PFT Live: Dolphins talk with Armando Salguero, free agency preview


The first-ever negotiation weekend was a pretty big dud for those who thought legalized tampering would lead to something other than the same-old stories about Team X being “interested” in Player Y, but the wait for real information is almost over.

Teams can start signing players on Tuesday and plenty of eyes will be on Miami, where the Dolphins are expected to reel in wide receiver Mike Wallace when teams are able to put the final touches on contracts. Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald will join Mike Florio on Monday’s PFT Live to discuss what the Dolphins will be doing when the NFL finally throws the gates open.

With that moment coming, we’ll also spend some time with a bigger picture of the free agent marketplace that will develop over the rest of the week. It’ll be one last chance to set the stage before the activity begins at full speed on Tuesday afternoon.

You can watch it all live at noon ET.

3 responses to “PFT Live: Dolphins talk with Armando Salguero, free agency preview

  1. Funny how many people think they are former nfl gm’s on this site, last time I checked a guy who averages over 1k yards and 8 tds a season in his first 4yrs at wr means he has talent. People are pretty bitter now a days I guess. I agree that he will be over paid, but don’t sit there and act like you wouldn’t want that production on your team. And if you geniuse gm’s would actually pay attention, he is being brought in to make plays, sell tickets and stretch the field to open up the run game and other recievers, a problem they had last year with no deep threats.

  2. He has 32 tds in 4 years, last year dolphin Bess and Hartline had 1 td a piece. Wallace isn’t worth what he will get but to the Dolphins he is definitely worth it. I watched every game and the 1 thing that hampered Tannehill was his lack of speed at Wr position. Wallace gives you a guy who can blow the top off of coverage (demands a safety over the top) Having that type of player opens up the underneath Routes for others and the defense can’t zero in on a 10 yard route every passing play. So is Wallace gonna get overpayed? Yes with out a doubt but for a franchise who hasn’t had a playmmaker in years it makes all the difference between winning and another losing season.

  3. Yes, my Dolphins Brothas… You are very defensive, but we need to play Devil’s advocate for all the small minded, self appointed critics… If our beloved Dolphins decide Wallace is not worth the Contract and DON’T sign him, well because we have other plans. This just means we “wiffed again and missed out on P.Manning ( never was an option), Winston ( wishes we had an interest now ), M.Flynn ( really? Overpaid clipboard holder), jeff Fisher (LOL, Philbin is already better), OK, you got me on Harbaugh.

    I still laugh at Harrison’s comment last year ” no one wants to play in Miami”. I bet he does now, but the difference is Miami had no money last year. Now the Agents are lining up at our door to sell “their Guys” to a team on the rise with 10 picks and a balanced Cap. Go Phins! Note to Jeff Ireland- please dont blow it! It tooks years to get here and swap the Circus Basesment with those comical Jets.

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