Kevin Williams can’t name a receiver on the Vikings roster


Vikings running back Adrian Peterson feels like he has been kicked in the stomach after the Percy Harvin trade.  Vikings defensive tackle Kevin Williams apparently feels like he has been kicked in the head.

Following the trade of Harvin and the recent release of Michael Jenkins, Williams doesn’t know who else the team has at the receiver position.

“I can’t tell you one receiver that’s on the team right now,” Williams told Bruce Murray and Rich Ganon of SiriusXM NFL Radio.  “That is funny.  After we lose Percy and Michael, I can’t name one that we have on the roster.  So we’re definitely going to have to make some moves in the draft and free agency to try to get us a receiving corps, period.”

The Vikings tried unsuccessfully to get Anquan Boldin on Monday.  Now that Harvin is gone and Boldin isn’t coming, it’s safe to say that the Vikings will be targeting one or more big-name free agents from a pool that includes Mike Wallace, Greg Jennings, Wes Welker, and Danny Amendola.

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  1. That’s OK Kevin. There’s only one worth keeping anyway- Jarius Wright in case you forgot his name.

    My guess is you’ll be able to name a couple more before the off-season is over.

  2. I’m assuming they still have some WR. While I can’t name them, I’m not on the team. What a poor teammate he is. He should be able to name every person on that team. Unless he’s too important, or thinks he’s too important…

  3. It’s not like the Vikings have a QB that can get the WR’s the ball on a regular basis anyways!

  4. Kevin, i think the offense has a hard time naming anyone on the defensive line other than Jared Allen.. Maybe you need to start showing up on that side of the ball too!

  5. The WR shuffle is getting very interesting. I look forward to seeing how it all shakes out.

    Is it just me, or is WR seemingly becoming an odd position to figure out from year to year? Musical Chairs on steroids … will the trend continue?

    Not only is the position becoming more competitive, but teams are shifting their focus from RB to WR & TE.

    A passing league.

  6. “I can’t tell you one receiver that’s on the team right now,” Williams told Bruce Murray and Rich Ganon of SiriusXM NFL Radio.

    And that my friend, is the result of using Starcaps. PED’s will fry your brain.

  7. I would think that the Vikings have enough ammunition to make a play for Larry Fitzgerald. The Cardinals are rebuilding and could use the picks.

  8. I wonder if the Vikes have the ability to try for Fitzgerald… He is a guy who might be got and would want to play for the Vikings… I know Card fans might hate the idea, but I think your QB situation is far more terrible than Minnesota’s and quite honestly, a little draft stock would help you more.

  9. Kevin Williams should be gleeful with the extra first round pick. A first round DT will prolong his career, give him more plays off and make him a better DT.

    Meanwhile with a first round receiver, Jennings, and someone from later in the draft plus Simpson and Wright (with TE Rudolph) there will be plenty of targets for Ponder.

  10. Might just be a rumor but I hear Titus Young is available for pick up. Word on the street is he is the one that taught Megatron everything he knows.

  11. I dont like were this is going… I was hoping no one would offer Jennings big money and he wol dreturn to the Pack, but I am will ing to bet they’ll over pay him out of desperation now. He is great, bu tI believe he is only great out of the slot, which means you still need to pick up someone that can run #1

  12. The writhing was on the wall all of-season was that Pervy lol was going to be traded, if he and the rest of his teammates failed to realize that then its on them.

  13. Some of you must not pay attention much …. Jennings said he wants to go to a team with a GOOD qb…. Minnesota is thus eliminated from his choices….Wallace would be a complete waste as Ponder throws about one of the worst deep balls I’ve ever seen …. Usually not close to the receiver….Ponder specializes in that little two yard pass thus wasting Wallace’s abilities….Ponder also comes to life when the opponent has dropped into their prevent which allows him to build up his stats …. worst QB in the NFC, so why would you want to come and play in Minnesota

  14. Duh, with one WR out with 2 blown knees and the other inactive the first 6 games, even the MN Viking personnel dept would have a tough time thinking of one. And with the qualityWRs we had last year, who the heck cares anyhow?

  15. Minnesota needs to trade both 1sts & a 3rd to Oakland for #3 & draft Geno. Assuming they sign one big name receiver or 2. Christian ponder isn’t taking them anywhere, & IMO has got as much time needed to see what he’s gonna be

  16. For the love of god please put joe Webb at WR. Stop wasting his time at qb. They should draft marquis gray from u of m, or just sign him free agent if he isn’t drafted. That guy is an athlete, and should be put at WR. I’ve been saying this about gray and Webb for three years. Get it together, mn sports. And then sign Rodney Williams from gopher ball, put him at WR. That guy is a freak, but he isn’t going pro in bball.

    Not saying those are the answers to their WR problems but atleast give some freak athletes a shot a stardom.

  17. Can they just line up 3 tight ends and a fullback and hand off to Peterson 58 times per game?

  18. With no WR they still made it to the playoffs, winning in the more difficult portion of their schedule. They will be alright w/o a guy who didn’t want to be there.

  19. How about signing Randy Moss?

    Ok, you have to get new catering company —Ponder can’t throw beyond 20 yards which is actually perfect because Randy likes to take plays off and running deep routes is really tiring. At least the Vikings will have a WR that is a name.

  20. Heck – Christian Ponder is an upgrade from the Cardinals crappy QB situation …

    Larry could catch those wobbly passes with some cool acrobatic highlight dives and what not.

  21. I think they did well with the haul for a head case who is hurt a lot and while talented, is not a pure #1 receiver.

  22. Harvin hasn’t played all 16 games in a season simce his rookie year in 2009.

    For a perpetual pain in the arse who can’t stay healthy and is demanding a monster contract, a 1st, 4th and 7th round pick is a pretty good deal.

    Besides, let’s be real here. The Vikings had the single lowest player payroll last year and they haven’t spent big money on retaining or picking up free agents since they resigned Chris Carter, Randal McDaniel, John Randal and Jake Reed in 1997. Things aren’t about to change now with the cheap skate Wilfs in charge.

    Frankly, the Vikings would never had made the playoffs last year ha it not been for Speilman’s genius draft picks.

  23. Jason Campbell to Minnesota to resurrect his career. Nobody wants to play with Chuck Ponder or whatever his name is. I think that’ll be a good fit.

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