Percy Harvin could get more than $12 million per season

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The Seahawks are giving up a first-round draft pick and other draft compensation for Percy Harvin.

They also appear poised to give him a monster contract.

CBS’ Jason La Canfora reported Monday night that it “sounds like” Harvin’s new deal with Seattle will exceed $12 million per season.

Only 24, Harvin has racked up close to 4,000 combined receiving and rushing yards in four NFL seasons. He is also a dynamic kickoff returner. To wit:  he needs just three kickoff return TDs to tie the league record held by Leon Washington and Joshua Cribbs.

The Seahawks look ready to pay Harvin like a franchise cornerstone. Now, as PFT’s Mike Florio wrote earlier on Monday, let’s see where Harvin’s contract stacks up with other highly-paid wideouts.

75 responses to “Percy Harvin could get more than $12 million per season

  1. As much as I think he’s worth that (all star all purpose players are hard to come by), the Vikings in the current position they are in for building the team really can’t afford to lock that much up on him even if Harvin did want to stay, so I am very glad they made the move. Have fun with that cap in a few years Seattle.

  2. All the more reason why Vic keeps sticking to trying to get the Giants to budge (they absolutely, 100% will NOT), because he’s seeing guys who don’t deserve in excess of $11M per getting paid.

  3. Ironic wears number 12 gonna make 12 mil+ per year and will miss 12 games a season. huh yup great trade seattle “DYNASTY” for sure. Pathetic

  4. Yep, the moment another WR signs a bigger deal, it’ll be back to sideline arguments, holdout threats, and migraines.

  5. I think Pete Carroll needs to take a step back before he does something he regrets. No mater how good he is, he has a record for not staying on the field and a bad attitude. If Percy can get right, he can so massive damage in the slot and as a guy who can stretch the field.

  6. Right, this is why it’s idiotic to compare the Harvin deal to the Boldin deal. Harvin will probably do more, but he BETTER. He’s costing quite a bit more in trade and salary compensation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this won’t work out for Seattle. Harvin is a heck of a player. But the Boldin trade was not a “counter-punch” or a “reaction” to the Harvin trade. It was a completely different deal made to fill a completely different need. The only similarity is that they are both technically listed as WRs in fantasy.

  7. It’s crazy to be paying Percy that type of money. The guy is a diva off is extremely talented, but always injured or has migraines.

    I didn’t think there was a person in the world who could get into an argument with Leslie Frazier.

  8. LOL. He is a dynamic threat but his lack of ability to put up a 1000 yd year or double digit TD numbers is baffling. His ypc is nowhere near elite #’s either yet he is gonna be paid like one. He is always gonna be a threat but fact is he only played about 50% of Minny’s offensive snaps on average. Thats a lot of coin for any offensive player that isn’t taking at least 80% of your snaps. Schneider hasn’t struck me as the type that would make a move like that. Just seems off

  9. Im not trying to knock the move of Seattle making the trade for Harvin because they are now a very scary team, but I think they gave up and just paid entirely to much.

  10. This is a team that play for multiple championships.
    This Seattle team being built classifies as a dynasty. Shrewd moves being made to build a long term powerhouse.

    On the AFC side,, the Kansas City Chiefs are being assembled the same way. Another dynasty team being methodically built.

    Seattle and Kansas city will face off against each other several times in the Super Bowl within the next decade.

  11. Just not seeing that kind of money for 4k yards in 54 games.

    Randall Cobb has 3958 all purpose yards and 12 TDs in 30 games.

    Not saying they’re the same but he’s doing that without a RB and next to guys like Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson. He’s NOT the only weapon on the team.

    Just don’t see him worth what they gave and are giving.

  12. good lawd!!! he will maybe play 10 games a year, and thats maybe, as a KR, he will really get clobbered and miss games, well at least hes in a legal state now and has his “medicine” at will now

  13. If you listen carefully you can hear the rest of the country laughing hysterically and the other drama queen, whining receivers in the league saying CHA CHING!

  14. $12 million per year ?Way over paid.I don’t know what the Seahawks see in Harvin where they give up all of those picks for him and then give him $12 million per year.

  15. Obviously Seattle thinks Harvin is worth a 1st, 3rd and 7th round pick in addition to more money than it would’ve taken to land Mike Wallace.

    We’ll see if that works out.

  16. Dude has never had a thousand yard season. 12 million a year? I sense a contract that will need “restructuring” in a couple years.

    They could have just drafted Tavon Austin or something.

  17. Good for them, he is a beast when he is on the field. I think this is a trade both teams are happy with, and as a vikes fan as electrifying as he is to watch, I’m glad we aren’t paying that money to someone who is a known cancer in the locker room, and while tough his career will be shorter due to the type of hits he takes and gives. I wish Percy and the hawks the best of luck! I think we got a heck of a deal on our end.

  18. Percy Harvin is not worth $12 million per year. He is a head case. Notice once Childress got canned he all of the sudden didn’t have migranes anymore?

    He is a cancer.

  19. For that much, he better be returning kicks as well. He’s not worth over 12 million solely as a receiver.

  20. That is crazy money. We’re talking about a guy who is hurt a lot, never caught a 100 passes and never has reached a 1000 yards in a season. Good luck Seahawks.

  21. Percy is a GOOD player, he is not worth 12 million, he isn’t worth 10 million. He was a cancer in the locker room so I am glad he is gone, And we get a 1st and 7th rounder this year and a 3rd next, I didn’t expect the 3rd rounder, that is sweet. Its going to be an interesting month and a half for the Vikings. I hope we get Jennings in free agency and keep both first rounders.

  22. Paging Mr Carroll. Paging Mr Pete Carroll, your waterloo is calling. He thinks he is going to be the one to get Percy on the straight and narrow and to not be a jackass! Yeah good luck with that one.

  23. If they wanted to overpay someone they could have Jennings that deal, for about 2-3 years, without trading anything for him.

    Jennings is at a better pure WR than Harvin, he is also a better teammate.

  24. Petty, if this one blows up in your face, you’ll be coaching at some community college somewhere.

  25. Vikings fan here. Hate to see Percy go. I have his jersey. BUT, it was time. I was afraid it was going to be a long drawn out holdout and we would be lucky to get a 2nd. Hopefully he will grow up a bit in Seattle. If you cant get along with Coach Frasier maybe Coach Carroll will work out better for him. Great player. Seems like a short career the way he plays, but hopefully not.

  26. By the way, last Seahawks Vikes trade I remember was Kieth Millard for Seattles 2nd Round pick. Millard payed two games and never played another down for them.

  27. Sydney Rice and Percy Harvin we’re drafted by the Vikings. Your so glad to have them and yet your team didn’t draft them when it had the chance. Now you talk trash like we don’t know how to draft. Are you really that stupid?

  28. have fun signing your other youth in the next few years, seattle. harvin is damn good but wide recievers are very rarely worth the big contract.

    you can find wide recievers just about anywhere if you have a good quarterback. look at the packers: jordy nelson, randall cobb, and james jones. they aren’t big name players without Aaron Rodgers. and when any of them ask for big time money, like Jennings, the packers will dump them, and just replace via the draft in some mid round pick and turn that guy into a star.

    that’s the way you do it.

  29. $12 million for a malcontent? Carroll and Schneider must be nuts.

    Then again, they were also nuts when they named a third-round rookie QB starter over a high-profile free agent, and when they signed a lazy malcontent underachiever like Marshawn Lynch to a fat contract extention.

    Their brand of insanity has led to pretty good results thus far. Risky? Yes. Bold? Certainly. Potentially extremely entertaining? Without a doubt.

  30. Just another reason why the Seahawks have lost in this trade!

    Went all in on a high risk/reward player! Especially when rest of team will need to sign extensions if they planning on keeping team intact!

  31. 12 Mil a year? He’s good, not great and always has some ache and pain that keeps him out of games. A disgruntled pain in the butt, constantly complaining. The Vikings are better off without him.

  32. The Seahawks fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Harvin wanted the Vikings to bite, they didn’t. Smart move. Don’t feed the ego or else it’ll bite back some day.

  33. Vikes fans not looking in the mirror, when the should be worried about how they’re going to keep AP, or at least have a good team around him while he’s still in his prime.

    Harvin can can be cut at any time and not see anything other then guaranteed.

    Meanwhile, Minnesota’s clearly not a destination, a fair number of players wanting out of there fairly dramatically, and that sort of repuatation, however gained, gets around.

  34. This smells of the Kevin Kolb trade. Obviously Percy is a better aquisition on field, but KK also doesn’t have the attitude problem. Neither one can stay on the field

  35. The more I hear about this deal, the more it sounds like the Vikings revenge for the Herschel Walker trade. Of course, Dallas also made good use of the draft picks they received for Walker. Let’s see if the Vikings draft anyone memorable.

    Seattle obviously thinks they are one head case WR from the Super Bowl. I disagree.

  36. I just can’t stop laughing about this trade. Harvin is a nice player but no one is designing their defense around stopping him. Now the Vikings have extra draft picks and don’t have to pay this guy $12 million a season. Oh, and they went 5-2 without him last year.

  37. Making Niners’s trade of Anquan Boldin at $6 mil a year for a 6th rd. pick seem like a steal and a bargain.

  38. benroethlisberger7 says: Mar 11, 2013 9:37 PM

    That trade doesn’t sound so good now, huh
    Nobody is talking about Pittsburgh now, huh? Logicalvoicesays and Iknoweverything can type more words than you without falling asleep, huh? LOL, huh?

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