Report: Vikings are shopping Harvin

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Vikings G.M. Rick Spielman repeatedly has said that the team has “no intent” to trade receiver Percy Harvin.

Of course, that technically doesn’t mean the Vikings won’t try.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Vikings are indeed attempting to move Harvin, with the Seahawks emerging as the early favorites.

Other teams are involved, and any team that gets Harvin will have to be willing to compensate the Vikings and pay a lot of money to the player.

The winner also will have to be willing to take the risk that Harvin will be a problem.  But with former Vikings offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell in Seattle, Bevell may be confident that Harvin would mesh better with coach Pete Carroll than Harvin did with former Vikings coach Brad Childress.

The potential move suggests that the Seahawks are contemplating an all-in approach aimed at disrupting the looming 49ers dynasty before it can get off the ground.  If the Seahawks can get Harvin — and if they can get the most out of him on the field — the dynasty could be unfolding in Seattle instead.

If the deal happens, Harvin would be continuing his NFL career in the place where his Vikings career will have ended, in a game against the Seahawks that included a sprained ankle and shouts directed at head coach Leslie Frazier.

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  1. If the Seahawks can control him, that would be a terrific fit. I really wish he wasn’t such a pain in the rear, but if he can’t get along with Leslie Frazier, he’d probably get into a fistfight with Gandhi.

  2. I seriously hate being a fan of this team. Great idea, lets trade the only threat we have at wide receiver.

    I may enter fan free agency so pitch me why I should root for your team.

  3. Sorry, but I’d rather see them extend Golden Tate and spend the money elsewhere. Harvin already has a history of headaches, literally and figuratively. Yells at coaches and supposedly wants Calvin Johnson money. As a ‘Hawk fan, not excited about this rumor at all. We have too much good chemistry, and too many talented players who will need extentions in the next couple of years, to throw a huge contract at this guy.

  4. Randy Moss part deux! The vikes draft a talented reciever and he turns out to be a nut job and then their forced to trade him for picks. Next up drafting the second coming of Troy Williamson with one of those picks.


    When AD was on Sirius Blitz his comment about Harvin was “I have never really talked to the guy” Couple points here:


    Not to mention AD called him “guy” may have been “dude” I cannot remember exactly. Did not even call him by name…

  6. Adam Schefter is brutal, espn should can him and get glazer, jay doesnt play the rumor game he speaks when deals are done and is always first and adam is left in the dust time after time

  7. There’s that “d” word again. My team has won 2 sbs in 5 years and I recognize that we’re still 1 away from even being in the “d” conversation. The Niners and Seahawks haven’t won jack. Indeed, both run that gimmicky read-option offense that is begging to be figured out this summer. Talk to me in 2017 when one of these teams have won 3 bowls before we talk about “d”.

  8. MN seems to be Seattle’s minor leagues. Quit sending the Seahawks all of our players

  9. I agree this guy is a divia, however when he was healthy they used this guy for everything, rb,wr,kr,pr,wildcat with his work load no wonder he got hurt, he also deserved to be paid for that workload.

  10. Makes sense from SEA’s standpoint. They have a powerhouse defense, and adding a couple weapons on offense could make them very difficult to manage. Harvin, Lynch and Wilson in a read-option offense where Harvin can line up out of the backfield, that would be a nightmare for defenses. Same could be said for him in SF.

    SEA is a legitimate contender as is, so adding more firepower will only help them make a push for a title.

    Biggest thing I’d be sceptical of is Harvin’s mental state. Blowing up at Chilly isn’t the concern here, but if he can’t get along with Frazier then something is off. He apparently ticked off teammates as well with his clash with Frazier.

    Too bad Harvin isn’t formed from the same mold as AP. Acting like a grade-A jagoff like Harvin has been doing will only hurt his quest for a mega contract.

  11. There are two teams that will dominate the next 10 years. Seattle is one of them. They have the best QB in the NFC, the best defense, the best scouting department, the best head coach, and the best fans.
    The road to multiple Super Bowls will all go thru Seattle.

    The other team that will dominate comes from the AFC… Chiefs nation sees their team being assembled to dynasty status right before their very eyes. They have a top 5 QB now that he has a quality Head coach and stable offensive system. The Chiefs have the AFC’s best head coach, young defense, fans, and running back.

    I see multiple KC vs Seattle Super Bowls.
    Coffee vs BBQ baby I, II, III, IV, V

  12. Addition by subtraction, get him outta there and see what you can do in the draft and free agency.

  13. No reported as final pending a physical. WOW! This is going to make Russell Wilson who likes to throw deep unbelievable next year.

  14. What is with the Vikes and the Seahawks? Strange bedfellows

    Remember the poison pill cotracts for Hutch and Burelson.

  15. Everyone is blaming Percy for this, but I think a lot of the blame has to fall to Vikings management. Their job is to manage talent, including prima donna diva WRs. They did not do their job here and now we are losing a player who was in the running for league MVP until he got hurt. This is just shameful and unacceptable.

  16. Minnesota fans are so delusional about their athletes. They just can’t handle anyone with any bit of defiance or attitude and ship them out first chance for pennies on the dollar because they are a “headache” or “team cancer,” regardless of on-field production.

    See: Randy Moss

  17. Looming 49er dynasty? I seem to recall the Hawks beating the 49ers 42-13 last time they played.

    A more accurate description would be a looming yearly battle to be the top team in the NFC.

  18. Is there a rule that says Vikings WR have to play in Seattle? Burelson, Rice….now Harvin? Didn’t Chris Hovan and Tavaras Jackson play there too? You would think Seattle would be tired of the Minn. “garage Sale” every year. Look how good they all turned out too!

  19. @allday28mvp the only reason Adam Schefter exists is to play the rumor game. When it comes to free agency and the draft, football nerds are more gossipy than a sewing circle.

  20. The Seattle to Minneapolis pipeline continues to be strong. These two teams could merge with the amount of players and coaches that they have swapped over the last few years.

    Harvin seems like too big of a risk. If it were just health issues it would be worth it, but his attitude is very suspect. Plus, they will want too much for him.

  21. A guy like Harvin on this Seahawk offense would be something to see. Tate/Harvin are both play makers & even through we’re a run first team Seattle put up the points to close the year. Wilson can make all the passes in and outside of the pocket with great accuracy & timing. We paid Rice a bunch but he had a solid year- took big hits-stayed healthy & had a high catch rate and caught TD’S. We already have a young team – nothing wrong with signing a sure thing like Percy and having a player that can take it to the house at any moment.

  22. @tjacks7

    Welcome Aboard.

    * 13 World Championships
    * 4 Super Bowl victories
    * Best QB in the NFL

  23. packerblitz says: Mar 11, 2013 1:04 PM

    Looming 49er Dynasty? Win a recent Super Bowl, then talk about “looming dynasties”

    You’re just bitter ’cause SF stomped you in this year’s playoff game.

  24. @Carl Gerbschmidt:

    Seattle beat you to it, and those 4 SB wins are part of the 13 NFL Championships, not separate from them.

  25. John Schneider has Minnesota roots as well from his college days. Seattle should grab Harvin to keep him away from San Fran, where he would kill them totally dead.

  26. Maybe a team should win a SB before you’re talking dynasty. I should know as an Eagles fan.

  27. larryboodry says:Mar 11, 2013 1:29 PM

    @Carl Gerbschmidt:

    Seattle beat you to it, and those 4 SB wins are part of the 13 NFL Championships, not separate from them


    Did I say 17 World Champinships? Shouldn’t you be a little more focused on who your vikes will waste their new 1st round pick on rather than checking my math?

  28. I love how SF has beaten Seattle 4 out of the last 6 games, won the division the last 2 years, and all the Seahawks fans can say is “42-13″…

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