Ravens trade Anquan Boldin to 49ers

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Well, at least Boldin will still be able to say “Harbaugh” after “Coach.”

Not long after we reported that the Ravens are trying to trade receiver Anquan Boldin, they did.

According to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun, the Ravens have shipped Boldin and his $6 million salary to the 49ers for a sixth-round pick.

It’s not a surprise.  The Ravens weren’t going to pay Boldin $6 million, and Boldin wasn’t going to take a pay cut.

Boldin still won’t take a pay cut.  The difference is that the 49ers have the cap space to afford Boldin — along with a significant need for wideouts behind Michael Crabtree.

The move sends Boldin from the team coached by John Harbaugh to the team coached by his younger brother, Jim.

220 responses to “Ravens trade Anquan Boldin to 49ers

  1. Good he’s out the AFC. Who is to challenged for the AFC crown next outside of the Patriots? Not the Steelers nor Ravens. Maybe Bengals, Broncos and Colts.

  2. Why would the Niners trade for Boldin when they could just have waited for him to be cut by the Ravens?

  3. steelerben says: Mar 11, 2013 4:19 PM


    And that’s not actually sarcasm this time.


    Way too early to go there. FA hasnt even started really.

  4. Boldin for a 6th rounder? is Ozzie crazy? Ravens just got ripped off soo bad. This is a joke..

  5. Wow! Great move by San Fran, awesome value for a 6th rounded, especially since they have a boatload of picks!

  6. ha ha haaaa harbaugh out smarted carrol again lol!!! welcome to the niners boldin…and we still got our 1st round pic ….this is just great

  7. Ugh no way thats the best deal they could of got! Talk about a knee jerk reaction

  8. Good deal. Right after the Seahawks traded for Harvin. There is quite a battle going on between the 49ers and Seahawks for supremacy in the NFC West. It’s like Yankees-Red Sox with the one-up-manship.

  9. Steelers/Bengals looking like the favorite to win the division now. Would be shocked if Ravens make the playoffs in 2013.

  10. Smart move for both teams. Ravens simply could not afford him with all the other talent they have plus who they still need to sign. $6 million is a lot to spend on the aging veteran. No brainer as well for the 49ers. 6th round for the veteran but they have the cap space. Just wait til their QBs contract comes due.

  11. Goodell be smart and veto that trade. That’s brother to brother deal, Boldin is worth more that. The NFL is a business and not a family thing.

  12. Boldin better prepare his hands. Instead of jump ball lobs he’s going to be catching some bullets from Kaepernick.

  13. Great move by the 9ers; welcome to the Bay Ara Boldin. You’ve killed us for years so now its time to help us. Crabtree, Manningham, and Boldin is a solid trio of threats. The 9ers need to redo his deal and get that $6.1 mil figure, or whatever it is, lower for 2013. Signing bonus time…

    He is a great player and will be a plus in the locker room. A 6th rounder is well worth it. Harvin is young, but the risk is high. Boldin will serve his purposes in SF well for a few years. Well done by Baalke and Oz – he got a little something for a guy he would have to cut and Baalke got Kap a solid weapon who is a little under estimated in his older age. Manningham won’t be back right away I believe, so this is a huge help outside (and over the middle). He and Kap will click well.

  14. John Harbaugh still feels bad about beating his brother in the SB, so he gave him Boldin for it…

  15. Ray Lewis,Anquan Boldin, gone
    next up Ed Reed, can’t imagine after asking Boldin to take a pay cut and trading him the Ravens offering anything but an insult to Reed.
    Ellerbee and Krueger are also gone.

    This Ravens team could be a much weaker version come this season.

  16. Um, ravens did not get ripped off. It was either lose Ellerbe and Reed or keep Boldin for one more year and then watch him walk or retire. On top of it, if they cut Boldin, they carry dead money over – you know dead money, like that team the Steelers who can’t balance a checkbook.

  17. And the nest continues to burn…

    They probably needed to do this to have a shot at signing ellerbe prior to the kick off of free agency tomorrow. I guess the 49ers figure it’s better to give up a sixth-rounder than have to compete with the rest of the NFL for a solid #2 receiver to behind Crabtree.

    flaccid just lost his most reliable weapon. ravenator’s mom just had to bring a mop and bucket down to the basement to sop up the tears…


  18. hahahahahahaha!!!!

    can’t wait to hear from you know who!!!

    disaster in Baltimore.

  19. Not mad to see this guy get out of the Conference – this is really a win for the entire AFC North.

    Don’t have to deal with Boldin, and the Ravens get something for a guy they likely were going to cut. CLEVELANDERS! CINCINATTIANS! YINZERS AND BAWLMOREANS! Let’s all rejoice! KOOOMBYE AHHHHHHH KOOOMBYE AHHHH

  20. A sixth round pick for Boldin? Wow, if he could have been had for that amount, I can’t believe other teams (Vikings, Seahawks) wouldn’t have offered at least a fourth round pick.

    The 49ers easily get the best of this deal.

  21. Unreal… I think this move by Baltimore is not only stupid but selfish…He was Baltimore’s #1 WR, never complains about his contract, and you can’t pay him his $6 million???

    Shaking my head…Great pick up for the niners…

  22. Great Move for SF. Boldin would have been cut and be on the open market soon, so by giving up only a 6th round when they have some 15 picks, was an easy way to get assurances they got him.

    Congrats to SF and if anything the SF/SEA match next season is getting exciting…….

  23. poesports says: Mar 11, 2013 4:23 PM

    Smart move for both teams. Ravens simply could not afford him with all the other talent they have plus who they still need to sign. $6 million is a lot to spend on the aging veteran. No brainer as well for the 49ers. 6th round for the veteran but they have the cap space. Just wait til their QBs contract comes due.


    what talent? Ray Rice, yes. Any other Offensive talent? No.

  24. So the guy that helped beat your team in the SB is now joining your team. Talk about ironic. That’s going to be a team to beat next year.

  25. “Why would the Niners trade for Boldin when they could just have waited for him to be cut by the Ravens?”

    Because then they could get into a bidding war. He is a top tier wide receiver. Look what he did in the playoffs.

  26. Wow…probably means another ring for Boldin next year with the other Harbaugh brother. I feel bad for Fitzgerald still stuck in the 7th circle of Cardinal Hell!

  27. Smart move. Big pickup for the niners!!! As a seattle fan the west just got more interesting!! Now the hawks secondary has had zero problem locking up mr Boldin in their last couple meetings. Don’t see how he will be a problem now. Can they say the same about Percy harvin??? Don’t think so!!!

    Go HAWKS!!!

  28. Anquan Boldin for YEARS has terrorized the 49ers defense…..Finally they get to dish put the sam medicine!!! Guy is $$$$ on 3rd Downs & true need by them.


  29. Ravens doing their best not to repeat.No Lewis,over paid Flacco,Probably no Ed Reed.a sixth rounder for Bolden what a joke.

  30. Interesting that the Seahawks and 49ers will both have inexpensive starting QBs (let’s assume Flynn is traded or cut). Is this the new model – get a young QB and spend your cap room to acquire talent at other positions?

  31. Being a Gator fanatic, I love Percy Harvin but this is a fantastic deal. Why? Boldin has 2 Super Bowl appearances. Who played WR for the Niners this season who also had 2 Super Bowl appearances? Randy Moss…makes perfect sense to have a guy like Boldin replace Moss.

  32. How much of Boldin’s contract becomes guaranteed tomorrow?

    If you’re Baltimore and your choices are get nothing or get a 6th-round pick you take the 6th-round pick.

    It is interesting to ponder if other teams were informed of Boldin’s availability and if so what their offers were. How many teams are looking to add $6m to their WR payroll?

    The 49ers didn’t wait for Boldin to get cut b/c there’s no guarantee they would be his first choice, simple as that.

    As a Bengals fan I’m just really all broken up about Wallace and Boldin leaving the division 😉


  33. I like the move for San Fran. Moss is gone and honestly he didn’t give them much anyways. Boldin should give them more than Moss did.

  34. A 6th round pick? LOL Enjoy your Super Bowl Ravens fans, ’cause it ain’t happening again soon. Where’s that jackass ravenator now?

  35. Boldin for a 6th rounder? is Ozzie crazy? Ravens just got ripped off soo bad. This is a joke..

    Not at all. The Ravens were going to cut him outright. For Ozzie to at least get something for him AND relieve 6 million in cap space is awesome. Less than 24 hours from now they would have received nothing. Remember people. The Ravens could not pay him 6 million and he refused to take the paycut. Smart move by Ozzie.

  36. I can only imagine how the phone conversation went:

    John:”Look Jim, I know it’s been hard for you these last few weeks …How ’bout I trade you Anquan Boldin, I’ll even give you the family discount! What d’ya say? That cheer you up???”

  37. Goodell be smart and veto that trade. That’s brother to brother deal, Boldin is worth more that. The NFL is a business and not a family thing

  38. “Appears to be a knee jerk reaction to the Harvin to Seattle trade?”

    Only difference is SF didn’t give away a boatload for a WR w/serious baggage. Instead they gave a very low pick for a WR that was a MAJOR difference-maker for BAL in the playoffs!

  39. Lmao, nice change of tune, ravenator. Karma.What was all that “Relax people, he’ll be a Raven for life! CHEERS!” talk. You lost the player that made Joe Flacco look like a 120million dollar mediocre QB. Enjoy the next several years of mediocrity. Lost Boldin, Ray Lewis, possibly Ed Reed and maybe even Kruger to the number game. Anquan Boldin easily catch’s that T.D in a 9’ers uniform even with all the BLATANT holding.

  40. Logicalvloice is the funniest guy on this entire site. The Ravens got fleeced in this deal, but it seems to me that this move is a money-dump. Still laughing at the Pierre Garcon comment.

  41. I would like to Keep Boldin but hes getting Old and He can’t get Separation from DB’s. He is never Open. That’s why he always makes those Catches in Traffic. If you noticed throughout the Season One of the biggest problems on Offense was Our Receivers were never Open.

  42. 49ers front office just PWNED Seattle’s FO:

    6th rounder given up for an established, vet WR with height, redzone threat, and great hands

    1st rounder given up for a malcontent, injury prone diva


  43. The Ravens didn’t get ripped off at all and the 9ers didn’t have to get into a free agency war for his services. It’s a good deal for both sides. Who cares about a 6th rounder when you have 13 higher picks and 1 lower pick?

    The 9ers need to lower his cap hit this year so they can get a DB and resign Goldson. Resign Bolden and give him a signing bonus and push the money out over the last years of the contract so that Boldin can go through all of this again. That is the way the league works.

  44. It’s a good trade. He’s a physical WR who can toss the Seahawks CBs around like a rag doll. That’s what that team needed.

    Can’t wait til tomorrow to see other moves that are made by different teams.

  45. Gota love Teams that compete off the field! Can’t say that for my Steelers..Makein my NfC prediction right now! 49ers win the NFC “If” they stay healthy.

  46. It had nothing to do with the draft pick it just had to do with the salary. Ravens are paying Flacco instead of paying his receiver. It’s about the salary cap and nothing else.

    I applaud Boldin for not taking a cut while his very average QB is having his salary doubled.

  47. This one hurts. All I can ask, is WHY!?!? Well, looks like the NFC is DEFINITELY going through San Fran or Seattle. Congrats to you San Fran, as I know you all know, and experienced, you have obtained one heck of a player.

  48. I understand the reasoning, but I hate this move; Boldin is the embodiment of the type of player you want to root for. Could care less about troll Steeler fan/Flacco-hater comments, Ravens still a playoff team, but a lot of true class just moved west.

  49. First the ravens were not keeping him at 6million. They asked if he would pay cut and he said no. So the smart move is to trade him for anything. Hes worth nothing if you cut him.

    I dont see why a extension for 3years 10 million wouldn’t have worked. Extend his money over the 3 and he would have retired a raven.

  50. Well on the Percy Harvin article I said, Your Move Baalke! He took me seriously I guess! Very good trade for the 49ers- Boldin is worth more far more than a 6th rounder, IMO.

  51. I’m surprised at 49ers who are super excited about this. Boldin is good, but his best days are behind him. San Fran got a player in decline while Seattle got Harvin who hasn’t even hit his prime. All the 9er fans saying “checkmate” doesn’t make sense to me.

  52. I like Boldin but Seattle just got a game changer in Percy Harvin. Ponder’s numbers were decent with him around. Wilson going off the deep end this year with Rice/Harvin combo

  53. 6th rounder?? Is Ozzie showing a little love for Harbaugh favoritism? I’m sure someone would’ve offered more than that. Not the best move. Except for 9’ers fans. It’s a steal.

  54. To all my fans who know nothing about the sport they watch or the pathetic franchise they choose to follow. What does Flacco’s contract have to do with Boldin (who only had one year left on his contract) being asked to take a pay cut? – Answer: absolutely nothing

    For you math illiterate folks – Flacco’s cap hit is going to be lower than last year’s $8m ($6.8m for this up coming year). Flacco’s contract had nothing to do with Boldin being asked to take a cut and everything to do with Ellerbe making under $3m combined last year to looking for upwards of $18m combined next year.

    To put the blame on Flacco shows:
    a.) how little you pay attention
    b.) how stupid you really are
    c.) the blinded hatred of a superior franchise and front office or
    d.) all the above

    In regards to the front office – they would’ve cut Boldin to sign others and would’ve had to carry over dead money from the Boldin contract. Now they clear just over $7m in cap space and pick up a 6th rd pick for a player they would’ve cut and received nothing for by tomorrow at 4:00pm. Again, another fantastic play by Oz and Co.

    Hate on haters.

  55. How can this happen? So joe flacco says he laughed at ray lewis speeches and then he loses his best wideout in the same day? Im confused is 6 million not a bargin for a WR that could not be covered in the playoffs by any cornerback in the NFL. This does mean the 49ers should be favored to win it all this year

  56. The Rich get richer. 49ers get a GREAT 2nd WR to compliment Crabtree and Davis and the Ravens get a 6th round pick for a guy they were going to cut regardless. Division Rival Steelers got some guy in the 6th round a few years ago named Antonio Brown…..

  57. Steeley McBeam says: Mar 11, 2013 4:20 PM

    Hahaha. Ravens now have one true WR and a bunch of kick returners.


    Says the guy who cheers for a team that has a #1 WR that IS a kick returner. Ravens > Steelers. Ravens WR > Steelers WR.

  58. How sad! This man led the Ravens to the Super Bowl, made money catches, then they ship him out over money. They OVERPAID Flacco, then, skimp out on the man who helped earn him his bank! Welcome to the cellar Ravens. SMH! I wish the Saints would have offered a pick for him. Dude is a stud receiver.

  59. Question: Which is more valuable: The sixth round pick, or the fact that Baltimore cleared some significant cap space? I think it will be interesting to see what Baltimore does in free agency…

  60. Boldin would have made that catch that Crabtree didn’t in the 4th. How amazing would it be if these two teams met in the Super Bowl again next year and it came down to a big play by Boldin?

  61. The better of the trade still goes to Seattle the receive a younger speedier more versatile player who will definitely make defenses game plan for

  62. Its hilarious how Jealous other teams are of the Ravens. Lmao. We have a solid Top 10 QB, a Great Run Game, A solid Defense, Ellerbe is coming back, Webb is coming back from injury, we still have Ngata, Pollard, Suggs, we draft another quality Linebacker. On Offense Expect Torrey Smith to Breakout and be one of the Top Recievers, Plus we needed another receiver who can actually get Open. Our O Line is Great and we have best FullBack in the Game. Oh Yeah we have a Great Draft History. We will back Competing for Another Super Bowl.

  63. This man is a BALLER catches everything and blocks like crazy!! A real football player an the real reason Joe Flacco didn’t look like crap!! GO NINERS!!!

  64. Wow! you are a major factor in your team winning the superbowl,and you get traded for a 6th. I thought the best front office in football,with the smartest gm in football could’ve worked something out. What a kick in the teeth for a a guy that wanted to retire a Raven.

  65. As much as i love my Steelers, one thing pisses me off than most. When it comes to trades we have no imaginations. Colbert must be the king of no trades.

    Just like the Steelers, the Raven couldn’t keep Boldin, instead of cutting him and get nothing, they get a 6th rounder out of it. Couldn’t we have done that for James harrison. Also, word is, Mike Wallace could be paid almost 10 million a year in free agency, well if that was the case, since we knew we wouldn’t resign him, why didn’t we trade him, like the viking did their receiver today.

    Colbert, a little piece of advice, first i love the fact that you build through the draft, but when you can’t afford that player anymore, try using the trade option all 32 teams have and maybe we can get some true value for said player.

    Awesome Job Raven, but Boldin is the only receiver on that team i would have kept. lol

  66. I luv all the 49er fans on here… Comparing AQ to Havin..really the guy is old all you did was pick up another Randy Moss…good job guys way to build a young team. Go Hawks!

  67. As a long time Cardinals fan let me just say – I hope Boldin kicks our butts every time he plays us. Nothin but love for Quan!

  68. sure would love to have kept him but not enough money to go around.with all these draft picks
    ravens have know look for some kind of
    trade up in draft.im sure they have a plan,
    always do!good luck mr boldin we got what we wanted from you. A CHAMPIONSHIP

  69. I’m a Ravens fan and you commenters make me laugh with your lack of business and common sense. We make the playoffs every year because our GM is #1. Facts don’t lie. We need salary cap space to get better and Boldin was a victim of the business…. Let’s see what we can do with our now 18.5 million extra money with the cuts we’ve made………….SO FAR…..LMAO

  70. I would have been estatic if Vikings pulled off this deal too instead of the 49ers.

  71. Does anyone else think it suspect that Anquan goes to the brothers team for only a crappy pick? If they couldn’t keep him at least he will go to my brothers team?

  72. Lets see if Boldin stays trUe to his word as “once a Raven always a Raven” and retires… I DOUBT IT!

  73. Good move on the Ravens part. Boldin is an aging player who had a great playoff run. The key is to get rid of players before they are washed up.

    Everyone wants give Boldin to get so much credit for the Ravens playoff run (which he deserves), but none to Flacco.

    No one would have given Bolidin a big contract this time last year, but because of the recent playoff run, he is suddenly an elite WR while Flacco is still a mediocre QB in most people’s eyes…laughable!

  74. Lmmfaoooo! Now Ratbird fans fina flip the table againts Boldin and say “hes old” “cant beat double teams” blah..blah..blah.. & this was a good move! John must have owed Jim a favor from they childhood days! I know how y’all feel..we gave up a Superbowl MVP for a 5th! Someone go get Ravenator off the ledge b4 he jumps!

  75. Seriously, is this like a sympathy gift from John to Jim? Sorry about beating you in the superbowl, we a going to suck this year, so here is anquan boldin…for a pick you probably don’t care about.

    This reminds me of when the lakers traded for gasol. They gave up nothing for him, then the lakers won a couple rings.

  76. the seahawks couldve just signed Cribbs instead of getting headcase for harvin, and the 49ers getting bolding for a 6th rounder is a steal, most 6th rounders dont even make the team, but they got a starter for it, nice heist, i wished my colts wouldve offered a 6th for boldin

  77. Ravenator promised us that Boldin would be a Raven this year.

    I can’t understand this at all. He promised!

  78. Yea…so… pretty bummed. Really thought he”d warrant a 3rd or 4th at least, but this looks to be a salary dump move more than anything. Here’s the big questions now: what are the Ravens planning? They’ve opened up nearly $19M in cap space, have NO interest in bringing back Kruger or Cary Williams and most likely not Reed either (not a Harbs fan favorite) and look to let Leach go as well saving another $4.3M. So with $23M in cap space open, and only Ellerbe looking to return… what are the Ravens planning? They have to be going after somebody but who…

  79. What was that about “hogwash” on the other thread, ravenator?

    Flacco will be NOTHING without Boldin to come down with Joe’s blind heave-up jump balls.

    Let the decline begin! And GREAT job overpaying Joe so everybody else has to go.

  80. Someone compared these two teams to the Yankees-Red Sox and them trying to one-up each other with free agent signings. Yeah good move. Both of those teams have just been winning World Series titles every year the past few…..oh wait.

    49ers fans need to relax a little. First of all, it’s March. And second, you dominated (yeah right) a weak as hell NFC playoff group last year and haven’t looked too good against good defensive teams, either. Frank Gore’s getting old and the little Oregon back won’t hold up for long in this league. Take away those two and your offense has a qb that had a few good games and a bunch of has-been #1-2 wrs. Not to mention if your all-world qb (in your own minds) goes down, do you even have a backup?

  81. I am a Ravens fan, and this is a brilliant move. I don’t think retaining Boldin for one year, is better than getting $6 mil in cap space to sign younger talent. We love Boldin in Baltimore, but this is business.

  82. These Ravens fans are hilarious. When the Steelers cut a player all we here about is how the team is falling apart and how stupid the front office is. When the Ravens lose a key player we hear what a genius Ozzie is. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  83. Thanks Anquan for making Flacco look much better than he actually is. Now get outta here. Reward the quarterback for playing well but ship out the man responsible for making Flacco look good during the playoffs. Nice job Ravens!

  84. This was just too easy. The Ravens were going to cut him. The trade was worked out between the brothers pretty well. The Niners didn’t wait because they got a great deal and have tons of picks to spare. Why compete on the open market. They desperately needed a legit receiver in addition to Crabtree. The Ravens get something in return and assure that he is not only out of the division…but not with the Patriots or the Broncos to come back and bite them in the conference. Well played guys. I’m impressed.

  85. 6th round pick seems like an awfully low compensation for a player like Boldin.

    The 9ers got a steal on this deal.

  86. I would have liked a 4th rounder, but I’m glad he’s still making his $6M and happy we dumped the salary, shipped him out of the AFC, and at least got something in return.

    I have to scratch my head at the Yinzers talking trash when their #1 is about to be a Dolphin…

  87. SIXTH round pick? SIXTH?! For the guy who was very nearly your SB MVP, and without whom you do not win the Super Bowl, or even get there?

    How much time and money will the Ravens now spend in the coming years to find someone as vital as Boldin has been? I’ll eat my hat if it’s less than $6 million.

    Criminey. To not even pay the guy his contracted amount after he virtually wins the SB for you, and then to give him up for a nothing pick to a team that has more draft picks than open roster spots? INSANE. Breathtakingly stupid.

  88. Why is it that when the Ravens make moves like other NFL teams do, they receive so much criticism?

    Why is it that Flacco has to be the only SB winning, make-the-playoff-every-QB that shouldn’t get a max contract?

    So they cut an aging Blodin rather than give him 6 million+ ? Big deal. Teams do this all the time, especially after a SB year…you can’t resign everyone.

    Why criticize the Ravens whose front office has proven over and over that they know how to conduct NFL business.

    Oh, I forgot, these are the same people who said Flacco would never win a Superbowl.

  89. This is legitimately shocking. Maybe other Ravens players aren’t too excited with the prospect of fighting over Flacco’s table scraps for the next decade.

  90. all the other GM’s and owners laughed when the ravens gave Flaccid 120 mill, now they are really lmao now that they traded boldin for a 6th rounder, i guess the great and powerful OZ is just a movie and not real life!!!

  91. When did the NFC West become the AL East? Seahawks/Niners are like the new Yankees/Red Sox. The only question left in the NFC is who are the other four playoff teams?

  92. So let me get this straight, is today a we love Boldin day or is it he is too old and wants too much money day. I can’t tell with you vacillating fans in charm city. Lmao such hypocrites. One day yes one day no . How sweet a city of ravenators….smh

  93. A 6th Round pick for Boldin is atrocious and wreaks of desperation by the Ravens.

    Looks like they are digging deep to re-sign some Defense

  94. Boldin is a big factor as to why Flacco just got paid. Ouch! I feel sorry for Raven fans out there. SF with Bolden & Seattle with Percy Harvin are both going to be SB contenders…again. I hope Flacco realizes his big payday caused this to happen.

  95. As a Seahawk fan, I’m bummed to see Boldin back in the NFC West. I was happy when he left Arizona. He’s not the same player he once was, but will fit the physical identity of the 49ers well. That was a good move by the 49ers. I can’t wait till the hawks and the 9ers square off.

  96. Raven and steelers fans are too stupid to realize their teams are on the way down….

  97. Smart move.

    Ship an aging WR with declining numbers for a draft pick.. create more cap room (they were already well under the cap anyways) so they can improve the team.

    Greg Jennings anyone?

    The Wizard of Oz strikes again.

  98. I am beginning to think that Q wasn’t in the Ravens plans for next season, like at all. Which is confusing to me. First word comes out that they were ready to cut bait on Friday. Than they basically try to strong arm him into taking a 2 million dollar pay cut, no way to earn it back or extension that offers incentive to work with them. Now they have moved him for a 6th round pick, that is practice squad fodder. For whatever reason the Ravens made a decision to move on long before now. This Ravens fan is not to happy about it.

  99. Someone above mentioned Boldins’ blocking. I think you hit the nail right on the head. I think that was one of the primary reasons the 49ers acquired him, it may make the read-option that much more effective. I have to wonder though about the exit of Randy Moss, because even though he didn’t put up big stats for the niners, his real value was as a downfield threat which kept defenses from stacking the box. They won’t have that option next year, unless another option emerges to fill that role and I don’t think its Bolden…

  100. “I won’t play in another uniform,” Boldin said on the network’s Pro Football Talk. “We have a saying, once a Raven, always a Raven, and I’ll always be a Raven.”

    Sorry to hear that the 49ers gave up a draft choice for a retired player.

  101. Outside of the fact that Denver forgot how to play prevent defense in the playoffs, hence the “Flacco Fling”, Boldin was the major reason they won a Super Bowl in the first place.

    Oh, and he managed to catch and outfight DB’s and S’s for nearly EVERY jump ball.

    So unless the Ravens are finding a Tom Brady type player in the 6th round, it is RIDICULOUS to not pay the guy $6M when he just made you TENS OF MILLIONS when you won the SB!

    Oh, and you’ll probably lose Kruger and Ellerby too, not to mention probably V.Leach.

    Good luck with that Ravens…

  102. The more Ravenator opens his mouth and shows his crack teeth, the more obvious is that he has no life.

    Enjoy last place with a overpaid QB.. The WR you just sent packing saved Joes ass all season long.

    Ray fumbleitis Rice is next.

  103. Ravens fans have to appreciate Boldin’s contributions the past few years.

    But, and I know this sounds wild, it’s probably safer to trust in a front office that has been consistently successful in maintaining a strong team than some anonymous internet GMs who have experience with fantasy football.

  104. wow nofool. one whole day off of ravens posts. well done. ok here goes. first of all this has nothing to do with flacco. his cap number is 6.8 mil this year. personally i would love to have seen him stay. no doubt he had a great playoff run. but clearly the ravens didnt see him worth 6 million. and q wouldnt take a paycut so he got traded. now the ravens have close to 20 mil left on the cap. enough to bring back ellerbe pitta jones and maybe even reed and mckinney. and with the cap staying flat lots of vets will be available cheap. so on the surface this looks crazy but i have faith in the ravens to once again contend for a super bowl. its only march folks. long way to go before the final 53 is set. thanks for everything anquan. you will be missed. go ravens

  105. When Seattle got Harvin, I thought they had the upper hand in winning the NFC West next season.

    With SF getting Boldin, it’s now even between the two teams.

    DUMB move Ravens. Without Boldin, you wouldn’t have gotten to the Superbowl, let alone win it.

  106. People hate success,the Ravens have been a successful organization within a short period & folks constantly try to belittle them….I think the reason is cuz Baltimore is a great organization. Boldin was great but he can be replaced, if I can remember it was Jones that made that 70 yard throw in Den, in NE three different receivers caught TDs & our defense clamped them down & in SB three receivers caught TD & if it wasn’t for that blackout it would have been 58-9, so folks it wasn’t only Boldin, it was the team.

  107. What a joke! A 6th round pick for Boldin? That’s it? No conditional picks? NFL should look into this deal considering John and Jim are the principals in this deal (don’t think that they aren’t). This is just very shady to me. Even Moss got the Raiders a 4th rounder. A 4th round pick and I’d have no problem.

  108. Ravens fans are truly whistling loudly past the graveyard on this. No, not just because they lost their #1 receiver and the guy who single-handedly bailed out Flacco. It’s the lost of team chemistry. Which is now huge and will be extremely difficult to recover from. It really is much more important than Ravens fans want to believe.

  109. As a Ravens fan, I like to believe In the next man up. Not the case here. sure, Torrey Smith was the most talented reciever on the roster at the time, but when he was being held up In double coverage, Boldin was getting open.. Who does that now? An Inconsistent Jacoby? A bunch of unproven guys who have never seen the field? A late round draft pick? Not gonna happen.

  110. wow, you cannot just find guys like that.
    Is this brothers looking out for each other?
    I can see that they HAD to keep the fast deep threat guy, but wow. This made everything a whole lot harder for the ravens and a whole lot easier for the 9rrrrrs

  111. Boldin was not the number 1 WR Torrey Smith was he was the one that scared you Boldin could barely get open that’s why he had to fight for a lot of balls good trade for both teams I’m glad he get to go to a super contender…

  112. Flako’s huge contract screwed two teams, the Ravens and the Packers. Neither will probably make the playoffs next year, packers for sure.

    The Pack not only cannot get anyone in FA that they despirately need but with Rogers now commanding at least 22 mil per year, they are going to lose several key players, besides Jennings and Woodson.
    Jones a good ILB will be leaving, probably OL EDS, Findley may also be cut all because of the Rogers contract.
    TT will try and save face via the draft but with 7 picks and losing talent and having a load of losers staying behind, this team is going nowwhere fast.

  113. Hate seeing Q leave. Reed likely will be next. Kruger and Cary Williams are already good as gone, but the one guy I wanted to see the Ravens resign is Ellerbe. This team loses quality players each and every year and they seem to rebound and make the playoffs. Next year will be no different. Expecting to repeat as Super Bowl champions is a pipe dream, but we are the only team that can accomplish that feat next year, no matter how unlikely. Ravens getting a 6th round pick doesn’t seem like much, but considering that in less than 24 hours they would have gotten nothing, its not too bad of a haul.

  114. A 6th rounder? Are you kidding me? Only the (reported) Vikings were offering less. What team wouldn’twant the MVP of the post season for a 6th round pick? I don’t get it.

    Did he upset Ozzie? Must have.

  115. Well both teams just released a joint statement that Harbaugh had nothing to do with this trade, lol.
    The first round pick by the niners was a wiff for a receiver last draft. The 49er roster is so deep that a 6th rounder is ,most likely , not making the team. Simply,. a great move.

  116. There is no way people can seriously think Boldin is as good as P.Harvin…?? I am not saying Seattle made a good decision, but 49ers fans are out of their minds if they think getting Boldin is equal to Seattle getting Harvin. Boldin was contemplating retirement – Harvin is in his prime, and will be with Seattle for years to come.

  117. Dear Teams out there – quit giving The Seahawks and 49ers weapons !!!

    They’re already tough enough as is …. don’t make ’em tougher …. jerks!

  118. I’m not sure what insane reason would merit this being removed the first time, but again

    1) Great move by San Fran. Boldin’s a reliable big playmaker downfield who gives Kaepernick another big weapon, even if just for a short while. San Fran’s offense just became more explosive.

    2) Watch and see how “elite” Flacco is without him.

  119. Some fuccking little pissass dweeb who doesn’t like me keeps removing my perfectly proper posts. Fucck off you little punk communist bastard!

  120. The Ravens got flat-out fleeeeeeced! He may be 33, he may make 6 mil but, he is still a big time threat who plays consistently even after getting flat blasted going across the middle. He will not be replaced by a rook and getting a 6 is laughable!!!!!

  121. I am a 49er fan that is happy to hear of this trade. I have always liked Boldin, even though he has hurt my team. Guy just plays tough. He played through a broken jaw in Arizona. He made some great catches in the superbowl. I watch the NFL to cheer for my team, but you just have to applaud great players making awesome plays. Harvin is a great player too and I would be pumped as a Seattle fan to hear they got him. The offseason is a fun chess match and you have to wait and see who made the best moves. This is classic Trent Balke. He likes to get solid players that are relative bargains. You will never see him trading his top draft picks for the big FA signing.

  122. Frisco and Boldin are clearly the winners..9ers made the move b4 A bidding war..why wait? They got a Pro Bowler for a 6th round pick..Boldin wins cause he still gets his 6m and is on a better younger team in a easier Division..Ratbirds Just fell to 15 to 1 odds in Vegas to repeat ..9ers moved up to 5 to 1..Not any WRs with Boldins skill set available for the Ratbirds to add. And they still may blow it with Kruger & Ellerbe. We’ll see

  123. The trade smells of collusion between the Harbaughs. Goodell should be involved heavily in this.
    Spygate MAY HAVE affected a game and thus the standings. This WILL affect games and standings. A sixth round pick? Next to last sixth round pick! Might as well have been a seventh rounder because for all intents and purposes, that’s what it is. It SMELLS ALOT!
    Let’s see what the NFL does. Let’s see the brothers’ phone records. This is a real scandal, brought about by Flacco’s greed…
    Have a great year Ravens!

  124. Joe Flacco has what he wants – the biggest contract in NFL history.

    Unfortunately he may be the only guy they can afford to have on the field for offense.

    Should be interesting watching a QB with no one to throw to

  125. Seriously? Harvin goes for three picks, including a first rounder, and this is all they get for Boldin?

    I refuse to believe no one would offer more.

    This smells.

  126. The Carlos Beltran on the NFL. He had a 4 TD’s in the regular season and 4 in the playoffs, and all of a sudden he is the 2nd coming of Jerry Rice…?? The weak SF secondary certainly helped pump up his value.

    This is his 3rd team, he will be 33 next season, definitely on his last leg. The team that new him best, new his real value, plus no other team offered more than a 6th round pick in order to pay him 6M… I wonder why. I would take a player in his prime, like Harvin and pay him for the next six years.

    Why not pick up Reed or James Harrison as well, other players living off his past glory days.

  127. Ravens need a make-up deal today at 2; AKA Mike Wallace or Greg Jennings or they will be the folly of the off-season! The Wizard of Oz choked on this one.

  128. For those who gave me a thumbs down on my last post, I’ll ask you this. If Belichick had a brother as the HC in Seattle, and he traded Boldin to his brother for a SIXTH round pick, you’d all cry foul. Would you not?

  129. bcgreg says: Mar 12, 2013 1:22 PM

    For those who gave me a thumbs down on my last post, I’ll ask you this. If Belichick had a brother as the HC in Seattle, and he traded Boldin to his brother for a SIXTH round pick, you’d all cry foul. Would you not?

    That’s why I said it reeks of collusion.

  130. I won’t bother talking about the trade, but I want to say this. This is what makes the NFL, FA and salary cap so great. You look at the 49ers and Seahawks, two teams that couldn’t sniff the playoffs a few years back and now they are two of the scariest teams. It is what makes this sport so friggin’ great. You can go from the bottom of the barrel, to the top provided you draft correctly, manage contracts and do good in free agency. Some teams never seem to get that (Hello, Browns!) but for the most part, it allows every team a good chance at the Lombardi!

  131. Nice move. Upgrade and a steal for a gifted, physical receiver on the other side opposite Crabtree. Much better fit than Randy Moss who’ll match-up well vs SEA’s huge DBs. Does nothing for Niners speed on outside however… not convinced Manningham, Jenkins, Williams are the answer.

  132. Hey nice to see the Ravens were able to use the cap space they saved from Boldin to sign Ellerbe! Right Ravenator??

  133. I’m looking forward to see Kap win the sb, If the pats don’t win it that is… I believe in the kid. I see a great qb just like tb. Kap I’m rooting for you kid!! Glad you have great teammates.—

  134. Let’s see. It’s been explained at least 4-5 times on this blog that Flacco’s new contract will pay him $2 million less in 2013 than he was paid in 2012. Why is it so difficult for Ravens’ fans to understand that, no matter how much Flacco’s to be paid over six years, his new contract created more cap space for contracts like Boldin’s, not less. Flacco’s new deal had nothing to do with the Ravens’ decision not to pay continue paying Bolden the $6M he was paid last year.

    Can Ravens’ fans add and subtract or have their brains gone dead listening to the mind-numbing, loud-mouthed inanities of pseudo-warrior Ray Lewis for too long?

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