Mornhinweg: Sanchez has “leg up” on QB competition


The Jets are intent on having a quarterback competition.

But Mark Sanchez was just installed as the favorite.

New Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg said Monday that Sanchez has an early edge over whomever happens to be competing with him.

Mark will probably have just a little bit of a leg up it would appear,” Mornhinweg said, via Brian Costello of the New York Post. “I would like to have competition at that position as well as all the other positions. There are a select few on this football team that have kind of earned the right to step in there as No. 1 on the depth chart, but I certainly would like competition at all the other spots, including the quarterback spot.”

Mornhinweg defended Sanchez, saying he didn’t need to be “fixed” (which, along with the leg up, creates any number of troubling mental images).

“Mark’s got a lot of strengths,” Mornhinweg said. “He’s played at a high level. Our job is to get him to play at a high level at a consistent basis.”

The reality is the Jets are short on cap room and options at the moment, and there’s not anyone in the market at the moment who you’d install as even money with Sanchez anyway.

31 responses to “Mornhinweg: Sanchez has “leg up” on QB competition

  1. I guess that is a little better than saying “whatever random QB we find will have a leg up on Sanchez”.

  2. He has the leg up on the guy(Tebow) Rex won’t start because of his own pride.


  3. Who the heck else do the Jets have right now? Tebow who we know is going to get released? The ex-Alabama guy who has barely seen the field?

    I was going to try to turn leg into some butt fumble joke, but just wasn’t feeling it.

  4. Im gonna puke… Can New yorker vote to have the Jets change their name to the NEW JERSEY JETS? Its too depressing to have a team this bad named after such an average state like NY.

  5. Jets Fans:

    I can’t imagine what you did in your past to deserve this, but the Marty Passing Party is about to begin. May the football gods be with you.

    – An Eagles Fan.

  6. I would most certainly hope so. If he isn’t going to be the starting QB making that much scratch than cut him.

  7. Why not take the hit this year and cut Sanchez? Bring in a willing to play for peanuts guy like Garrard or Vince Young, Draft talent at all level and look how to build the future at QB next offseason with a pick or 2 from a Revis trade.

    I get that Alex Smith worked in the end but he wasn’t in the New York market on a team that is a trainwreck from ownership down. Sanchez has no chance and they should move on.

  8. How in the hell is this guy still in the league, let alone have a leg up on whomever the competition may be……

    To a reasonable person, fan, the Jets should be cleaning house at that position and starting completely over. How much more of Mr Sanchez do you as coach and management need to see?

  9. It’s asinine that the Jets have not insisted on Sanchez taking a pay cut. They have cap issues and a QB who ranks at the bottom of the league in performace but towards the top in salary… wonder they are as dysfunctional as they are.

  10. Mornhinweg says Sanchez has a “leg up’ on the QB spot. Who else is there to even try to have a “leg up”??? This is a pathetic organization that is going nowhere if Sanchez is the QB. I can’t believe what Mr Mornhinweg is coming out with, his remarks are really strange.

  11. Once again, NYJ coddling their average QB like a sensitive little child…..Sanchez didn’t deserve his extension when Tebow came aboard, he should give some money back. You would think he would be the first in line to give back some money in hopes of signing people that can actually help him. Good luck with him and the Revis soap opera NY.

  12. The jets will not cut Sanchez because it will make the cap hit above 17 million. It’s only 8.5 with him on the roster. Why would he take a payout when he realized the team wants to part ways with him after this year? The jets don’t want him to restructure because then they’ll take more cap hits in the following years. We want a clean break after this year

  13. The jets can’t ask Sanchez to take a pay cut or restructure his contract because all his money this season is guaranteed.. If however he was to take a pay cut or restructure his deal that would likely mean they would have to keep him beyond this season which they shouldn’t have any intentions of doing

  14. They could ask Sanchez to take a paycut all they want, but there isn’t a chance he does it. His money is guaranteed with no offset. What good does it do to say, “Take a pay cut or make exactly the same amount of money as you would have plus whatever you make as the backup for the Arizona Cardinals?”

  15. Will there NEVER come the time for some tough love where it’s admitted that Sanchez needs to shape up or ship out? At this rate they’ll be talking about how great he is as they announce he’s been cut. They must believe he’s the most emotionally weak player in history.

  16. judalation says:
    Mar 11, 2013 2:23 PM
    Im gonna puke… Can New yorker vote to have the Jets change their name to the NEW JERSEY JETS? Its too depressing to have a team this bad named after such an average state like NY.

    Average? The rest of the USA is lucky to have us included in there “United Country”. Foreign travelers don’t come from afar to visit Wisconsin or Wyoming do they? They come here, to Manhattan – New York, bc it’s the best place on earth. If you can’t make it here than don’t even utter the name NEW YORK. Were too good for you. We built this economy, we are the financial hub of the this globe. Nice try.

  17. To previous posters: why would Sanchez take a pay cut? Barring a miracle season, he will never have a chance at money like this again and he would be wise to take every penny he can. When it comes to restructuring, why would the Jets do that? That just pushes guaranteed money and more cap hits into future years and by all accounts this seems like Mark’s last year with the team. His contract is just one that nothing can be done with this year. As for his performance, obviously, last year was ugly. There’s no getting around that fact. However, in 2011 he accounted for 32 TD’s and in his two playoff runs he has 9 TD’s compared to only 3 INT’s. I don’t think Sanchez will ever be a very good quarterback, but he has proven he can play at a high level and if he can ever figure out how to play the position consistently some team will be very happy with him. Unfortunately, that team will not be the Jets, as nothing they do ever pans out.

  18. I’m convinced, Sanchez has pictures on either Woody or Rex. I have no idea how he keeps that job after the past 3 dismal years.

    On a serious note. Sanchez will never be a top QB because he plays scared as a chicken. And every defense knows it. You can’t coach courage. Either give the ball to Tebow or cut him. And I am not even a Tebow groupie. But at least you have a chance of actually winning games with him. Because Tebow has courage and heart. Sanchez is done, over and out.

  19. He has a leg up on the competition. And a dog has a leg up on a fire hydrant. Doesn’t mean I would want to see what happens with either one.

  20. If the Jets give the starting job to Sanchez, watch the season ticket holder sales drop, who in Gods name would spend that kind of money to see a repeat of last year. The Jets should just cut this bum and eat the 8 mil he’s owed, it’s not that Woody doesn’t have the money, just write it off as a horrible mistake. Sanchez is NOT an NFL QB, plain and simple.

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