Ravens players lament the departure of Anquan Boldin


News out of Baltimore had been pointing toward the departure of wide receiver Anquan Boldin for several days now, but it seems Ravens players were not actually expecting to see Boldin leave for another team this offseason.

Several Ravens players took to Twitter to share their thoughts about the deal. Linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo expressed trust in General Manager Ozzie Newsome while saying it “sucks” that important players get cast aside, and several players pointed out the unfortunate reality of the business side of the game.

JP Finlay of CSNBaltimore.com has other reactions from Ravens players. The reality is that Boldin was on his way out of Baltimore one way or the other this week because of his salary. The Ravens players might not like that, but should take some solace in the fact that their team was able to get something for Boldin on his way out the door.

35 responses to “Ravens players lament the departure of Anquan Boldin

  1. Instead of whining on Twitter, you should forward complaints to your quarterback. With Flacco consuming a sixth of your cap space, they had to from the fat somewhere.

  2. Get over it. He’s not coming back. They got a ring and a 6th round pick out of the deal. Ravens weren’t gonna keep him and it is Flacco’s team now.

    Good for all sides involved.

  3. People blaming this on Flacco clearly cannot read. Flaccos cap is lower this year than it was last year. This has nothing to do with Flacco. Get a clue people.

  4. Man everyone goes right at Joe’s number, they’ve never bothered to look at his contract. Flacco only hits against $6.8 million of the salary cap.

    Quan left the way he came in, We stole him from the Cards, and the niners stole him from us.

    At least we get to keep him in the harbaugh family.

  5. Ravens fans resort to the argument that Flacco’s deal is no impediment to resign players, as he actually has a lower cap hit this year than it would have been without his deal. The thing they don’t see is that the problem with resigning players is not this year, but the years after.

    Flacco’s deal jumps from $6.8 million this season to more than $14 million for 2014 and 2015 (which although not prohibitive, is a lot of money committed to one player). Then it gets crazier in 2016, with a whooping $28.5 million cap hit. And then, keep in mind that the deal runs through 2018, so don’t think that it will come down to a simple restructuring of the deal.

    So the problem with resigning other players has nothing to do with this year. It’s that many players will not be willing to sign 3-year deals. I imagine many agents know that it’s risky to sign 4-year deals with the Ravens, as the $28.5 million cap hit of Joe Flacco’s contract in 2016 will make more than one player a casualty.

  6. I think back to the Superbowl that play in the 4th quarter 3rd and 1 that catch that Boldin made with the San Fran defender all over him, WOW! You can’t replace a player that can make catches like that!!!!!!!

  7. LOL. Now we’ll see what the Ravens are made of. They have no idea what it’s like to start crunching their numbers and letting guys walk and mixing and match their cap to keep the guys they need together. Tough decisions. The Steelers have been in contention and been to 3 Super Bowls in crunch-worthy off-seasons. Put up or shut up, Baltimore.

  8. I like Anquan, but this move really works for everyone involved. The Ravens get some much-needed cap room and an extra pick, the Niners get a good possession receiver and potential safety valve for Kaepernick, and Boldin doesn’t have to take a pay cut. I would have preferred this to flat-out cutting Derrick Mason and Todd Heap like they did a few years ago.

  9. Lewis is gone. Boldin is gone. And between Suggs, Reed and Rice, you’re probably going to lose two out of three of them too.

    Good luck winning anything next year with just Flacco…

  10. Wait until guys like Torrey Smith and Ray Rice get disgruntled. Good luck keeping Rice happy with touch’s when 120million dollar mediocrity doesn’t have his big body wideout to lay out for his aimlessly inaccurate pass’s. The league figured Mike Wallace out, Smith or Jones won’t be getting behind defense’s without a guy like Q threatening to move the intermediate chains.

  11. LOL who’s running this front office? They pay their overrated QB way too much money, and then trade the dude who helped make that QB look overrated for a sack of potatoes.

  12. people act like the ravens are the only team that will have a qb with a big salary, this will become very, very common is about 3 years with teams like atlanta, washington, green bay, frisco, seattle, carolina, dallas, detroit and maybe st louis also being forced to pay top dollar to keep their qb’s.
    so, you can incorrectly put the blame on flacco for getting paid for players like boldin getting traded or others getting released, but it is the way of the near future…yes, baltimore will enjoy the super bowl title we just witnessed, thank you…and in the famous words of ravenator…
    hate on haters

  13. Cant wait to see Joe Flacco fail this year…. Now we will see how elite he really is.

    Flacco will be replaced in 3 years, following 3 years of complete failure.

    Denvers secondary should get a large part of the Ravens Superbowl bonus… and a share of the trophey…. like the ball.

    Glad to see Ravenator backstepping and swallowing his words…. I see the end of ravenator as well….. nice….

  14. thats funny foozie, i saw some pictures of san fran and new england and denver and indy fans doing the same thing the last few months, thanks for the memories…

  15. Flacco was getting paid more than flacco this year, Has nothing to do with Flacco. More like a team cap issue

  16. Anyone blaming Flacco is a moron and your opinion is useless. His cap number this year is less than it was last season.

    bcfbqa and the people that liked his post are idiots too. What you meant to say is that Flacco could not care less but you are too stupid to know the difference. Learn how to speak or type English before posting in the comments.

    Sincerely, a Redskins fan with a brain. HTTR

  17. And I think back to all those years he made catches over the middle…… And, they were toast without him. Remember that guy? He was a Tightend. Ummmmmm… Todd Something or other.

  18. fyi, to everyone blaming Flacco’s contract…Flacco’s cap number this year is 6.8 mil…Boldin was over 7. Thanks for playing, try again soon.

  19. For those of you blaming Flacco, get a clue. His deal GAVE the Ravens cap room each of the next THREE seasons.

    This is simply a cap casualty, Flacco deal or not.

  20. grs27 says: Mar 11, 2013 6:17 PM

    Ravens are dunzo- the downward spiral begins. Enjoy that SB win- wont happen for another ten years!

    You do understand how foolish you sound, yes? You’re talking about 1 Super Bowl win per decade? Teams like the Eagles and Chargers have never even one ONCE. If the Ravens can win a SB every ten years, I’d be pretty damn happy.

  21. When reached for comment on the Boldin trade, Flacco responded, “I can’t hear you under this ridiculous pile of the Raven’s money I’m currently buried under”

  22. I just don’t understand this business sometimes. No way the Ravens win a SB without the play of Boldin who consistantly went up high in the air to catch those floaters that Flacco throws.

    Signing Boldin should have been a high priority for the Ravens.

  23. The Flacco contract has nothing to do with this, flaccos contract will cause major cuts next year when it balloons from 6.8 million to 23 million, the ravens better have a plan for that or they are screwed.

  24. This is similar to what happened to the Steelers – they are about to lose the locker room. Ray says bye bye and now Boldin. When Steelers cut ward
    they cut their 2012 chances – why? No leadership.

    Who will run the ship now? Flacco? Don’t think old “deer in the headlights” Joe can do it on his own.

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