Report: Patriots would like to close Aqib Talib deal “soon”


Earlier on Monday, Peter King of Sports Illustrated and NBC reported that wide receiver Wes Welker is widely believed to be staying with the Patriots.

Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe is beating the same drum and also hears from multiple sources that the team would like to wrap up a new contract for cornerback Aqib Talib “soon.” The Patriots traded a fourth-round pick to the Buccaneers during the 2012 season to acquire Talib and he stepped right into a leading role in their secondary, two reasons why it makes sense that they’d want him back.

Bedard thinks that the Patriots are likely trying to push the flooded cornerback market rationale to Talib in hopes of getting him to agree to a deal. Many people expect the number of cornerbacks on the market to serve as a governor on salaries across the board and the Patriots could try to convince Talib that he could wind up taking a lesser deal on the open market when/if things play out that way.

Bedard also thinks the Patriots will be bidders for corners like Nnamdi Asomugha, Cary Williams, Keenan Lewis and Brice McCain if they are able to secure Talib’s return.

12 responses to “Report: Patriots would like to close Aqib Talib deal “soon”

  1. Beware of giving Talib a big contract/a lot of guaranteed money.. coming from a bucs fan, he is BOUND to get arrested again.

  2. This guy is valuable, in the AFC championship game last year the Ravens couldn’t get anything going on offense when he was on the field. He then got injured and things went completely downhill for the Pats in the game. Pats need to get him to sign.

  3. I know his own def stats weren’t gr8 on the Pats last season, but that entire back end played significantly better when he was in the lineup.

  4. Talib good signing if they can get him in the $5m to $6m range, and I am tired of hearing about Wes Welker, he is only good in the Pats system, wont see 100 receptions any where else but NE.

  5. This guy seems like more of a Bengal/Raider than Patriot, but they are desperate and he is solid in coverage.

  6. What possible reason would he have for signing a deal now? If Talib waits he will get more money then the Pats are offering because he is much better then anyone currently “out there”.

  7. I don’t trust him….not dependable….too fragile …if he gets big money, then suddenly, he pulls up lame with another hamstring pull like he did in the Ravens game, but, he can jump up and down on the sidelines cheering on the players on the field with no problem at all….we don’t need any more high priced players sitting on the sidelines, game after game, after game…..

  8. Dude can play, but devil’s advocate says the lack of a long-term deal is what kept him in line last season. They’d better make his new deal incentive based or he’ll become the same problem child the Bucs let go.

  9. For all of the “Pats are cheap” commentors. You do realize that there is a salary cap of ~$120M that the Patriots spend up to just like most teams in the league. It’s all about how they choose to divvy up the pie, not how much they actually spend.

    Some teams choose to blow it all on a few guys and fill the rest of the roster with scrubs. The Pats prefer to have a lot of B-level players instead of a few A’s and a pack of D’s. It’s worked out pretty well for them over the past 11 years.

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