  24. Fins fan here…..I think this is a very good move for the Jets. This puts some pressure on Sanchez to perform and you also get a quality backup that you can win games with.

    Garrard was the best QB in Dolphins camp last year before he was hurt. If he is healthy, he can add a lot of value.

  25. Just another sign on how weak this QB draft class is (weak meaning clear cut 1st rnd talent)… Lots of value in rnd 2, 3 & 4 – all about the scouts in those rounds

  26. You guys act like Garrard isn’t a stiff. Look up his career stats 20 touchdown passes once, 3000 yards a couple of times. Never leading his team anywhere. Tarvaris Jackson is great too…right? Lemmings.

  27. Nice pickup signing a QB with a bad back. He’ll be lucky to make it past week 3. Garrard is a good guy; but like all competitors, he doesn’t know when to walk away.

  28. Means nothing. Jets signed Drew Stanton as that same veteran backup QB last year, then backstabbed him by trading for Tebow.

  29. for those of you Jet haters who disregard the facts, Garrard has career stas better than two thirds of NFL starters right now. Rating of 86, good TD to Int ratio, very similar to those of Joe Flacco, who is now the league’s highest paid player. Keep hating, he was named Miami’s starter befor injury last year and looked very good thru training camp. great signing for a team with little cap space.

  30. If Garrard plays half as good as he did in Jax and brings his leadership skills, this will be the move that we all will come back to as the big one of the off-season.

  31. As a Jag’s fan, surround him with weapon’s & the skies the limit for him. Definitely outplays Sanchez & company with ease & will do everything he can to improve that team.

    Key word: WEAPONS

  32. I swear, the Jets should change their name to The Keystone Cops, I’m sure this year will be a total comedy act.

  33. the guy who lost his job in Jacksonville vs. dirty Sanchez? So what your telling me is nxt year Woody Johnson gets to pick a new coach and a #1 overall draft pick? Cant wait to see him screw that up!

  34. Actually Garrard didn’t lose his job in Jacksonville. Jack Del Rio cut him for Blaine Gabbert before they ever had a chance to compete for the job.

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