Joe Flacco admits Ray Lewis lost him sometimes


There was never any doubt that Ray Lewis was the emotional leader of the Ravens during their Super Bowl run.

But there were times when not everybody knew what the heck he was talking about.

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco said there were times he just kind of had to go with it, when Lewis got on a roll.

“Oh, it’s funny,” Flacco told USA Today’s Robert Klemko. “His speeches come from the heart, but there’s definitely times where I’m sitting there kind of chuckling to myself. It’s all good. There’s nobody that’s more passionate about what he does than that guy.

“So you just sit back and take it all in, but there’s times where he says some stuff and you’re like, ‘Man I don’t know what that meant, but I like how he said it.'”

But just because he signed a six year, $120.6 million contract, which makes him the leader regardless, Flacco isn’t about to try to emulate Lewis’s rhetorical style.

“I don’t do what Ray does, but I’m the leader of the football team,” Flacco said. “I do it in my way. There are people that do it different ways and obviously we’re able to do it pretty well.”

They’re going to be very different next year, as Flacco brings a style that even his own dad called “dull.”

But if he continues to play at a high level — which Lewis didn’t always this year — nobody will care if the speeches are as entertaining.

42 responses to “Joe Flacco admits Ray Lewis lost him sometimes

  1. Flacco has a quiet demeanor, he may not have understood the verbal motivating words of Ray Lewis but appreciate the effect when it’s no longer there.

  2. Joe’s right, he makes very little sense when he is speaking. Not even trying to be mean, its just the truth.

  3. Flacco was on fire to end his playoff run winning a superbowl and the MVP. There’s no doubt in my mind this continues this season. Hate on haters, Ravens run the AFC.

  4. With all the veteran and starter departures from Ravens this year and next, Flacco’s enormous contract is going to put expectations on his leadership and productivity under a microscope.

  5. Joe can talk now that Ray is gone. I know one thing, he wouldn’t have said, “I’m lost…what’cha talkin bout?” to Ray’s face!!!!

  6. Oh , I agree Lewis could go off the rails from time to time but did he ever tell anybody to come off the bench and tackle somebody?

    I’m thinking that lost a lot of people.

  7. Yea, I always felt like Ray’s pre-game speeches were getting old and started to all sound the same. Now Brian Dawkins’ speeches on the other hand…

  8. This sounds like code for, I am so glad that guy retired and I don’t have to listen to that fake pious hypocrite ever again.

  9. That’s because Ray Lewis spent an inordinate ammount of time mis-quoting and mis-representing scripture. I felt the same way as Joe did after every interview I’d hear Ray Lewis do.

  10. I get what Flacco is saying. He’s really not knocking him.

    Lewis is just real passionate about what he says, no matter what he is talking about. He does get his message across, at least too me, but at times does ramble on and overdo it.

  11. More Mike Florio Flacco bashing. Anyone who has ever listened — or TRIED to listen — to Ray Lewis going on and on about…whatever…should have come to the same conclusion.

  12. Ray Lewis sounded as ridiculous as Louis Farakhan at the Million Man March, the way Farakhan would speak nonsense and numerology including the eventual return of the “mother ship”. I recall watching Lewis give those stupid pre-game speeches and John Ogden would just quietly roll his eyes.

    Everyone knows Lewis is a fool, but the media pretends that he’s such an important figure because labeling him a fool means defending yourself against the eventual charge of racism.

  13. I’m picturing Eddie Murphy talking about James Brown in Delirious.

    “Whatever Ray is saying is some real heavy sh*t to Ray.” – Joe Flacco

  14. The more Flacco talks the more I dislike him. He comes off like a self centered jerk.

  15. Ray says a lot of pretty inspirational things, but he does have the tendency to go off on the incomprehensible tangent once in a while…

  16. To paraphrase Moe from the Three Stooges, every time Joe Flacco speaks, he weakens the (Ravens) nation. Dude got paid. Now show some gratitude and humility and just shut up.

  17. Who knew that Flacco’s signing would cause him to come out of his shell, or bl0om like a flower, and become such an attention-seeking, locker-room cancer.

  18. humpofdc says:Mar 11, 2013 10:43 AM

    Joe can talk now that Ray is gone. I know one thing, he wouldn’t have said, “I’m lost…what’cha talkin bout?” to Ray’s face!!!!


    Of course not. A comment like that could get a guy killed.

  19. All of you offering criticism at Ray Lewis’ verbalized motivational speeches are probably card carrying conservatives.

    Can’t see how you one don’t understand it from so many of his peers are in celebration of it.

    Stop the hatred because you can’t do it.

  20. Lewis is a p.o.s. ravens were givin that Super Bowl!! Matter fact their whole run was helped out by the refs all playoffs.. Check penalty to team ratios.!!!! The ravens were given all the playoff wins by refs

  21. Please keep comenting haters. I truly love to read them – soooo funny! – baymac that comment was gold.

  22. Finally. a player has admitted it. I like Ray Lewis & all, but I have always thought the whole pregame speech stuff is overrated, especially for NFL players. These guys are adults. I would think having someone bark at you or having a chant before every game wouldn’t affect your motivation too much. I think a lot of players would laugh like Flacco and think it is over the top after being in the league for a while.

  23. “I do it my way.”

    You mean like: “If Ted Ginn breaks loose, tackle him! What are they going to do?”

    Far more inspiring than Ray Lewis. Baltimore, take a look at your new leader.

  24. As a Steelers fan I am glad someone on that team had the stones to admit it…pretty funny…..Just goes to show you that Flacco is way smarter than that idiot fan base who all drool over the murderer and drank too much of the kool aid….Good for you Joe!

  25. Flacco apparently joined everyone else (outside of Baltimore) that’s been laughing at Ray’s embarrassing “look at me” act for years.

  26. A lot of very quiet raven fans today…cat got your tongue or are you just embarrassed because your new leader feels like 90% of all NFL fans. You have to respect Flacco for telling you how he feels which is not really dissing Ray that bad.. I enjoyed the the ironic humor immensely.

  27. Have you ever heard him attempt to express himself using the English language? Wait until his new employer hears him showcase these skills in his new roll as a “journalist!” LOTS of viewers are not going to know what the heck he’s talking about!

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