Stephens-Howling likely leaving Cardinals, too

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On Monday, the Cardinals cut running back Beanie Wells.   As soon as Tuesday, running back LaRod Stephens-Howling could be signing with a new team.

According to Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic, the offer made to Stephens-Howling last week “wasn’t close” to the player’s expectations.

A seventh-round pick in 2009, Stephens-Howling has thrived in Arizona as a return specialist, a third-down tailback, and a special-teams coverage age.

The departure of Wells and Stephens-Howling means that Ryan Williams will be installed, for now, at the top of the depth chart.

That could change if/when the Cardinals ink Reggie Bush.  As we’ve been writing for the past week or so, the Cards and the Lions are the top candidates to land Bush.

14 responses to “Stephens-Howling likely leaving Cardinals, too

  1. Well, that sucks. He’s been a very good player for us. But, if we bring in Bush and Cribbs, do we really need a third down back and return specialist? Either way, I hate to see The Hyphen go.

  2. I coulda swore I read on this site a piece about Bruce Arians not really counting on his RB to catch the ball out of the backfield- which would make this not so much of a surprise. And also take them out of the running for Reggie- unless they see him as just a slot receiver

  3. LHS is a player, he maybe small, but dude is money in the return game and change of pace back, i hope grigson is looking at him for our KR and ballards backup

  4. No way Cards go after Bush. Arians says he wants a three-down back that can run and pass-protect and pass catching is not a priority–so Bush’s strengths don’t match Arians’ game plan. Cards will go cheap and young at RB.

  5. So far the “new regime” of Keim/Arians has done nothing but create more holes while dismantling all the strenghts the team had and with no money for replasements. Bush will fit the Cards about as well as Leinert did and Cards fans can look forward to spending the next decade in the cellar! Poor Fitz, you career is circling the bowl:(

  6. Reggie Bush can’t run behind this offensive line. You need a power back like Steven Jackson to make his own hole. Hopefully they can sign a couple of linemen and get Chance Warmack or Eric Fisher in the draft. If Eddy Lacy is available in the 2nd round I would go that direction. Maybe a QB or safety in the 3rd round. I think Kolb would be a very good QB if he just had protection and a running game and a TE that would not drop so many passes. Seattle and San Fran have improved themselves dramatically. St. Louis has 2 first round picks so Arizona had better get this right or they will be looking up for years.

  7. I think all Cards fans like LSH, but let’s get something
    straight. He’s not a big time returner. Look at
    his kickoff return numbers last year. One return
    all season over 35 yards. He’s not a home run hitter
    and his size doesn’t fit the profile of what Arians
    wants. I’m fine with LSH leaving. Best of luck
    to The Hyphen

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