Seahawks offering Leon Washington in trade


The Seahawks are willing to deal Pro Bowl returner / running back Leon Washington, CBS’ Jason La Canfora reported Monday.

The move is budgetary, La Canfora indicated. The 30-year-old Washington is due $1.5 million in salary and a $1 million roster bonus, per Rotoworld figures.

Washington’s 29.0-yard average on kickoffs led the NFC in 2012. His eight career kickoff return TDs are tied for the most in NFL history. However, the newly acquired Percy Harvin has been simply spectacular in his four-year NFL career on kickoffs, returning at least one for a score in each campaign.

If Washington is released in lieu of being traded, he would likely draw some interest, considering he can fill two lineup spots (kickoff and punt returns) and can also serve as a backup running back. The potential free agent market for returners was thinned when the Bills re-signed Leodis McKelvin, though the Browns’ Joshua Cribbs also figures to appeal to teams looking for special teams help.

39 responses to “Seahawks offering Leon Washington in trade

  1. Seattle is the top dog in the NFC now. Get used to it.
    The best QB in the NFC
    The best WR in the NFC
    The best CB in the NFC
    The best Defense in the NFC
    The best Head Coach in the NFC
    The best/classiest fans in the NFC

    This is a team that will in future years be referred to as a DYNASTY TEAM.

    The road to Super Bowl New Jersey must go through Seattle… AINT YA HEARD !!!!

  2. My bucs need a Kick returner badly. Washington is a class act and a solid special teams player. I’d like to see Dominik make a trade for him.

  3. Leon is a great returner but outside of that he isn’t third down back because of rookie Robert Turbin. Leon got a bigger contract and NFL made the kick off changes making specialist returners not as valuable. He has been a class dude- I’ll be sad to see him go. He will be an impact player on another teams special teams.

  4. LOL @iknoweverything.. best receiver in the nfc? He has never had a 1000 yd year and his ypc are very average at best. Big talk when Fitzgerald is in your own division and Megatron in the same conference. Poor fragile little percy is gonna have at least 6 games against real defenses. If he makes it 10 games its a miracle. No need to pick apart the rest of that joke of a post. IE the coach with one winning season in his entire NFL career being the best… or the fans lol lol

  5. LOL. Bet they offered him and draft picks to the Vikes in return for Harvin and they wouldn’t take him.

  6. Harvin couldn’t hold Calvin Johnson’s jockstrap. Percy Harvin will miss minimum 4 games due to his head hurting.

  7. Washington was the best return guy in football – why oh why did Seattle go get Harvin on a team that was finally jelled?

    Where is the loyalty?? I am made when players show no loyalty, but in this case Seahawk reward such a great season (and great personality) with releasing him (or trade)? I dont like this at all.

  8. Iknoweverything….lol yr wrong, only thing good about seattle seahawks is that yr a “legal” state, and thats it!!!

  9. Washington has been a solid player, game changer (winning a few games on how own with Seattle in the last few years), and from all accounts is a great teammate.

    Sure, all he did was run back kicks, and third string running back but for that amount, I’d rather him stay.

    Not a fan of this move if true.

  10. its a surprise that he still is playing, after that horendous leg breaking that he had with the jets, i figured he would be done with football after that

  11. Best qb the nfc, that’s funny. Seattle fans are too funny. Rodgers, brees, Ryan, Wilson is not even better than rg3 or kaep! lol he was just fortunate to get drafted to a team with a lot of talent.

  12. Leon is a Jacksonville native and the Jags are coached by former Seahawk Gus Bradley. I doubt they would offer anything in trade, but if he becomes a free agent, they could sure use a good kick returner.

  13. Iknoweverything….YOU KNOW NOTHING!!!
    You don’t have the best of anything in Seattle except coffee……ok, and music……other than that your not even the best team in you division
    2nd best QB
    5th -6th best WR
    2nd best CB
    2nd best Coach
    And I don ‘t want to even get into your fan base…..just cuz your loud, it doesn’t make you classy!
    You guys gotta good thing going up there in Seattle…..but don ‘t tug on Superman’s cape. Right now SF is top dog in the Division & Conference. Take off the rose colored glasses my friend!

  14. Tough Business. Leon is trade bait, has very good value, and would not be cut. Hawks are seeing what they can get but don’t think they will just give him away.

    Like Leon and wish him well regardless on how this turns out.

  15. wilson the best qb in the nfc lol harvin the wr lol lynch the best rb lol i think rodgers bress peterson johnson fitz would have something to say about that

  16. Please excuse Iknoweverything. His views do not represent the Seahawks organization, its fans, or the 12th man flag.


    …IE the coach with one winning season in his entire NFL career being the best… or the fans lol lol

    Pete Carrol has actually had 3 winning seasons out of 7 total and went .500 in another. His teams have been in the playoffs 4 out of his 7 seasons. We all know how much success Jim Harbaugh has had. He also had the benefit of coming into an extremely talented team that had been built through top 15 positioning in the draft for almost a decade. We’ll see where the Seahawks and Niners are in comparison in the next two or three seasons. Its developing into a great rivalry.

  17. Harvin will replace Leon as the kick returner and change of pace back. It is best to find Leon a place to play. He still has plenty left in the tank and is over the knee injury from a couple years ago. Recovering a pick is a wise move.

  18. To the first post, hate to inform you but San Fran has stepped further into the lead in the NFC today. Adding Boldin is a MASSIVE upgrade over Moss, and may even be an upgrade over Crabtree, to go with Davis. If they add Reed as it’s being mentioned, they get even further ahead.

  19. I know that guy didnt just say seahawks fans are classy hahaha. They talk like they’ve won 8 superbowls after winning ONE playoff game against a team with a QB on one leg BARELY.

  20. Percy’s migraines > CJ’s migraines.
    Percy-caused headaches > CJ-caused headaches.

    Don’t get me wrong. As a Lion’s fan, I’m glad Percy is out of the North.

    Maybe Leon will be a Lion.

  21. That dude is Delusional! ill give him best Corner in Sherman..but the rest?? Best WR? Best QB? Best Coach? DYNASTY?? LMMFAOOOOO Slow ya Roll Bruh!

  22. Leon Washington is a heart and soul of the team type guy. Anyone that ends up with him should consider themselves lucky.

    Hope Harvin has his head straight and is ready to be part of a team. The trade makes sense from a talent standpoint but I worry. I hope he makes a fan out of me next year. He is someone defenses have to account for. That is for sure.

  23. I wouldn’t mind Leon in Dallas. He’s always been a pretty good player and would be dynamic on special teams as well as fill in nicely when Murray gets injured.

  24. I would bet money that Iknoweverything isn’t even a seahawk fan, but instead some deadbeat intent on making the rest of the fan base look bad.

  25. Yep, great idea alright. Lets put a guy we just traded a pick(s) for, has a history of serious migraines and are now paying upwards of $11m per year out there to return kicks. I hope the ‘hawks protected themselves.

  26. Leon was a great Nole. Also a great pro. No, he won’t be an all down back but he is a great player, dependable, and a hell of a returner. He will be okay.

  27. Leon to the Giants. Comes back to NY and wears blue. Returns one against Seattle in NFC Championship.

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