Redskins may try to out-bid Patriots for Aqib Talib


The Patriots want to wrap-up a deal soon to keep free agent cornerback Aqib Talib in New England. But the Patriots will have competition for Talib’s services.

The Redskins will make a push to sign Talib if he doesn’t re-sign with the Patriots before the start of free agency on Tuesday afternoon, Mike Garafolo of USA Today reports.

Redskins General Manager Bruce Allen and secondary coach Raheem Morris were both in Tampa when the Bucs drafted Talib with a first-round pick in 2008, so they know Talib well. And they apparently think his talent on the field makes him worth the risk of more off-field problems, which have plagued Talib through his career.

The Redskins, however, are not in good salary cap shape, and it may be difficult for them to out-bid other teams for Talib’s services. Washington cut DeAngelo Hall to get under the cap, and the Redskins may need to make more moves to clear enough space to afford Talib.

51 responses to “Redskins may try to out-bid Patriots for Aqib Talib

  1. Dear pats front office: Let the Redskins out-bid you.. they will be regretting it in the near future.

  2. Well I guess that the good news is the Redskins are not looking to have Adam “Pacman” Jones line up on the other side of the field.

    My nightly new is full of stories about gun crime in a city that has banned guns. I guess now I can expect my sports news to report gun crime as well…..

  3. LoL they (Redskins) can barely afford their own players (not by choice, unfortunately), so outbidding anyone is laughable.

    I’ll eat crow if they pull it off, tho…

  4. This about the time when the media hype is at it’s fever pitch over Washington, that the management starts reaching…

  5. they cut deangelo and sign this guy, lol redskins are truely dumpster diving…!!!

  6. Hahaha. Good luck matching NEs offer. Aren’t they aware they have no money in Washington? They couldn’t outbid the pats for a water boy.

  7. I was no fan of DeAngelo Hall but at least the guy never had a hint of any type of off-field issues. He was annoying on the field but he managed to live a pretty normal existence when not playing.

    So we’re trading Hall’s personal stability for a dude who has a habit of making not just the Sports page but the front page of the local news section as well?

  8. This is interesting, but ultimately pointless. The ‘Skins wont be able to pull a fast one on the Pats. Either they will waaaay overpay for Talib or he will just sign for less money in Foxborough . NE is too smart to overpay for Talib, no matter how much they need his services

  9. they are going to mummify flether and put him in a tomb, in order to have any money to sign him, redskins past 20+years=fail!!!

  10. Ummm, for those living in the past, Snyder doesn’t have much say in picking FAs for the Skins these days – he just signs the checks!

    According to the linked USA Today story, this sounds like the idea of Talib’s former GM, Bruce Allen, and his old position coach/head coach Raheem Morris.

    But the question does still remain; where would they get the scratch for this purchase? As it is, they barely have money to sign draft choices right now, let alone high-priced free agents.

  11. Admittedly, I don’t know a ton about Talib, but why you’d leave a perennial contender like the Pats is beyond me. No matter the paycheck – what they offer, I’m signing.

  12. Not only is Talib a repeat screw up, He is also a big time injury risk. That Hip been taking him out year after year. Pretty sure he sat out the 2nd half of Pats and Raven playoff game after hurting it again.

    With all that said, he’s also not very good. He gets beat deep regularly. But as a Bucs fan in Maryland I would love the Redskins to sign him just for the trash talking it would add to my arsenal…

  13. You trolls are dumb. Skins will replace Hall’s $8 mil cap number with a vet who will get $1.5 to $2 at most. Talib won’t cost much due to off-the-field issues. It makes sense for them. They may go after a FS as well.

  14. At least Obama isn’t the only one in Washington that keeps spending when he doesn’t have any money.

  15. Shanahan Smoke screen. Who the skins really want is Kyle Arrington and we need the Patriots to lock up Talib so they wont be so concerned with Arrington. Arrington is also a local guy to the DMV area.

  16. The Washington Redskins is just like the government in Washington. Just keep spending and ignore any so called budget constraint.

  17. typical shanahan misdirection to get the patriots to bid against themselves. danny is not running football operations anymore. redskins will not pursue talib, they’re still smarting from the tanard jackson signing.

  18. When Talib was with the Bucs, he was nothing but a problem child, washout, first round bust, etc. He goes to the Patriots and suddenly he’s a “solid addition”, major free agent, key defender, etc. Hilarious.

  19. Please no, we just got rid of one overrated corner with an attitude problem and now we go after a younger version with less Pro Bowls? There are a king’s riches of secondary talent begging for a contract and we peg a guy who not only has an offer already but comes with baggage??? Come on!

  20. Cut Hall earlier today, trying to sign Talib this evening.

    One step forward, two steps back.

  21. There are two sources of rumors involving the Redskins and free agents making the rounds. The first place is from Shanahan’s own propaganda mill. The other is from agents trying to get their players paid. Only thing is, that second trick stopped working two years ago.

  22. The people dumb enough to think Dan Snyder is making football decisions anymore had clearly not been watching sports since 2009. Shanny and Bruce Allen are running the show and from what I have seen I trust them to make good decisions as they have in the past couple years..That said I would rather bring back Hall than sign this headache

  23. Don’t believe this story. If and I mean if the Redskins sign Talib it won’t be for a lot. Shanahan and Allen have yet to overpay for a player since they have been in charge and I don’t see them doing it now. All of those overpaid players the Redskins signed before were all done before the new regime arrived. Haynesworth, the year before Shanahan got there and believe me when I tell you that had Shanahan been there Haynesworth would have never worn the burgundy and gold. The Redskins right now don’t have enough cap space to sign their own players and future draft picks so what makes you think they are going to get into a bidding war for a player looking for a big payday. That gravy train left the station as soon as Shanahan and Allen arrived.

  24. If the Skins sign Aqib Talib, it will be bcause he wants to be reunited with Raheem Morris and it won’t be for big money no one is going to give him a big contract because of his off the field troubles. The Skins don’t over pay for players anymore and that is a fact.

  25. I wouldn’t be surprised if they sign Talib and resign Hall to a more cap friendly contract. That would be the kind of thing that would only happen in Washington. With rumors of a possible deal being struck on the cap penalty, its a possibility.

  26. first it is my understanding that Raheem Morris is no longer with the Redskins. did everyone miss that memo? And B, there is way too much talent to be had for less money this year. the upcoming draft is going to lead to a lot of cuts before training camp. with the rookie cap in place and the emergence of underclassmen in the draft, Darth Goodell has all but ensured the extinction of the overpaid cornerback.

  27. kane337 says: Mar 11, 2013 9:56 PM

    The Washington Redskins is just like the government in Washington. Just keep spending and ignore any so called budget constraint.

    Do you even watch/pay attention to the NFL? Since Bruce Allen became the GM, the Redskins havn’t overspent on free agent signings.

  28. peytonsneck18 says: Mar 11, 2013 9:27 PM

    they are going to mummify flether and put him in a tomb, in order to have any money to sign him, redskins past 20+years=fail!!!

    The Colts have won one Super Bowl in 20 years.They are/were a regular season champ, but a post season chump.

  29. okay, mea culpa. I thought for sure Raheem had left. I gotta stop sniffing all that glue.

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