Report: Chiefs still looking to add a cornerback


In the wake of their deal with cornerback Dunta Robinson, the word on the street was that the Chiefs were no longer going to pursue Dolphins cornerback Sean Smith when he became a free agent.

That might be true, but a report from Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports says that they aren’t out of the cornerback market altogether. Cole reports that the Chiefs would still like to add another corner to give themselves a trio of strong corners to throw out against passing offenses. Cole mentions Smith as a possibility, which runs counter to what Mike Florio of PFT has heard about Kansas City’s plans, but the depth of the market means that they should have other options at the spot as well.

With a slew of players at the position available in free agency, a group that is expected to expand to include Nnamdi Asomugha, the expectation is that prices will plateau at a place where it is possible for the Chiefs and other teams to stock the position without breaking the bank.

“You’re going to see some really good players come in at maybe $3-4 million a year. These are guys who would have gotten $6 or $7 million a couple of years ago,” an AFC team executive told Cole. “I know the agents are blaming it on the flat cap, but it’s just a matter of the numbers.”

If things do play out that way, it’s a pretty good bet that the Chiefs will wind up with a third name to go with Robinson and Brandon Flowers. Given those prices, they probably wouldn’t be the only ones either.

20 responses to “Report: Chiefs still looking to add a cornerback

  1. Raiders might want to take note as CB is a glaring weakness yet there doesn’t appear to be any sense of urgency in Oaktown. Cheap, oft-injured free agents failed miserably last season (Bartell/Spencer).
    The Chefs are aggressive this offseason. Much more so than any other team in the division.

  2. Pioli kept the wrong CB when he let Carr leave for Dallas. Flowers is WAY overrated, doesn’t play hard, and quits on plays continually.

  3. Chiefs should trade for CB Jeremy Lane of Seattle. Lane was a rookie last year, and came in to replace Browner when Seattle blew out Cards, Bills, and 49ers. He was incredibly solid, and everyone in Seattle realizes he would be a starter if not behind Browner and Sherman.

    He is on his rookie contract with 3 more years at a great rate – and it would be a good team build move. Seattle may not trade him cheap, but they have to respect he would start elsewhere and the other CB’s Seahawks have are fixtures there for the nex 5+ years.

  4. Going after Sean Smith from the Dolphins would be like the Chiefs resigning Patrick Surtain part II….Patrick Surtain was a joke.. The Kansas City Chiefs gave up way to much for the guy a 2nd round draft pick and he turned out to be a BUST

  5. The Chiefs also got Sammy Knight, They even had Ty Law and Patrick Surtain. All 3 of them was either free agent Bust’s or traded for Draft pick not worth that high of draft picks bust players.

    Forget Sean Smith…Get Nnamdi Asomugha

  6. r8rsfan says: Mar 11, 2013 12:00 PM

    Raiders might want to take note as CB is a glaring weakness yet there doesn’t appear to be any sense of urgency in Oaktown.
    Someone needs to call McKenzie and wake him up, tell him he needs some corners.

  7. Massachusetts Loyal Fan since 1989. Love the Chiefs.

    Although he has a big mouth, def have to take a strong look at Deangelo Hall from the Skins!

  8. You guys are comparing this dude to Patrick Surtain? He’s 25! He’s 6’2″” 220, fast, physical, young, and in his prime. Hate if you want but this kid is a stud and a perfect fit for kc. Would love the move personally. Nothing like when we got ty law, Sammy knight, or whatever other lame comparison you’d like to make.

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