Michael Vick cancels appearances after death threats


Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has canceled plans to appear at several book signings in the next week after organizers received death threats.

Vick had been planning to sign his autobiography, Finally Free, at bookstores in Atlanta and Philadelphia, but his publisher said all of his appearances were canceled out of concerns for safety because Vick was the target of violent threats.

“While we stand by Michael Vick’s right to free speech and the retailers’ right to free commerce, we cannot knowingly put anyone in harm’s way, and therefore we must announce the cancellation of Mr. Vick’s book-signing appearances,” Byron Williamson, president of Worthy Publishing, told PhillyMag.com. “We’ve been assured these threats of violence, which have been reported to the police, are being taken very seriously by local authorities.”

Facebook pages publicizing the book signings were flooded with vitriolic messages toward Vick, who served 21 months in prison for his role in orchestrating a dog-fighting ring. “I would go there to slit your throat knowing how you treat animals” and “I would snap your neck if I met you” were among the comments.

Vick has now been out of prison and back in the NFL for four full seasons, and based on the reception he typically gets in NFL stadiums, football fans seem to have forgiven his past misdeeds. But outside the football world, there are a whole lot of Vick haters who will never forget.

110 responses to “Michael Vick cancels appearances after death threats

  1. lol, right wingers must be conflicted by Vick. On one hand, they hate animal rights activists, on the other hand, Vick is a black guy.

  2. That last sentence couldn’t be any more off base. I know plenty of Eagles fans that want that POS off the team. I’m one of them.

  3. I knew he was dis-liked, but didn’t think people wanted to kill him. He made a big mistake, but you have to let it go.

  4. Speaks to the type of people that are out there in this country. Either they are trolls saying things like that to get a rise out of people, or they mean what they say and are no better then the “monster” they proclaim Vick to be.

    Seeing how people can take extreme stances on just about any issue, this doesn’t surprise me unfortunately. Not in today’s day and age.

  5. Some people love dogs more than people. I’m not surprised by this at all and it seems like Karmic law although I don’t condone the behavior. There isn’t much more that can be asked of him though. He served time, lost his job, house, etc. and rebuilt himself afterward. He seems like a better person as well (or a better actor). What else can the guy do?

  6. As a huge fan of football and even bigger fan of animals I’ll never be a supporter of Vick and don’t believe his time spent in prison means he paid his dues, he makes me sick..

  7. Great. The guy served the time the authorities deemed appropriate. Legally he has no debt to repay.

    But that doesn’t entitle him to an untarnished public image. Some people will always hate the guy, and he has no one to blame for that but himself. If he doesn’t want to deal with it, he should do his job as a football player, and keep out of the public eye aside from that.

    That being said, the people making death threats should also be punished.

  8. Or perhaps the publisher and agent are worried about a poor showing and found a way to bow out without it looking like their client is not all that.

  9. Anyone who’s still hung up on this needs a life or is so uneducated.. I mean tons of other nfl football players have done WAY worse and no one talks about that.. Big Ben rapping is just one come on!!!

  10. Look, by no means am I a supporter of what he did. But making death threats – to anyone – is taking it too far.

  11. The idiots who wrote those hateful words have it backfire on their goal as it only makes his book more valuable in the book stores. Any Publicity is good Publicity.

  12. Pretty sad that the organisers had to cancel this due to some clowns sitting behind a keyboard.

    Like him or hate him, he’s served his debt to society and has hopefully learned his lesson.

  13. he served his punishment people sheesh…

    doesn’t mean you have to like him, but the hypocracy of these threats is just dumb.

  14. “But outside the football world, there are a whole lot of Vick haters who will never forget.”

    People should never forget. Strangling, electrocuting, hanging, shooting, and drowning countless innocent animals for your own enjoyment is pathetic. Theres a special place in hell for people like him.

  15. Smh, let it go people. The man isn’t perfect by any means, but he’s actually kept his promise of giving back to society. Had he reverted back to his Mike Vick Experience days, then by all means hate him. But he hasn’t…

  16. He has a smart publicist. Paint Vick as a victim and get national exposure for a book hardly anyone has heard about before the threats.

  17. By caving to these animal rights monsters, all worse than Vick, you empower them to do worse in the future. Track down those making threats and imprison them. They’re worse than him, as they terrorize humans.

  18. Blatant cruelty to any innocent animal is disgusting and reprehensible. Two pit bulls fighting a fair fight is one thing, but if the rumors are true that the organizers abducted other people’s dog’s for use as bait dogs, there’s just no forgiving such crime in my book. Hope that part of the story is not true.

  19. What a country. Ray Lewis can murder people, yet is lauded as a hero. Ray Lewis can have 6 kids with 4 mothers, yet is somehow allowed to speak as though he’s an ordained priest with God literally fighting on his side.
    Michael Vick kills dogs (which is horrible) but gets death threats because of it.

  20. I am not a huge fan of Vick, I really wish he would stop throwing the ball to the other team. But he has done the time incarcerated and on probation that the authorities deemed appropriate. I hope the people making threats are tracked down and prosecuted. They are not only denying him an opportunity, but those who would care to meet Vick, which is their own choice to make, unhundered by other idiots.

  21. The people making the threats can’t read anyway. They are same backwoods yahoos, who skin cats, opossums and other assorted roadkill (before they are roadkill) for breakfast.

    Oddly, they descended from the people who would have gladly have lynched his people a few years back.

  22. does stallworth get this reaction? probably not people care more about dogs then they mexicans.

    i’d also like to see the anemic vegan tree huger threatening him try to snap his neck.

  23. These cry baby animal nuts make me want to abuse animals just to p!ss them off even more.

  24. I love dogs (don’t worship them like some of these kooks running around us, who are more of a detriment to human life than Vick ever was/will be), but the man paid his debt to society, which was arguably excessive. He lost $100M and intangible things, as well, including two years of his prime athletic career. Let it go.

    These idiots who worship cats and dogs and are now issuing the man death threats are more embarrassing than anything Vick ever did with that dog fighting ring.

  25. I am a dog owner and dog lover, and I know why people would be mad at Vick but I also believe that once someone has paid his debt to society he should be treated fairly.

    This is embarrassing and ironic that there are people threatening Vick. I’m guessing the ones threatening him are idiotic football fans or over the top animal rights activists. Oh the hypocrisy!!!

  26. I learned something new today… Right Winger means “to hate black guys.” Thanks Slim Charles, now that I know this, I’ll be sure to go tear up my sheets and practice my religious symbol carpentry (you know, like the KKK, who were Southern Democrats). I’ll also make sure to contact my (state/federal)representatives about implementing a system where, mostly, minorities will forever be “enslaved” to the federal government financially.

  27. bonato55 says: Mar 11, 2013 7:24 PM

    Anyone who’s still hung up on this needs a life or is so uneducated.. I mean tons of other nfl football players have done WAY worse and no one talks about that.. Big Ben rapping is just one come on!!!
    I disagree. A big, dumb white guy trying to rap is pathetic but not criminal. Or maybe you meant Big Ben was using his rap skills to seduce women? Again, pathetic but not criminal. I just don’t get your point.

  28. How tough are you when you threaten someone over Facebook? I don’t like what he did, however, he has taken measures to better himself. I am not a person who buys books written by athletes, but I will make an exception in this case. That is the best way to get back at the violent zealots who are sending death threats. Really, what kind of lowlife threatens to kill someone?

  29. There was no interest in his book…..the agents just created it. Can’t believe that so many posters can be so damn naive as to what is really going on here.

  30. Snap the neck of a 200+ pound professional athlete who can run a whole lot faster than you can? Good luck with that fake internet tough guys…

    Vick could probably beat you senseless before you could lay a hand on him.

  31. I’m a die hard Eagles fan, but not a Vick fan…Simply because I do not think he is a very good QB. That said his crimes were absolutely awful. I do believe the man is very remorseful for what he did. I say to others imagine if that was your kid that did that, then went to prison, how would ya feel about that ? The man paid for his crimes, and now all he can do is what he has been doing, help fight against dog fighting, and or other animal cruelty.

  32. EJ says:
    Mar 11, 2013 7:15 PM
    I knew he was dis-liked, but didn’t think people wanted to kill him. He made a big mistake, but you have to let it go.

    Not sure where you’re from, but if you were from around Philly you’d know the vitriol that has been directed towards him, the Eagles, their fans and the City of Philadelphia. I’ve encountered MANY people that HATE the man with a passion. They absolutely refuse to forgive him for what he did. They think he should never have been let back into the NFL. They think he should have been given a death sentence. I’ve seen people post on their Facebook walls about it and then threaten to defriend anyone who disagrees. I’ve seen Eagles fans refuse to watch the team after they signed him.

    But it gets better, because then we have the people that not only hate Vick, but the fans and city as a result…as if we have anything to say about what the Eagles do. It’s no different than the jackwads who blame the “Penn State community” and fan base for “allowing” Sandusky to commit his crimes while “looking the other way.” They should “take responsibility,” whatever that means.

    As for me, I didn’t really care one way or the other when they signed Vick (and I am an animal lover). I was more focused on his current and future actions, which frankly seem to indicate he’s changed his life. Unfortunately, it looks like 2010 was a fluke football-wise. He really is the QB I thought sucked from 2001-2006.

  33. I am a lifelong Eagles fan, who also is a FSU fan. I loved FSU beat him in the Sugar Bowl. Oh I also have 3 dogs. Yes I was bummed when the Eagles signed him. Ray Ray is Americas hero…

  34. All the lame dog/puppie jokes posted here for the last two years are not funny or very original. Do us all a big favor and try them at work or at a party. The whole Vick/dog fighting event was a sad tragedy and really shouldn’t be used for punch lines of dubious taste.

  35. Maybe a few idiots and kids made some stupid threats, but his canceling had nothing to do with that. Why not for once be a real journalist and find out? He has idiots bombing his FB page all the time, and I am sure some of them include threats, it has been that way and will always be. btw–he has never apologized for the abuse, so there are still people who do not forgive for that reason alone. Count me among them. This page is more like TMZ than football news.

  36. Gordon Shell, look him up. Maybe some of you real internet tough guys name calling might see him in person and tell him to his face how sick you are of “kooks” and “animal nuts” and “cry babies”. I honestly see more little girl whining on this page than I ever have around all the people who work their ass off every day to help stop animal abuse. Grow a pair!

  37. It boggles my mind that people can generate this kind of hatred for someone who mistreated animals but the same morons will stand in line and sing songs to help get convicted child murderers out of jail or save them from the death penalty.

    Dogs are not equal to humans no matter how many times you nut jobs dress them up in little outfits and invite them to sleep in your beds.

  38. That “paid their debt to society” line is a load of crap. Just because someone served a time in prison (over a dozen felony counts and only a small amount of time served is a mockery by the way) doesn’t absolve them of what they did.

    A serial murderer executed has also technically served his time, guess that means all his sins are forgiven. This is not to say that Vick’s crimes are equivalent to murder though, I’m just taking your retarded logic to its extreme.

  39. Left wingers must be conflicted by Vick, on the one hand they use moral relativism to justify the behavior of anyone who is not rich or white, but on the other hand Vick killed animals, which is worse than killing people because we like run evil corporations and start wars and stuff.

    Liberals would have called it a teachable moment had Vick been caught performing late term bathtub abortions (overpopulation does cause global warming I was told) or set-up an infant wrestling league in his backyard.

  40. FYI-he was not in jail for his crimes against animals.

    If the justice system says he is done, well that is their opinion. If he did his time for what they could convict him for, ok. BUT, that does not mean he should be allowed back in the public eye.

    Also, think about it, if pedophiles are monitored and not allowed near children and they haven’t even killed a child, shouldn’t he not be allowed to own a dog ever again for the torture and murder of countless dogs? Is that too much to ask?

  41. Are we serious as people to keep judging this man over something that he paid society for his mistake? Lets not forget that we’re talking about DOGS people once again DOGS people!! Some people act as if this man is the next Ted Bundy, Jim Jones, Charles Manson or O.J Simpson (lol) meaning I could see if this guy took a human life i.e. Leonard Little, Dante Stallworth even good ol Ray Lewis (lol) doesn’t get as much flack as this man! Trust me I have dogs and I love them dearly but it’s time we learn to forgive and let go! You know in some other counties they eat dogs!! Lol!!

  42. For those spewing the “Wow, I guess dogs are more important than people” stuff, it all comes down to one simple word that affects the human psyche – innocence.

    For the same reason crimes against children are viewed as more reprehensible than crimes against adults, the same is true when human beings knowingly bring harm to a domesticated animal that was bread to respect and trust humans. Betraying that innocence is what makes most normal (non-PETA related) people upset.

  43. Ray Lewis killed someone… Donte Stallworth killed someone… Big Ben raped someone… hell, Dez Bryant choked his own mother… but don’t bother with them, let’s send death threats to the one guy who actually paid for his sins…

  44. He served his time and by all accounts has turned his life around. He speaks to kids about his miss deeds and works with the SPCA. Isn’t that what rehabilitation is meant to do? Death threats by not jobs should not be applauded by posters.

  45. I love the losers who eat beef, chicken and fish but hate Vick because the animals he killed are cuter and can do amusing tricks.

  46. I dislike Vick but death threats are not they way to go to all those who claim others have done worse you are right they should have been punished. Vick is the focus you who take issue with Stallworth and all the others cited You start your own campaign against them My focus is vick He is a punk and a coward becasue only that sort of person does what he did. Read the case and see what he did. What he did and what he went to jail for are not the same. To razorbyrd read the case no one who does anything like this shoudl be allowed back in football. sybil ward nyc
    Maybe a few idiots and kids made some stupid threats, but his canceling had nothing to do with that. Why not for once be a real journalist and find out? He has idiots bombing his FB page all the time, and I am sure some of them include threats, it has been that way and will always be. btw–he has never apologized for the abuse, so there are still people who do not forgive for that reason alone. Count me among them. This page is more like TMZ than football news.

  47. So… Killing a dog is punishable by having a humans throat slit. I guess I can chalk it up to race. When you’re black, you’re always scum… When you’re white… You get the redemption story and a Disney movie. He did his time. Let it go white people. But y’all would be the same ones saying why won’t blacks let go of slavery.

  48. What’s the fastest way to get me to stop be from being a Bears fan? Hire Mike Vick as a QB. I’d take Cade McCown in a WHEELCHAIR as QB over Vick.

    I love the Bears, but I love animals more. In my eyes, Vick has not come completely clean over whether or not he personally electrocuted and hung losing dogs himself.

    Until he does, no forgiveness from me. It’s a real shame you can’t make an extra $20 signing your book, Mike. Yeah, I’m crying for ya, buddy.

  49. Wow. Hope those people on facebook that made those comments didn’t use their real accounts, especially if they’re treating it like actual death threats.

    Nothing like committing a crime and putting the evidence on display

  50. Some of you people are sick. How can you compare what he did to molesting kids? Catalonia99.. Really!! Because a child didn’t die, it makes it ok to want to control mike Vick?

  51. I cant believe people only focus on the animal cruelty issues with Vick. Let’s not forget he was a scum bag and a liar long before he got busted for the dog fighting. And how many other NFL QB’s have flipped off their own fans.

    So many different reasons to hate him!

  52. Vick paid NOTHING for his sins. He spent time in prison for illegal interstate gambling. He didn’t go to jail for animal abuse.
    He knew when he got out of jail that millions of dollars were on the line. That’s why he’s been so “goody-two-shoes”.
    He would dance like Bojangles if the price were right. He has NO marketable skills. Anyone who buys this stupid book is a moron.

  53. Mike Vick killed dogs . 2 legged dogs like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington owned human beings . Jefferson was a rapist and pedophile. The people who want to harm Vick are examples that prove we are not and never will be in a post racial America. These savages among us are the problem and responsibility of white people. They are your people. Show some personal responsibility and handle these barbaric savage mentally unstable members of your race. It’s a white thing and we don’t understand your demonic hatred

  54. I was at the Barnes & Nobles in Atlanta over the weekend where he was scheduled to appear and saw the big poster promoting his appearance. I was a little shocked that considering his high profile that he would be appearing there but I didn’t really think anything of it.

    People really need to get over themselves. He did his time, he deserves a 2nd chance. It’s outrageous he served 2 years in prison for dogfighting. Clearly it’s not right. But this is the culture he grew up in. He learned from his mistakes. Let him live his life. It’s so sad that he can’t even do a goddamn book signing without people getting on their high horses and threatening him. He’s already been tried and convicted him, why do people feel the need to try him again.

    He’s humble. He’s learned from what he did. There are millions of people out in public who’ve done much worse things than he did. Leave it alone.

  55. “People should never forget. Strangling, electrocuting, hanging, shooting, and drowning countless innocent animals for your own enjoyment is pathetic. Theres a special place in hell for people like him.”

    Somebody is naive to how the world works and that this happens to a lot of ‘innocent animals’ on a grand corporate scale too. Get over it, this is the world you live in. You’re born, live, then die, but in reality the world never stops turning.

  56. People dont realize how dumb they are. Saying youre gonna kill someone because they killed something is so hypocrytical. People are no better than Vick for saying those things and what Vick did was horrible and atrocious. The end.

  57. I don’t condone that, at all. That is criminal behavior that is disgusting. However, from a different perspective, it’s nice to see that his life will never be back to normal. I am all for protesting in this case, but let’s catch these idiots who feel that death threats are ok,…..horrible!

  58. I despise Vick because he committed needless cruelty, and then did every thing he could to deny what he did and take responsibility for his actions until it became clear he would not get away with it. That’s what makes him such a scumbag. I cannot believe anyone would buy a book (or a jersey) or anything that has to do with him. The fact that he killed dogs and not children does not take away from the fact he is a psychopath.

  59. He also should be loathed for his lack of football skills.

    Killed no, but loathed yes.

  60. The folks making those threats should be careful, as should every idiot who posts threatening material online. It is extremely easy for most of it to be tracked back to the individuals who post it, regardless of any pseudonyms that they use to mask their identity. They just might end up in the same prison that once was home to Mike Vick.

  61. I love how people seem to think theres really a difference between left and right wing. Or any other political illusion of difference.

    These peta freaks should all get together and fight some real issues like our constant drone bombing kids in other countries.

    Vick paid his dues with millions of dollars. He lost a substantial amount of free time in his life. Let it go already.

  62. I wonder if some of this passion used to defend Vick against all the ‘animal nuts’ might be better served somewhere besides preaching your own self taught ideas of morality on this joke of a sports blog. Let me get something straight. No legitimate supporter of pit bulls or dogs has made death threats. Kids and internet bullies like those of you who spew venom on pages like this were the likely culprits, if there were any at all. Second, if you don’t know the details of what he did and you are defending him, what you are really doing is showing how ignorant (or stupid, if you prefer) you are. Third, there were no serious death threats, he did this because lack of interest, lack of pre-sales then allow him to turn this into some kind of “poor me” story, something he had done at every turn in his life. Every single turn kids. He has a very long record of no-shows and cancellations. Don’t compare a few punks who make threats from their computers to the MILLIONS of people who understand animal abuse, especially toward pit bulls is a real societal problem and your making excuses for it is pathetic and counter-productive. So, please, shut up. Or go find Gordon Shell at his next event and try your “it’s just dogs people, get over it” routine on him in person. Let me know how that works out for ya?

  63. vick paid his debt to society. he did federal time. he should be able to move on with his life. as the eagles qb, he did well in 2010 but struggled the past 2 seasons. he had a bad offensive line but also committed way too many turnovers. anyone who threatens him over the internet is a coward. vick isn’t perfect but he is one tough guy. i suspect he would kick the s**t out of any of these internet gangsters.

  64. Wow. Animal lovers are crazy. Trust me. I know a few of them.

    They don’t move on.

    Vick has kept his image clean since being out of prison. What more can be do? The past is the past.

    He paid his debt to society. What more do you want?

    You wanna know something else? Vick could have easily declared chapter 7 and wiped out all of his debts while in prison.

    But instead he chose to do it the hard way and file chapter 13 and repaid back 20 million of his debt owed to creditors. That’s about half. Better than nothing.

    How many of you deadbeats during this recession either walked away from underwater homes or filed chapter 7 and screwed everyone.

    Remember to look yourself in the mirror next time you criticize someone.

    To me dead beats who don’t pay their bills and support the USA are worst offenders than Vick.

  65. Oh, all of the idiots.

    Mike Vick didn’t serve 5 minutes for dog fighting. He skated on all of those charges in exchange for pleading guilty to financial charges.

    But he was forced in his plea agreement to admit to certain things. Like- viciously murdering under performing dogs by smashing their heads into concrete or attaching jumper cables to their testicles. Or kidnapping innocent house pets from their owner’s yards and throwing them into the pit bull pens and cheering while they got torn to shreds by the fighting dogs. Or knowingly spreading herpes to unsuspecting women or defrauding investors in his companies out of millions of dollars.

    Ask an FBI profiler what the difference is between someone who tortures animals and a serial killer.

  66. Vick is getting F’ed and doesn’t deserve the treatment he is getting from the public and the press. He seems to be sincere and deserves some respect.

  67. eatitfanboy: “Ask an FBI profiler what the difference is between someone who tortures animals and a serial killer.”

    Umm…one kills human beings and the other doesn’t?

  68. Even funnier how all you big tough defenders of Vick decrying the violence against him, then turn around and suggest violence against someone else. I am convinced this room is mostly populated by lonely 15 year old boys still immature for their age.

  69. I don’t think anyone on here is defending what Vick DID, they’re merely defending his right to move on from a mistake-filled past and give him a chance to prove that he’s changed…
    the system will tell you they can rehabilitate rapists, and murderers, and pedophiles, so why doesn’t this guy get a fair shot?!

  70. The punishment he received can be compared to a guy who kills someone driving drunk but only serves time for DUI.

  71. One more reminder for all the morality teachers and self appointed “cool police”. It is not hate, fear, or anger that drive the millions who work tirelessly to save the dogs others torture, burn alive, or throw out like trash. It’s love. And it is much stronger than any of your judgment, callousness or fear. If you knew that, you would be out there working to make a difference instead of in here bitching. No one who works for animal advocacy made any threats. Only someone terribly stupid or angry would believe that. We are not PETA, so stop the ignorant comparisons.

  72. As much as the sight of him makes my skin crawl and I planned to be at Barnes and Noble to protest his appearance, I am no one to judge whether he as a supposed human being, lives or dies. I would never threaten anyone, but I will surely let you know my opinion of you!

    No professional athlete, none of them, should be allowed to play any sport if they are convicted of any crime where they are incarcerated.

  73. A dog can’t defend itself, for all the people saying he served his time and let it go & why don’t we worry about humans. This guy was paid millions to play football and his entertainment was watching pitbulls rip each other. He is only sorry he got caught and now he’s trying to make money off it. He and his brother are pretty sad humans that make this earth harder to walk on each day. And the people defending him are no different. I’m not saying lynch him or threaten him but just ignore him and don’t cheer for him and dont feed into the millions that are paid to him.

  74. “Forgive” and “Forget” are two entirely different concepts, Mr Smith. You mixed them in your post. I would venture to say that most people have forgiven Mr Vick. After all, he did receive harsh punishment for his deeds. But even more people will never forget what he did.

    Pardon the expression, but Michael Vick is on a short leash in most people’s mind regarding any future behavior. He will not be easily given the benefit of any doubt. I think he knows that.

  75. Who cares? I spent few minutes reading all these non football related posts. Just silly. Unless he killed your dog, or did something directly to you, how can some of you have such a vindicated opinion on this? Lots of guys are P.O.S. And scumbags. White, black, and Mexican. Especially in NFL. I truly think a lot of animal lovers would/could care less if a human died. (How many Ray Lewis fans talking? How many PSU fans on here yakking??) If you dont like a guy fine, but what are your sins and how your “sins” are forgave dont represent everyone’s opinion

  76. to the bleeding hearts on here that say Vick rebuilt his life, hell I could rebuild a new life as well on one year of his salary. It must be difficult to rebuild when have millions of dollars. Poor baby. I hope he doesn’t sell one single copy unless it comes on a roll and fits in the bathroom. He is trash just like he brother.

  77. Left wingers must be conflicted as hell. They care more about animals than they do human beings, yet at the same time excuse people who act like animals as long as they are liberals and especially black.

  78. This just screams of desperate publicity grab by a publisher that realized no one cares about the book. Looks like the book arrived to no fanfare last fall and has sailed into obscurity.

    We’re really supposed to believe that six months after the book was published, in the NFL offseason, after a mediocre and nondescript season by Vick, and after many other public appearances, he’s just NOW getting death threats? How naive do they think we are?

    Interesting that the book was published by some small-time religious publishing company. And now they’re pushing the redemption and victimization angle. Pretty sorry.

  79. thraiderskin

    That was awesome! Amazing how many people don’t know that (or care to know it).

    No one should be giving the guy death threats, even though he’s a loathsome sociopath. But asking me to get all weepy and outraged over it like it equates to slavery or something is a bit much. The guy made his bed and he has to lie in it. He knows people are out there who will always hate him and what he’s done. So why have a writer do a book on him now and make public appearances? If he’s willing to take the risk, then so be it.

  80. “patriotinvasion says: Mar 11, 2013 8:18 PM

    For those spewing the “Wow, I guess dogs are more important than people” stuff, it all comes down to one simple word that affects the human psyche – innocence.

    For the same reason crimes against children are viewed as more reprehensible than crimes against adults, the same is true when human beings knowingly bring harm to a domesticated animal that was bread to respect and trust humans. Betraying that innocence is what makes most normal (non-PETA related) people upset.”

    Came here to post pretty much the same thing. To me, it doesn’t really matter if it’s a dog or a child…you are causing pain and suffering to a living being that is completely dependent on you and has to trust you not to harm them. Betraying that trust is worth a LOT more than just 2 years in jail, especially when he gets to go back to making millions afterwards.

  81. I have strong doubt he is cancelling due to being murdered, but rather, he is using these threats as an “excuse” to not do the campaign.

    The reason is that he and his agent know that every step he makes on this course of events, the PETA people and others will be protesting at any events, they will be asking any corporation related to it not to participate, and many people will be verbally assaulting and abusing Vick. Vick and his agent are well aware of this.

    I don’t blame Vick, I wouldn’t bother with it either, what use would it be?

  82. Its funny how people get so upset over killing dogs but there are people in the league that have killed people, some have been accused of rape and paid people off, and there are a lot of guys that cheat on their wife, are dead beat dads, and women abusers but people get so worked up over Vick. I hate what he did but I don’t think its that crucial the way some people are taking it.

  83. I would be more surprised to find out that any of Vick’s supporters could even read the book. They can’t even form complete sentences in the blogs. Hope there’s a lot of pictures!

  84. 1. There is a thin line between torturing of animals and torture/killing of people psychologically

    2. I do not condone death threats

    3. I do not see any reason for anyone to defend this man. I don’t care about the football aspect. If he was not an NFL star, he would be despised by many more people.

    4. the comments about innocence and comparing dogs and children are very apt

    5. PETA is not supported by any but those ignorant of it’s intent – most knowledgeable ‘dog (and cat) people despise and abhor PETA and HSUS as commercial ‘charities’ whose concern for animal welfare is laughable.

    6. I believe there is a special place in hell for men who torture, maime, abuse animals, children and women….

    7. I could care less about his “payment of debt to society” – jail time was not for the animal abuse…and pedophiles are definitely not accepted in any society that has knowledge of their crimes once they leave jail either

  85. I’m against cruelty against animals, but the people going this far behind a few pit bulls really have no life. And I mean really have no life.

  86. It just makes me sick to think of animals being abused and dog fighting is horrible. It make me even sicker that they allowed Michael Vicks back into football after that. In my opinion anyone that watches him or the team he is on is indirectly saying what he did in dog fighting was okay. Every dime of his book should go to prevent animal abuse and he should be spending every weekend working at a Vet clinic as a volunteer. I will not watch Philly ever again nor will I purchase any books from the publisher of his book.

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