Santonio’s best move will be to take a pay cut

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Jets receiver Santonio Holmes has $7.5 million in guaranteed salary this year.  He has another $3.5 million in non-guaranteed salary.

The Jets want him to drop the non-guaranteed money.  Holmes could refuse.  The Jets would then likely cut him.  And he would make only $7.5 million elsewhere, thanks to the offset provision in his contract.

In theory, he could make more, if someone else would pay him more.  But with a foot injury that ended his 2012 season early, no one will pay him more than $7.5 million.

His best bet, then, would be to take the pay cut and remain with the Jets for $7.5 million.  At a time when plenty of folks wonder whether Holmes, the Super Bowl XLII MVP, gets it, he can prove that he does by giving up the $3.5 million and focusing on becoming the best player he can be, for a team that doesn’t have very many good players.

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  1. Or the Jets can cut him whilst simultaneously letting Keller and Greene walk and truly have not a single option on offense. I’d say just put Revis on offense and see if he can do anything there – I figure he’s gotta be the best player on both the Jets’ offense and defense given how little talent they have otherwise – but they want to trade him.

    Dear Woody, please just sell the team. You are the worst owner in sports.

  2. What do you mean ” for a team that doesn’t have very many good players.”?

    You mean that they didn’t cut the remaining 50 or so players yet???

  3. Holmes already ruined his career by running himself out of Pittsburgh. Now he gets to waste away with one of the worst QB’s in the league. It’s a shame because he has a significant amount of talent, and always made a clutch catch when the Steelers needed it most. I’ll forever be thankful for his performance in SB XLIII, but it serves him right to rot away with his hillbilly head coach and worthless QB.

  4. That makes 0 sense. Why would Holmes take a pay cut to remain with this circus? True he was one of the clowns in the circus but if I’m Holmes I refuse to take a cut in hopes that I get cut, sign somewhere else for the league minimum that has a chance at the playoffs and hopefully stick it to the Jets all while they pay me the bulk of my $7.5 million guaranteed salary. Holmes has the leverage here. Why would he give it up?

  5. If I’m him, I realize I get $7.5mil either way. The Jets are a mess and not likely to have a QB that can effectively deliver a catchable ball very often. So, I don’t agree his best option is to accept, I think his best option is to force the cut & go somewhere where he has an opportunity to be productive and get another decent contract.

  6. Or he can make $7.5 million playing for a better team. Even if the other team only pays him $3 moon the Jets are on the hook for the rest. It is a win/win for Santonio. Take the money from the Jets or take less money from someone better and still be paid the same.

  7. I don’t like when players are greedy but no way he should take the pay cut. He’s their only receiving threat. These guys sign contracts just like the owner and gm. They chose to give him the money. He didn’t mean to get hurt, I can’t see why it’s his responsibility to take less money. Teams aren’t asking all these other guys with season ending injurie to give up money

  8. So you are saying he should take a pay cut to play for the Jets for $7.5 million or he could get released by the team and still get paid $7.5 million to play for another team?

    Could another team sign him for the veteran minimum and the Jets would still have to pay the difference so that he gets $7.5 million?

  9. He was SB XLIII MVP not XLII.

    Maybe he know realizes money is not everything and should have stayed in Pittsburgh and waited to toke up again until after his playing days

  10. How brilliantly evil would it be if the Patriots signed him for the veteran minimum for one year so that they got another receiving threat and also forced the Jets to have to pay most of his salary.

  11. Hmmm… what’s a guy to do, take 7.5 and stay on a lame team with a wretched QB or maybe take 7.5 to play on a better team with a better QB? Real tough decision.

  12. In theory that sounds great, but do you realize what you are actually saying? You are suggesting that Santonio Holmes gives up $3,500,000.00 (that’s a lot of zero’s) to stay with a team that will almost certainly not have much of an offense. If he was smart he’d say no to the Jets and take his $7,500,000.00 from a team that might have a decent season in 2013. By the way, I am from New York and actually sort of root for the Jets when it doesn’t conflict with the Giants interests.

  13. Question is do you take the money knowing you have no QB to throw you the ball and your career value is diminished or do you take a cut to go to a decent QB and you hope you recover it, and more, in later years.

    When you think about it, it really isn’t an easy decision.

  14. I fail to see how it’s not in Holmes’ best interest to get cut from the Jets? He’s going to make at least 7.5 million as long as he plays somewhere. He could sign a 1 year, minimum or incentive contract with a team that has a quarterback and contends, play well and his price tag goes up again next year as a free agent.

  15. Jets fan Here… I dont like Holmes because he is a player that gets very angry when he does not get touches, But he can be a great rout running deep threat. Unfortunately he has been blaimed for Mark Sanchez horrible play. He was so angry at Mark for being such a bad QB that he walked out of a huddle in their last game in 2011.

    To me thats not his fault but the Jets fault for sticking with Sanchez too long and ruining the careers of good players who would have better numbers elsewhere. I dislike Holmes sure, But I LOATH the Jets more for refusing to bring in a decent QB. They could sign Garrard but they dont want any QBs that are better than Sanchez to win the Job. Thats why they are trying to get Quinn and JaMarcuss to practice for the team. Now that Moore resigned with the Dolphins the Jets are screwed!

    If Im Holmes I call the Jets Bluff. If He gets cut the Bills, Patriots and Dolphins would love to snag him up! They get to rub it into the Jets face twice a year and Holmes gets to prove he is a big money Player and improve his stock. For the sake of Jets fans please hold out Holmes so that Woody sells the team in shame! I would love to see Holmes burn the Jets by going to the Pats. WHY NOT ASK SANCHEZ TO CUT HIS PAY?

  16. As others have pointed out, staying with reduced pay or getting cut he gets 7.5 million either way. Why not try and play for a contender vs. sticking our a potential 4-12 season with the Jets?

  17. This article makes no sense. Holmes has all the leverage. If the Jets cut him, they take a $13 mil cap hit this year and another $7 mil one next year all in dead money.

    And if they did cut him, I’m sure that some team would give him $3.5 mil in salary this year.

  18. Not that I’m supporting the guy, but who would want to just give up $3.5mill that was negotiated in a legally binding CONTRACT…. Any way when players want to go back on their deals to get more money EVERYONE complains and calls them greedy (same team – Revis)… Why does the media & fans always side with the BILLIONAIRE owners over the short lived MILLIONAIRE players

  19. We sucked with him, we can certainly suck without him. How many games did he win for us? Not 7.5 million worth and certainly not 11 million…Addition by subtraction….

  20. This dude should still be in Pittsburgh! Still can’t believe we gave him up for a 5th round pick though

  21. If I was Holmes I would see what my next yr pay included. If its fully guaranteed Or just a roster bonus. Before I made this decision.

    I would drop the 3.5 to 1.5 if I’m getting next yr full guaranteed but to do it cuz jets asked no thx take the 7.5 mill n get another contract there’s plenty of teams who have no wr. Browns. Raiders Miami st Louis Bengals need a number 2 Titans need another Texans need kc needs another. Finally ball in players court in nfl. He just needs to change attitude he can play

  22. How is that his best move? Here’s two better options in my view: 1) Call the Jets’ bluff. Win you get $11M, lose you get the $7.5M they wanted you to take anyway; 2) Negotiate for half. Win you get an extra 1.75M in 2013, lose see option #1.

    My advice is don’t budge. If you are cut, sign for the veteran minimum (~$1M, I think), collect the other $6.5M from the Jets (laughing all the way to the bank is optional), be a good soldier and head to free agency in 2014 completely healthy.

  23. Dude’s career was over when he went from playing on a team with a top 5 QB to a team with a bottom 5 QB.

  24. Not sure I follow the logic of the article. He’ll get 7.5 million WHEREVER he plays, so staying with the Jets is no better than moving to another team unless he wants to WIN in which case a lot of other teams would be a better choice.

  25. If he has ANY intelligence he will take the pay cut. Jets will just cut him without looking back. On another note, Jets are stupid for trading Revis. They wont get fair value for him, nowhere close.. My thought, trade Cromartie and use his money for Revis. By keeping him you are saying Cromartie is better than Revis and that is dumb.

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