Polian could be proven wrong on Bush

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Former NFL G.M. Bill Polian believes there won’t be much of a market for running back Reggie Bush.

(On a possibly related note, Polian also wanted to trade Peyton Manning in 2004.)

As NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith likes to say, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not to their own facts.  When it comes to Bush, the facts are that there is a market.

We’ve been saying for a week that Arizona and Detroit are the two teams to watch.  Bush’s versatility coupled with team need could push his number higher than Polian would believe.

Of course, big numbers for a veteran running back aren’t the same as big numbers for players at other positions.  Last year, veteran running backs were getting paid like veteran kickers, at $3 million per year, or thereabouts.

Bush, who earned a base salary of $4.5 million in 2012, could still be in that ballpark, once the dust settles.

Apart from his skill set, Bush brings a name that will help sell tickets and jerseys.  He also had a better-than-expected reputation in Miami.  Teammates braced for a diva after he was traded by the Saints; they got a guy who became an unexpected leader and a hard worker.

We’ve rarely been confused for the presidents of the Reggie Bush Fan Club.  But at a time where teams need reliable tailbacks who preferably can wear multiple hats, Bush won’t be one of the many recognizable names who will be scrounging for scraps once the folks at the big-boy table get their free-agency fun meals.

40 responses to “Polian could be proven wrong on Bush

  1. Being with the Saints and Drew Brees helped Bush really learn how to be a good teammate and a leader. He left New Orleans highly respected. He never lived up to the draft hype but he was a good player and he have been a really good player in Miami.

    He was once one of the most ovverrated players. He is now highly underrated.

  2. Bush was great as a mentor. He was in early and stayed and worked after everyone left the field.

    Couldn’t have asked for more in that regard. Miami will miss him.

  3. Polian needs to shut his trap he sounds like that doucher that was the GM for the Lions when they selected a WR with their first pick, something like 4 drafts straight. Your an idiot. But i would like to see Reggie Bush in Detroit he would be a great fit for that team. The way they were using Jahvid Best before he got hurt would be the same way they would use Bush. He is not a power running back and so he should look for somewhere like Detroit.

  4. Miami is making a mistake by letting him go.

    There’s not a linebacker in the league that can consistently cover him one-on-one and Miami…despite all their lack of offense…never used him in the way that would have gotten lots more production from him.

    There is a lot of stubbornness in the Dolphin organization from top to bottom.

    Someone’s going to get a bargain when they sign Reggie Bush.

  5. It’s happened more than 2 times, Bill Polian just doesn’t know jack!
    Game has passed him by….
    Don’t go away mad, just go away, old man!

  6. I can tell you as a Dolphins season ticket holder, the fans at the stadium always showed him a lot of love and will really miss him.

  7. if you’re going to cite a quote, at least get the citation correct…it was former Rep. Daniel Patrick Moynihan who originally said “You are entitled to your own opinions, but not to your own facts”

  8. Not trying to take anything away form manning
    But he’s post season record could be alot better
    I would like to know what time in his career
    Polian wanted to trade him,was it when they
    could have gotten 2-first rds,an 2-seconds or
    wait they may have been able to get a WHOLE
    draft for him

  9. Bill Polian, the “genius” GM who traded a HOF running back for a 2nd and a 5th and then took Edgerrin James over Torry Holt, right? That genius?

  10. Polian has been doing this for months now. You can tell he desperately misses being in the limelite. he calls up his reported buddies and drops a quote or two and his name is back in the press and the reporter has something to write about it in a dull offseason. you’d be amazed how much smoke out there and non stories start with Polian becoming an “anonymous league exec”

    These are the kinds of things Florio used to point out, so don’t take it personal PFT, this comment is no different than the Pasquerelli crusades that put ya’ll on the map lol

  11. Wish Miami would keep him around. He was an asset for the Fins, a bright spot on a team trying to find the light. Maybe not a superstar but productive, consistent, and at times his playmaking ability was the once difference between a W or an L.

  12. If two or more teams want him then one will want him more. At that point he will determine how valuable he is.

    If only one team wants him then they will determine his value.


  13. It’s not like Polian was doing a great job evaluating talent his last few years in Indy. Anthony Gonzalez, Donald Brown, and Jerry Hughes were all 1st round selections, and not one of them has developed into a Pro Bowl caliber player. There’s a reason the guy is an “ex”-GM.

  14. if bush wanted to be a 3rd down back he’d stay in miami. The only reason he’s leaving is because he wants to be every down back and wants 4+m. I agree with polian. he’s not an every down back and he’s not worht 4+m.

  15. What is so great about Reggie Bush that Polian has to be impressed with him?
    He couldn’t even get 1,000 yards rushing last season as a starter, with no real competition. This year he started in every game for Miami, but in 13 of 16 games he didn’t even reach 70 yards rushing(with 7 games under 60 yards rushing). Is that someone you want starting at RB for your team? Or someone you want getting $4.5 mil a year on your team?

    As a punt returner nothing he’s done since 08 is worth mentioning. So is a team giving him big money to return like he did 5 years a ago, and to play better from scrimmage than he did last year? Doesn’t sound like like pft’s stance makes any sense. Just because 2 teams would like him doesn’t mean either will pay him half of what he was making.

    He’s a glorified 3rd down guy that people are still trying to hype up because of what he did in college.

  16. Polians draft record is average at best. We all know it was Peyton Manning that made those teams good. Without him they won two games, pointing out the various roster flaws that were otherwise sugar-coated.

  17. Bill Polian built championship teams back in the day. So did Al Davis. I’ll leave it at that.

  18. Bush is a nice weapon to have but he’s one dimensional. If your going to pay him big bucks you are probably buying into hype & not a winning org.

  19. I think Reggie Bush would make the Lions a better team and that’s the bottom line.
    If the money makes sense sign him because Mikel Leshoure is not the answer to the Lions running game.
    And if Legarret Blount becomes available … paired with Bush …
    Can you say “explosive offense “

  20. broncobeta says:
    Mar 11, 2013 12:35 PM
    Polian was the Mary Schottenheimer of General Managers.

    1/6 in the Super Bowl.


    so Mary Schottenheimer won a Super Bowl?

  21. Detroit is not Washington. I would be shocked to see the Lions blindly drool over Reggie – though I think he would fit in nicely.

    The Lions typically falter in the draft – not in Free Agency.

  22. Bush, like Tebow, has the media to thank for his “success”. Look at any of his stats and they are average at best. Just because the media loves you doesn’t mean you can play.

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