Ravens issue second-round tender to Dennis Pitta

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The Ravens got a sixth-round pick for wide receiver Anquan Boldin on Monday and they stand to get a second-round pick if any team signs tight end Dennis Pitta away from them.

Multiple reports have the Ravens issuing a second-round tender offer to Pitta before he becomes a restricted free agent. If Pitta signs the tender, he’ll receive a $2.023 million salary for the 2013 season but you’d imagine that he’ll take some time to see if any teams are willing to make him an offer before he does that.

The signing team would have to hand over a second-round pick for Pitta’s services, something that doesn’t seem totally unlikely outside of the fact that restricted free agents rarely see much interest on the market. Pitta had 61 catches for 669 yards and seven touchdowns during the 2012 season.

Pitta is one of three key restricted free agents on the Ravens. Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun reports that defensive end Arthur Jones has also been issued a tender at an unknown level, while we’re still waiting for word on Ed Dickson. The team is expected to try to hold onto Dickson and perhaps use their two tight ends as a way to help make up for some of the production they lost when they dealt Boldin to San Francisco.

9 responses to “Ravens issue second-round tender to Dennis Pitta

  1. The RFA market is collusive as all get out. When’s the last time a team poached away a RFA? How many have ever been signed by another team?

  2. Can’t wait to see if Flacco can make chicken soup out of chicken @#**. As soon as he plays a stinker, the fanbase will be all over him even more than before. His fault or not , when you put up pedestrian numbers every regular season and you sign for 120m in a salary cap league, the heat from the magnifying glass is burning. Like it or not , the ravens just heaped more pressure on Mr Flacco by trading his security blanket for a pack of gum and shoulder pads. Maybe they want to see if he is worth the investment themselves …

  3. Great teams lose players every year. The reason why they continue to win is by making prudent business decisions. Paying 7.5 for a 33 wo isn’t prudent. Tough loss, but neccessary .

  4. All Im eating is the glory of my team winning the superbowl and watching the greatest GM in the league perform his magic. Cheers!

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