More and more reports link Mike Wallace to Miami

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The reports linking free-agent receiver Mike Wallace to the Dolphins continue to mount.

And that should make every Dolphins fan nervous.

The latest comes from Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post, who writes that it’s a “done deal.”  But if we learned anything for the scrum of news that capped the end of the 2012 regular season, it’s that no deal is done until it’s, well, done.

From 95 percent to virtual certainty, multiple crystal-clear reports regarding coaching hires and player moves ended up being clearly incorrect.

In this case, it makes plenty of sense from a football, business, and political standpoint for the Dolphins to want Wallace.  I’ve believed for weeks that it’s the most obvious free-agent move of them all.  He’ll stretch the field, he’ll sell tickets, and he’ll buy votes in the upcoming stadium renovation referendum.

But we’ve seen it before with the Dolphins under owner Stephen Ross.  Amid high expectations, they’re left standing at the altar as the bride climbs aboard a bus with Rain Man.

None of this means that some other team is destined to emerge from the weeds and snatch Wallace away from the Dolphins, either during the final hours of the legal tampering non-tampering period or after free agency begins.  But as we inch toward another outcome that seems to be definite, let’s not forget that plenty of similarly definite situations have fallen apart.

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  1. Come on man, why so much hate for the Dolphins?

    Ireland has spent the last 4-5 year setting up this team for a decade of success. He has made this one of the youngest rosters in the NFL, opened up more cap space than almost any other team, and put character players in the lockerroom. Hartline and Bess are some of the better possession receivers in the game. Add Wallace and a break-out year for Lamar Miller, and this offense is going places.

    And you don’t need elite CBs when you have Cameron Wake up front and Rashad Jones deep. For those of you who are not Dolphins fans, you will be seeing Jones’ name quite a lot this year.

  2. This is comical, the dolphins “savior” is a bad attitude, diva wide receiver, that they “hope” to land to save the franchise. Things are really sad down there in Miami, I hope you guys spend all of this money, to have him under thrown by Matt Moore. But, he will sell tickets, get us a new stadium, and help us finish .500 at best. I wouldn’t be surprised if Wallace goes elsewhere, just like last year, when dolphin fans were guaranteeing Peyton manning, and Reggie Wayne. Because, you know, they already have houses down there. Dolphins fans want to be relevant so bad they can taste it..

  3. Wallace is a good talent no questioning that. I do question his 6 drops last year. And his attitude when he’s not being targeted. It’s easy to sit and think of all the things he can help the fins out with, but if you don’t keep him happy on AND off the field he is a headache waiting to happen.

    Is that worth his reported $11 mil a year?

  4. I would also like to add something for all the haters on the Hartline contract:

    It has been reported that Hartline took a DISCOUNT to stay in Miami. So other teams were willing to pay MORE than what Miami did to keep him.

    Per Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post, Hartline’s contract was just under the ones signed last year by Jacksonville’s Laurent Robinson ($6.5 million average, $13.6 million guaranteed) and San Diego’s Robert Meachem ($6.375 million average, $14 million guaranteed). Given that context, Hartline’s contract seems pretty reasonable.

  5. “But we’ve seen it before with the Dolphins under owner Stephen Ross. Amid high expectations, they’re left standing at the altar as the bride climbs aboard a bus with Rain Man.”

    Can you please stop trying to be funny, because you very bad at it.



  6. I don’t see the Dolphins being left at the altar this time and that’s because they’ll overpay for Wallace, a player who priced himself out of Pittsburgh.

    The Dolphins need a number one wideout and Wallace and his agent know this. Expect to see a deal averaging at least 12 million per season. I don’t think Wallace is worth that price, but he’s only 26 and has been productive, so Miami will have no choice but to overpay as young wideouts in their prime don’t come along often.

    If Welker doesn’t come back to the Pats, the Dolphins would have the second best receiver in the division (with Stevie Johnson being number one, he’s more complete and plays very well against Revis) and a balanced receiving core with Wallace, Hartline and Bess (who is underrated).

  7. Just looking at the off the field reasons this seems like a nice fit for Wallace. He gets:
    – To be much closer to home (Nawlins)
    – Get the money he wants in all likelihood.
    – Gets to be the guy on a team, but not necessarily be the guy in the locker room.

    I think Wallace is a talented guy and can be a #1. As always it just comes down to how much money they want to commit to him. I personally don’t think he’s worth the VJax deal, but from what I’m seen that’s what he’s asking for.

  8. Is Mike Wallace really “selling tickets”? The only reason I even know who this guy is because of free agency. Otherwise he put up average numbers this season and he was hardly a record breaker or elite receiver. And he sure doesn’t have starpower to “sell tickets”, heck no one even knows what he looks like under his helmet.

  9. He’ll cash that check and you’ll never hear from him again. The reason no other team really wants him is because he doesn’t have reliable hands! What’s the point of a deep threat if you can’t catch the ball?

  10. “The reports linking free-agent receiver Mike Wallace to the Dolphins continue to mount.

    And that should make every Dolphins fan nervous.”

    Why? If I was a Dolphins fan I’d want Mike Wallace on my team.

  11. Wallace will stretch the field, but he will not sell many tickets or get the stadium renovated. all he has is speed. hands are very average along with mental lapses during crunch time.

  12. It depends if you use any logic to temper your expectations as a fan. Just because a bunch of local media hacks want to tell me that so and so are done deals… doesn’t mean that when it doesn’t happen, I should be upset and blame the Front Office. That’s the sort of stuff you should expect from casual fans, the kind that follow the scores and watch a game or two, but don’t know the difference between a tailback and a flanker.

    “lol they cant even land peyton manning omar said he was goign their but jeff ****ing ireland messed it up fireland lol”

  13. To the extent that it is a “done deal”, Miami is overpaying.

    Ireland’s track record with skill position players is abysmal. This signing (at that price) won’t help that record.

  14. A little off topic, but with free agency starting tomorrow, can you guys release an article containing updated cap figures at some point today? I think every fan would like to know how much space their team has to work with

  15. Longtime Dolphin fan here and these reports don’t make me nervous at all. The past is the past and has nothing to do with this present situation. Mike Wallace is simply a target they are aiming for and if they hit it, great, if not it wasn’t meant to be and they’ll move on to Plan B. What’s funny is that you bash the previous crystal clear reports regarding previous player/coaching changes that didn’t pan out and yet you continue to post less than crystal clear reports regarding player changes that could or couldn’t pan out. Contradictory much?

  16. Greg Jennings to Minnesota. Bank on it. The Vikings have long been a repository for ex-Packers(including an ex-QB with camera and social media account).

  17. Dear Mike Florio:

    Why do you mention in every article about the Miami Dolphins…that signing Mike Wallace will actually sell football NFL tickets.
    People do not go to an NFL game just to see a Wide Receiver even one on the level of Mike Wallace.
    Also do you really believe that the tide of support for or against the Sun Life Stadium referendum will be base on a Free Agent signing?

    I not sure why the need to emphasize a point that you clearly are misguided on.

    Yes the Dolphins fell short in the pass and most recently Payton Manning but how many other teams have gone after Head Coaches or Free Agents and falling short too.
    A team is criticizes if they don’t pursue…than they pursue and if they fall short than they are criticize…
    The Dolphins won’t be the first time to be use as a negotiation pawn…and won’t be the last.

    You ever just thought that for the past year all the articles you written on the need for Wide Receivers and/or Playmakers so they figure they will pursue the top rated WR free agent.
    Maybe they are just trying to improve the Miami Dolphins and give the young QB some weapons.

  18. If Wallace was that good, the Steelers would have found a way to re-sign him.

    Dolphins are desperate to sell tickets and fund a new stadium. And they are desperate to make a splash in free-agency after losing-out last year.

    So, Miami over-paying for a big-name FA makes perfect sense. It’s what desperate teams do.

    And it usually doesn’t work out. Just ask the Redskins.

  19. I think Wallace is a great fit for Miami. They need a deep threat, someone to stretch the field. They definitely have 2 decent possession receivers. But, they will overpay that’s a given. There are only a few receivers worth that kind of cash.

  20. whatnojets says:Mar 11, 2013 10:53 AM

    Odds are that he will not sign with the Fins

    Odds are that the jests will continue to be a laughingstock! Now, that’s a sure bet!

  21. This the #1 overall free agent in your own rankings. Why would you sound the alarms if the Dolphins signed him? You would cheer the move if the Patriots did do.

    If he’s a bum and cannot play, they you need to adjust your rankings accordingly.

  22. Speaking as a Ravens fan, and seeing Mike Wallace twice a year, ill tell you, he’s a one trick pony. He doesn’t have the size or ability to be an all around wideout. He’s just a deep threat with speed, which isn’t a bad thing, but someone will overpay, like the Dolphins. Oh well, at least Tannehill will have a better option then Hartline or Bess.

  23. @Zach Younkin says:

    Where does this put the Steelers?


    Who cares? The Steelers are rebuilding now. They are becoming irrelevant. That’s why the only Steelers news is who is leaving to be on a real potential winner.

  24. @wlidford,

    The difference is Dan Snyder built his entire team with aging FA’s and had no quarterback. Look Vick was drafted to sell tickets. Much more expensive. Sometimes you need a guy you didn’t draft. Sometimes you pay. Every team has a few people making sub 7 digits or more. That’s the system we are in. One reason we can spend more now is the Rookie Wage Scale. When you’re QB is young he costs a few million a year. Long and Bush are gone to make way for their drafted, cheaper backups. That’s what you are supposed to do.

  25. remyje says: “Can’t wait to see how much Miami is going to overpay Wallace just to watch Tannehill under throw him…..”

    Tannehill had one of the highest completion rates for long passes last year. When he misses, Tannehill is generally overthrowing the target.

    Hard to overthrow Wallace.

  26. I have never seen a city so desperate. Everything they do has desperation and relevancy in the’s really sad.

  27. Unless Tannehill develops as Dolphins’ fans hope, this would be a complete waste of money. Without a great QB, Wallace’s value is pretty much non-existent. Sure, he’ll be able to stretch defenses, but if he doesn’t a have a QB to get him the deep ball, he value isn’t even close to what he will be paid. Much like Santonio Holmes, Wallace will quickly fade to irrelevancy without a great QB.

  28. Funny how many people think they are former nfl gm’s on this site, last time I checked a guy who averages over 1k yards and 8 tds a season in his first 4yrs at wr means he has talent. People are pretty bitter now a days I guess. I agree that he will be over paid, but don’t sit there and act like you wouldn’t want that production on your team. And if you geniuse gm’s would actually pay attention, he is being brought in to make plays, sell tickets and stretch the field to open up the run game and other recievers, a problem they had last year with no deep threats.

  29. Love the irony of these Wallace items intertwined with Santonio Holmes being asked to take a pay cut.

    Three years from now the Steelers will not re-sign Antonio Brown and that will share space with the Dolphins trying to dump Wallace.

  30. Not to discount the Steeler fans here, or all of the other nay sayers, but “c’mon man!”

    Yes, Wallace has dropped passes. Yes, Wallace is not the most complete route runner. Yes, Wallace has diva-like qualities. And Yes, Wallace does want a LOT of money.

    Here are a few other things Wallace is and does:

    He’s fast (4.33 at NFL combine). He’s young (26 years old). He has 32 TDs in four years. He has 235 catches in four years. He has played in a Super Bowl (9 catches, 89 yards, 1 TD). Led the NFL in yards per catch (2009). Led NFL in 100 yard receiving games (2010). Averages 17.2 yards per catch for his career. Of his 235 career catches, 163 were for 1st down.

    Wallace will absolutely transform the Miami offense. With the TRUE deep threat the underneath will open up for Bess and Hartline. Antonio Brown is an excellent WR for Pittsburgh, but he would not be as successful as he is without Wallace pulling the safety away on nearly every pass play. Th ‘Fins need to shore up the oline a little. Need a RT. Maybe a RG. They need a TE (which I think they will get in the draft).

    I know free agency is a crap shoot. Walllace may get his money and never be productive again. I doubt it, but it may happen. But, a motivated Wallace will turn Miami’s offense into a solid productive unit. and will make their receiving corps one other teams should fear.

  31. I love how everyone is trashing wallace and saying all this stuff but if your team signed him you all would be on his nuts and pumped up about having him….typical fans !!

  32. He dropped balls in the cold. He took plays off in the cold. He can drops ball in the sun, he can take plays off in the sun. He made the playoffs in the cold. He won’t in Miami. Enjoy your $$$ Mike. You will miss Steel City by week 4.

  33. Reading the rubbish on here is really typical of fans who think they know what they are talking about.
    For a start Colts fan, Matt Moore is not the QB in Miami. Get that right for a start. Good for Miami if they get him, because it’s fairly obvious reading the rubbish on here everyday, only the Dolphin fans know about some of the talent on this team. Rashad Jones should have been in the Pro Bowl, so look out for him next year for a start, and he isn’t the only one. There are other players on this team, so all you fans of other teams, worry about your own teams.
    The Dolphins with or without Wallace will be better next year no matter who they sign.

  34. It’s funny reading these piggy-back comments from people who probably didn’t see more than 10 snaps of Miami football last year (unless we played your team). I don’t know many people who watch more snaps around the entire league than I do (yes I need a 2nd hobby), and its getting annoying reading comments about Mike Wallace getting “over paid” or saying he’s a “one trick pony” because of speed. Well guess what folks?! The fins have 2 terrific possession WRs in Bess and Hartline that run excellent routes and have excellent hands. They are the most ideal #2 and #3 WRs any team could ask for. Tannehill had success throwing to them along with slow ass Fasano even with teams congesting the middle of the field because of no speedy deep threat. He barely overthrew Hartline a handful of times on fade routes, and that won’t happen with a Mike Wallace in the fold. Wallace’s presence alone is worth (to the Fins) $10 mill plus per year since safeties can no longer cheat up allowing our home run threat RB (not Bush, im talking Lamar Miller-watch some football please!) to get chunk yards and allow Hartline, Bess and the TEs do run intermediate routes against single coverage for once! Overpaying my ass! Who else should we get for this role? An unproven draft pick? And for the person getting on Wallace’s stats from last year..didnt Big Ben miss damn near half the season?! Damn I swear people don’t even watch football they just want to be heard.

  35. As a Steeler fan, not really sad to lose Wallace as he did not produce last year and instead dropped some key passes that were easy catches. This all while trying to build his value for FA. He has huge potential due to his speed. Glad he is going to a non-division team, would prefer that NFC. Would hate to see him go to the Pats. He could be real dangerous there.

  36. I think signing Wallace is a better value at 11 mil than re-signing Jake Long for the same amount. Wallace could be a missing piece for that team whereas Long has been missing these last two years.

    I’m not trying to crawl up Jeff Ireland’s britches here, but he’s doing what needs to be done. I think he’s better for that team without Bill Parcels calling the shots for players. Big Tuna set that team back years.

  37. I always reject the “selling tickets” argument, at least the extent to which a FA signing can immediately impact it.

    If the Dolphins start out 5-1 next year, they will sell more tickets even if no one could name a single WR on the team. On the other hand, they could sign every big name free agent available, but if they start out 1-5, people won’t come.

    People want to see winners, period.

  38. As a Steelers fan, I’m smart enough to recognize that Wallace is a considerable weapon and that it will be tough watching him go out the door. However, the Steelers rarely make mistakes when allowing players to hit the street and I don’t believe this is one of those times.

    While I don’t believe Wallace is truly a one-trick pony, he doesn’t run the best routes and often suffers from lapses in concentration.

    Someone will overpay for that speed and I believe it’s highly likely to be Miami. Best of luck to both Mike and the team that signs him. The boring Steelers will continue to build through the draft and, unfortunately, let good football players head out the door at times.


  39. Im a Fins Fan so I can say this with proof….Miami fans DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING about football.

    Mike Wallace=Sean Smith!!!!!!!!!!

    Be careful what you ask for….how did the Brandon Marshall thing turnout? where is he now??? not on our team!!!

    You NEVER EVER sign free agent WRs. Fitz, Megatron, Andre Johnson, Roddy White, Julio, AJ were ALL DRAFTED and stayed with their teams!!!!

    Miami please watch and learn!!! Ireland, make this deal and your days are numbered in Miami!

  40. will catch some deep balls and score td’s But drops half the passes thrown to him bad route runner wont go over the middle and still thinks he deserves Larry Fitzjenkins money. like the beautiful Shanaynay used to say Knocka is you crazy.

  41. I hope this works out for the Fins. He would be an excellent addition and exactly what we need to open up the offense. If we can pair him with a tight end (we are looking at Jared Cook as well) then we really could make a move.

    Too many haters on this site. If you look at Wallace’s accomplishments so far, he has all the skills to be a #1 receiver and they make big money. Also, Hartline as a #2 was over 1000 yards receiving last year and was double covered 90% of the time. This is a good move and I hope it works out.

  42. The only guy that makes me feel comfortable in all of this is Philbin, if he does not accept Davone Bess going to practice with his shoe laces untied (hardknocks). I dont think Wallace could last an entire meeting with Philbin and staff (Sherman specifically). Which is why I still believe Mike Wallace will never sniff the grass down here let alone hear much of an offer from us. Philbin made me proud by not signing Flynn which was supposedly a done deal. If you let a hard worker like Reggie leave what kind of message would you be sending by letting Wallace in the door?!? mike wallace=sean smith….if they got paid for their hard work they would both be asking bernie kosar for a loan!!!!!


    I couldn’t agree with you more. I happened to have Reggie Bush on my fantasy squad this year and Direct T.V. NFL package got me all the games. People truly don’t know what they are talking about on this site for the most part. If Wallace contract talks do not pan out for Miami, I would be okay with the signing of another free-agent wideout to solidify an already competitive offense. As a Steeler fan I assure you Wallace is no good for the squad. He is looking for what is probably the final contract of a short shelf life receiver. I think he has experienced his peak and the Fins would be wise to take Option B in the long run. Whether that is free-agency or the draft.

  44. I cannot believe people are saying a 26 year old WR who averages 1,010 yards, 17.2 YPC, 8 TDs, and 41 first downs PER SEASON is “past his prime” and a “one-trick” pony. All because he “only” had 836 yards and EIGHT touchdowns last season…

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