Vikings get three picks for Harvin

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Eight years ago, the Vikings traded receiver Randy Moss to the Raiders for a first-round pick, a seventh-round pick, and linebacker Napoloeon Harris.

Now, the Vikings have parlayed Percy Harvin into a first-rounder, a seventh-rounder, and a mid-round selection in 2014, according to Jay Glazer of FOX.

The first-rounder this time around is 18 spots lower.  In 2005, the Vikings wasted the seventh overall selection on Troy Williamson, a speed receiver who had the speed but had lots of trouble with the receivingLots of trouble.

Moss and Harvin were teammates for a few weeks in 2010, after the Vikings gave up a third-rounder to get Moss back.  Some believe that their brief time together helped poison Percy against the purple.

Now that Percy is in Seattle, it’ll be interesting to see whether Moss gets interested in jumping from the 49ers to the Seahawks.

134 responses to “Vikings get three picks for Harvin

  1. Interesting. So do 49ers decide to trade for Revis now to offset this? As a Jet fan I hope this drives up his value.

  2. A good haul for the Vikings. They drafted Percy 22nd overall, got four years out of him and now get the 25th pick plus two more lower picks for him.

  3. Wow, seems like Seatlle gave up a lot..Is he worth a first rounder? I honestly just dont know. How many migranes will he have this season and will he be used in the KR PR role as well?

  4. Hopefully Spielman builds on last year’s draft by turning these picks into productive players (starters or solid bench depth). Need some playmakers to evolve out of the list of first round and 2nd round draft picks.

  5. Why not go for Victor Cruz? Less picks involved, probably at a cheaper price. Cruz is a better WR by far as well.

    Harvin probably wont be returning kicks any more with the contract he is going to get and those runs he gets are just a gimmick.

  6. Ever think maybe the reason he’s always pissed off is because his name is Percy? I know I would be. All that frustration probably explains the migraines too.

  7. OMG YES! Moss to the Seahawks and next year when Rex ‘Cankles’ Ryan is canned he comes to Seattle as DC.

    If there is a God, he will make this so.
    Bring the three ring circus to the NFC West!

  8. Best of luck to Percy, but not sorry to see him go. Now, make a good selection with that draft pick, Vikes!

  9. Now what we have to do is:
    1) Sign Greg Jennings
    2) Draft DeAndre Hopkins
    we already have Wright to replace Percy in the slot.

    and that will take care of our WR problems. Added bonus if we sign Boldin and re-sign Simpson

  10. Good lawd that’s a lot of draft picks! I can only hope this trade works out as poorly for the Hawks as it did for big AD in Oakland.

    Remember, you have to pay the man too. C’mon big money baby…tie them down for years Percy!

    I just hate the Seattle is getting stronger, they are already strong enough for my liking. I still think this trade is worth making. Seattle is a huge annoyance, but I respect what they are doing up there. They have a great front office and coach as well 9er fans, even though it hurts to admit it. This spicy rivalry just got elevated to potentially the best rivalry in the league, if its not already.

  11. Nice haul for the Vikings.

    And Seattle needed a guy who stays healthy half the year to compliment Rice. Trouble is, combined they’ll be paying $30m/year to fill one full-time WR spot.

  12. Reminds me of when the T-wolves had Garnett and Marbury. Marbury wanted to be the top dog and as long as Garnett was here he was always going to be #2 even though extremely talented.

    The Peterson/Harvin situation is very similar in that Marbury became too toxic to keep around.

    Hopefully this works out better for the Vikes than it did for the Wolves.

  13. You guys making migrane jokes or questioning his draft value have to look at it from other sides. Would you have a rookie WR who more than likely have just as many issues AND unproven. Or Harvin, a guy who is as explosive as anyone and IS proven in this league.

    This is how you build teams and develop QBs, remember the last time everyone questioned the Seahawks draft, how’d that turn out?

  14. I really thought the Vikings would give him a new contract and not trade him. Then again, I really didn’t think another team would offer up their #1 pick plus two more picks.

    BTW: stop saying Harvin is injury prone people. He averaged 15 games a year before last year. You’re confusing missing some practices with migraines with being injury prone.

  15. Good trade for both. Given that he wanted out, Speilman got a lot of value. And given that the Hawks are not far from a SB contender, they got a very dynamic proven playmaker. For those who doubt Harvin’s ability, remember the year he was having despite being the only receiver the other team had to cover. The ankle wasn’t a seven week injury. It was a four week injury with three extra weeks of attitude. Harvin didn’t want to be with the Vikes, and Frazier didn’t want his attitude.

  16. How was Seattle robbed? Percy Harvin=elite talent for 25th pick. Let the hater-aide begin against Seattle! U mad bruh? Yeah were brash, we also back it up. See you in NY next February. Book it. Superbowl coming from NFC Best West. GO HAWKS!!!!

  17. It will be interesting to see how this trade works out in a few years.

    Its a high risk high reward situation. Seattle may win up with egg on their face.

    The Vikings got rid of someone who is a non team player, and a chance to speed up the rebuilding process from the all=in year with Favre. Which is pretty good considering that Peterson carried them into the Playoffs last year.

  18. WOW…Does this make my Brownies pick of Gordon in last years 2nd round of the supplemental draft look better. He could have been a 1st round pick this year..

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!!

  19. As a Vikings fan all I have to say is HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHA HA. Have fun with that Seattle when he misses 5 games this year due to migraines. Doctors will have no idea why they are happening or what caused them…we have been dealing with this for years. When he does play he will cry after every loss about not getting the ball enough. Have fun boys!

  20. Percy Harvin was an MVP candidate at the middle point of the 12 season!!! For all of you wondering if he was worth a late first rounder you simply haven’t a clue!!! The kid is TWENTY FOUR YEARS OLD!! If i played for the sorry Vikings I’d have migraines too!!! Bring him to a young and up coming contender and watch how productive he will be. Pete Carroll has loved him since he was in high school!!! Watch what happens in the next couple years!!! It’s game set and match!!! Man it’s great to be a SEAHAWK!!!! The 12th man welcomes you Percy with open arms!!!!

    GO HAWKS!!!

  21. Nice trade for the Vikes…i loved Percy the player and hate to see him go. I was thinking though, wouldn’t it have made more sense to try and get one of Seattle’s young receivers in the deal like Baldwin or Tate? I mean we need some NFL proven WR talent and Seattle has plenty of receivers now for an offense that can light it up but isn’t necessarily pass heavy.

  22. On paper, it’s a no-brainer. One of the top playmakers in the game is worth what’s being given up, especially since he’s only 24 and just now entering the prime of his career.

    However, life isn’t lived on paper. Harvin has to stay healthy and motivated for this trade to work for Seattle. That’s where my worries come in.

    Also will be interesting to see how the new contract looks…..I hope they’re front-loading it to take advantage of the fact they have a lot of young guys who aren’t making a lot now, so that the yearly cost will reduce down the line.

  23. Pro Bowl level WR for the 25th pick in draft & 7th rounder. What are you guys smoking that you don’t understand Seattle is just fine with this trade?? We drafted guys like Koren Robinson at this position- last year 49ers got AJ Jenkins.

  24. Since the Hawks are loaded with draft picks, and draft picks can’t play, I like this move for the Hawks. Any production close to his past, will put Seattle just where they need to be.

    Unless the Vikes get a QB with their “picks”, they have been set back. You have to wonder if they really think that Ponder will ever deliver. I can save them the wonderment and tell them no.

  25. Good luck, ‘hawks. If Harvin can sour in Minnesota, chances are he’ll be even worse in Seattle. Don’t know what his problem in Minnesota was, but my guess is he didn’t like playing second fiddle to AP.

    As for the Vikings, they need to go after Anquan Boldin, maybe Greg Jennings, and they need to draft a top-notch WR.

  26. As a Bears fan I love this trade, first, Harvin is a scary dude on the field, second, no matter who they get with the pick, I’ll take my chances and finally, how good a trade was it for the Bears to get Marshall for 2 #3’s.

  27. Migrane jokes are lame, considering there has been no report of him having a migrane for two years now.

    Percy is as explosive a player as there is in the NFL, and has been a monster on a team with no good QB for the past couple years. Pairing him with Russell Wilson and Seattle’s offense is going to be insane, he is going to be seeing single coverage for once and is going to abuse defenses as a result.

    I’m thrilled about this news, but because I’m a Seattle fan (I’m not, but I think they are a very strong team), but because I have both Percy and Rusell Wilson on my big money dynasty league, and IMO both of their arrows are pointing sky high.

  28. Hawks just got tougher on offense. Teams will have a tough time covering Harvin, Rice, Tate at the same time. Wilson may not even have to run much.

    Hawks Defense still needs to pass rush better, so lets see what the front offense does next.

    Go Hawks!

  29. Not a Vikings fan (Packers fan acutally), but I have to say I think the Vikings did very well here. They got rid of a troubled player with some injury/migraine headache history and can go get a receiver in free agency.

  30. God I hope that the Vikings make an offer and go after Victor Cruz. They now have the pick to do it and I’m sure they have cap space to make an offer.

    In addition, it would force the Giants to make a decision. The decision would be to match and make them scramble to find a way to get him under the cap.

    Wouldn’t that be great to see the Giants scramble the night before FA begins. Karma!

  31. Seriously? Seattle got punked? Seahawks have 10 picks this year, tons of cap space and maybe 3-4 roster spots. They unloaded a low 1st rounder who probably wouldn’t have cracked the starting lineup anyway and a 7th (they had 3 of those already) this year and “mid-round” pick next year. That sounds about right for an explosive playmaker like Harvin. Seems like both teams get what they want and Seattle still has 8 picks to use to trade up if they want to. Now they’ll sign a DE in free agency and probably trade a bunch of picks into next year anyway.

  32. not sad to see you go percy. ridiculous talent but just a total PITA. at least we got decent value for him.

  33. I would have given up one 3rd rd pick tops. Who does Seattle think they are getting? Why not just go after Mike Wallace who wouldn’t cost ANY picks?

  34. Moss had no impact on Harvin’s attitude… the fact that the Vikings have no QB and other WR’s and that he and AP WERE the offense was the problem… oh yeah, they’ll miss him, just like they missed Sidney Rice when they let him go.

  35. Harvin to Seattle now cracks the door a little wider for Wallace to Minnesota and Miami left Brandon “Plan B” Gibson.

  36. Terrible. I would’ve much rather they traded him for talent in return like a Revis or along those lines because we can only imagine what kind of moronic moves spielman is going to make with these picks. C’mon Seattle first Sidney rice now harvin, you guys might as well get moss and convince cris carter to come out of retirement, ugh now I know how packer fans feel when we always go after their scraps. I’m just bitter but it’s a good day to be a Seattle fan. I just hope that spielman isn’t looking to add Wallace because he’s a home run receiver and you need a home run arm not ponders noodle arm and harvin gave him the screen pass ability. What a joke.

  37. To the Seahawk organization:

    Thank you for not only taking the headache that Percy Harvin is off our hand, but for giving us some darn good picks also!

    We now have two picks in the first round at the 23rd and 25th spots!


    Viking Fans!

  38. To be honest, it doesn’t matter what attitude this guy had off the field. He played as hard as anyone on every snap.

    If you are talking bad about him, you haven’t watched him play. He was in discussion for MVP prior to hurting his ankle.

    He is a unique talent that brings it on offense and as a KR. He will be a huge addition to the Seahawks.

    He’s not a big guy, but the first defender rarely brings him down. Whether he makes them miss, or runs through them.

    Darrius Heyward-Bey, Michael Crabtree, Jeremy Maclin… All taken before him. And he has outproduced them all.

    Mid 20s pick is not a bad deal for Seattle.

    As a Vikings fan, I’m sad to see him go.

  39. Lol at Seattle… wasted 3 picks on a receiver with health/attitude issues! Also a guy that stated he wanted to be paid like Megatron!

    Good luck with that scenario….

    Seahawk fans talk a lot of trash for a team that has only been to the SB once & not to mention have no rings. You’ll be relevant after you win the big one until then nobody see you guys as a threat!

  40. When he was placed on the IR, Harvin was the league leading receiver (WR & TE) in both yards-after-the-catch and in forcing missed tackles.

    Contrary to these comments, it is the Vikings who lose out here.

    Harvin will likely demand to be the 2nd or 3rd highest paid receiver in the game, and that would truly be fair compensation.

  41. This was the perfect time to trade Percy, considering the major depth of the wide receiver draft class and in free agency, the Vikings stole this one. I’m not just saying this because I’m a vikes fan, Harvin leaving opens up our cap and cures our cancer. We went 5-2 without him last year, and as long as we re-sign most of our UFA’s, we will be just dandy.

  42. The only negative thing i can say about the trade is this… Harvin wants a ton of money, with the emergence, and probably growth, of Wilson and the other great talents Seattle has aquirred, what do they do in 2 years? How do you keep that really good defense (like Sherman), pay Harvin (like Megatron, that is what he wants), give Wilson what he deserves (more than likely) and continue to build like they have? Harvin is a great addition, even for all they gave up, her versitility makes him virtually unmatched in the league, but he wants a whole lot of cash.

  43. The Hawks had 3 7th round picks and a compensation pick. All of those guys were not going to make the team. They were smart to use them for a guy that will. At #25 they did not see a DL guy that could make an impact, so that choice is also wise. Harvin frees up Leon Washington for trade so the whole deal is a plus for the Hawks. I hope the picks work out for Minny.

  44. Lions fan commenting:

    I’m not sure why everyone is saying SEA got “robbed?”

    SEA is picking low, no player they would’ve drafted there is even CLOSE to Harvins talent. They got one of if/not the most versatile player in the league, MVP candidate midway through season. INJ is a risk with everyone but the 7thrdr probably won’t even make MIN squad and a MID round pick next year.

    In terms of value, SEA just traded themselves into contention with SF. Rice/Tate/Harvin and Lynch w/Wilson? I’ll take that all day and not look back.

    And for the Pete Carroll comments, he’s a players coach, Harvin is going to be just fine. Look at the big picture when you post, it’s about value. ATL traded the house for Julio and was that missing piece. Harvin gives SEA chance to win their division which is first thing teams are looking to do. Well done on the trade, poor MIN lost a top5 player in the league and got NOTHING in return!

  45. Great for both teams.

    Seattle gets a proven young playmaker in exchange for the 25th player in the draft. As close as they were to the SB last year, a proven player is far more valuable than an undetermined rookie. With Russell at QB, Harvin significantly improves the entire offense.

    Minnesota improves itself with a reliable and proven FA receiver, a young (extra) draft choice for a young team, and a couple of picks. Before the trade, the question for Minnesota’s 1st round draft was receiver or DT. Now the answer is both — plus the second round can be used for need — like guard or LB.

  46. Lot of low iq football fans on here. Harvin is a top 10 threat at wr, with the option speed alongside russ and beast mode its gonna be a tough stop no matter what your defense is! Cruz is goiug back to giants and wallace to miami, so yeah small gamble on Harvin is worth the lombardi. Love to hear you all eat crow next year when we polish trophy! Two horse race in nfc and we just got leg up on 49ers. To all u crybaby minn fans, yeah burleson was a whiff, rice the jury is out, but third time =charm. 12th man rise Go Hawks!!!!

  47. All you Vikings fans and 09er trolls seem to have forgotten something; who broke Harvin last year?

    Um, yeah, that would be the Seahawks.

  48. If Harvin was dead set against re-signing with the Vikes, then this is a great move. Get something in return now instead of nothing later.
    Bring in Jennings and pair him with Wright and a field stretcher thru the draft and we have something going.

    Percy won’t have any migranes in Seattle, its legal to have his friend Mary Jane move in with him out there.

  49. Seattle fans will think this is the best trade ever. The rest of the NFL wonders what is the thinking with this move when there are better options that don’t come with headaches and a huge price tag. Great trade Vikings.

  50. Dbara, By your reasoning, I should be really happy, because the Redskin’s broke Adrian Peterson the year before, and Peterson is by far better at his position than Harvin to his. Too bad your reasoning is stupid, otherwise I would be extra excited.

  51. I do like the trade for both teams, it was obvious Minnesota was not going to pay him top dollar like he wanted and he showed he wanted to move on. Vikes got a 1st rounder and Harvin got a new home.

    I think Harvin is a top 10 reciever but not worth top 3 money. Everyone knows he is explosive, but you have to design gadget plays to get the ball in his hands. Going to a team with a great running back, mobile qb and two other good recievers Tate and Rice, how long before he gets upset about his touches especially when the team loses? Let’s not forget he has had all sorts of character issues since college, this isn’t just a “change of scenery” type of deal. Frazier is a players coach and he found ways to argue with him. You can’t deny his effort and talent, but there is a reason so many teams passed on him in the draft.

  52. The last time the Vikings had multiple picks in the first round, they took Troy Williamson and Esmarus James (passing on Aaron Rodgers twice).

    Good luck rebuilding Viking fans!

  53. As dynamic a player as Harvin is, he doesn’t deserve Megatron or Fitz style money. If he doesn’t want to play for the Vikes this is a good deal for both parties. A first rounder to take a shot at a playmaker and a dynamic / physical player for the Seahawks. Now, keeping on the field for a full season and signing him long term may be the next hurdle.

  54. The guys in the front office have some kind of crazy ass special magic. Granted our experiment with guys like T.O. Indicate otherwise but who else has bee able to reach deep in the draft for the kind of players we love to cheer for every Sunday. Mostly, I LOVE the Hawks haters ( talkin to YOU 49rs ) they know their little tiny window of opportunity passed them up in New Orleans. Enjoy hanging out with the Cardinals as the worst of the West! Welcome to Seattle Percy!

  55. Think of it this way, if Harvin was in this years draft, does anybody think he wouldn’t be in the top ten picked? If so, what team wouldn’t move from the 25th selection into the top ten for only a 7th rounder and a 4th-6th in 2014.

    P.S. some of you 49er fans need to get real. Harvin + contract >>>>> A.J. Jenkins + 7th round pick and mid round 2014 pick. This move was directly made to get over the 49ers in the NFC West. Your move Harbaugh.

  56. Raiders fan, so if anything I’m biased towards our little brothers in Seattle, but here’s the facts:

    1. Mortgaging the future for the present never works in the NFL. Show me the last Super Bowl champ that earned it off of a big trade the year before. Exactly.

    2. Seattle is definitely mortgaging the future with this trade. There is no way that they can keep the core of their defense together if they sign Harvin to a long term deal of his wishing. He’s gonna demand Megatron money. Good luck signing Browner and Sherman with whatever chump change is left over from the Harvin/Wilson future deals. If they don’t sign Harvin long term, they’ve got the same headache [pun intended] that Minnesota had; a disgruntled me-first receiver who plays when he wants. How many SB championships did that mentality earn for Owens, Moss, and Ocho Stinko?

    3. Obvious financial concerns aside, do the Seahawks really need another concussion/migraine issue on the offense? Consider Zach Miller. Harvin -may- be approaching the cliff whereupon he has too many concussions.

    Now, if Pete Carroll can convince this headcase to take significantly less money than he wants, then the Seahawks might come out ahead on this trade. This isn’t like the NBA, where you can trade ten dimes for a dollar and come out on top. In the NFL, you trade a dollar fifty for a dollar, and you almost always lose. There’s a reason big trades never seem to work out.

  57. Hawks got jobbed. Spielman is really becoming an elite handler. Harvin won’t get the ball enough in Seattle,,,and cry he wants out sooner or later!

  58. Lmao. These comments are too entertaining.

    People are acting like the three picks the Seahawks gave up were all top 10 picks or something. They gave up one LATE 1st rounder (if you actually follow PC and JS’s drafting strategy…one that has served them quite well to this point, they must not have liked anyone enough to pick them in the 1st), a 7th rounder and a mid rounder. That is hardly a ridiculous haul for the explosiveness and playmaking ability that Harvin brings with him.

    Yes, obviously his injury history/attitude are worrisome to a point, but perhaps like Marshawn Lynch (another troubled/immature player that has flourished since being traded to Seattle)… all he needs is a change of scenery. He’s coming in to a situation with a clean slate and wayyyy more talent surrounding him.

    I mean, at some point people need to stop letting their blind hatred of Pete Carroll and Richard Sherman lead to ignorant bashing of solid moves and performances.

    This is as win/win as a trade gets in the NFL. Chill.

  59. I can’t wait until Buffalo plays Seattle again. I can’t stand Mr. Diva Percy Harvin. Stephon Gilmore will shut him down and take him out of the game. I don’t know how anybody could root for Harvin, he’s so self-centered.

  60. With weed legal in WA, Percy has to be stoked. The Purple should have gotten Flynn in the deal. Ponder lost the only receiver he had that could make a play with the 10 – 15 yard limit on the accuracy of his passes…

  61. Anybody know what round the middle round selection in next years draft is?? Also maybe this opens the doors for Tavon Austin to Minnesota

  62. bman425 says:
    Mar 11, 2013 2:13 PM
    How was Seattle robbed? Percy Harvin=elite talent for 25th pick. Let the hater-aide begin against Seattle! U mad bruh? Yeah were brash, we also back it up. See you in NY next February. Book it. Superbowl coming from NFC Best West. GO HAWKS!!!!

    What was your road record again last year?

  63. thepvyharvin says:
    Mar 11, 2013 3:09 PM
    Hawks got jobbed. Spielman is really becoming an elite handler. Harvin won’t get the ball enough in Seattle,,,and cry he wants out sooner or later!

    You’re team just got rid of it’s only Receiver that posed a threat outside of the opponent’s 20….. Spielman’s “ability” to draft offensive difference makers should have you very worried by this move.

  64. Freeing up $ and getting additional picks is never a bad thing…on top of losing an attitude in the locker room.

    Had the Vikes not won without him last year, there’s no way they make this trade.

  65. @Matt
    1. Seattle isn’t mortgaging anything by giving up 1 1st round pick for an elite young player. And 2 late round picks that wouldn’t make their deep team anyway.

    2. Harvin NEVER only “plays when he wants”!
    He never wanted to come out of any game, AND he went hard on every snap.

    3. You obviously know nothing about Harvin and his health issues.

    Sherman and Browner will have a chance to resign before Russell Wilson’s rookie deal is up. (rookie deals cannot be re-negotiated until 4 years)

  66. This was a dumb move on Seattle’s part. No one would have said Seattle “needed” a vet WR, maybe a draft project – but now this will just dis-hearten G.Tate who has been great for a slot WR.

    Rice catches everything thrown his way, and Washington was a ProBowl return guy.

    WHY, oh WHY, Harvin??

  67. The fact is all of you Seattle haters can comment all you want. No one said best trade ever. The guy who said mortgaging future? Are you serious- the 25th pick & 7th rounder equal to Redskin/Rams trade or ATL/trading up to get Jones?
    Sehawks fans are excited for a good trade made by JS/PC. We have built through the draft for 3 years and added a 24 year old game changer to a young contender. We can free up a bunch of cap space in many places {Flynn & Washington 11 Mill} when the time calls for it but the fact is you all have no clue about our roster. Vikings make out well because they can replace Harvin and build for future. We can’t wait to get our tickets. Go Hawks!

  68. Great for Harvin, great for great for Vikings, but Seattle has lost their minds (which is fine with me). Decimating their draft for a cry baby wide receiver who can’t stay on the field? Good luck with that. The dumbest thing they have done since trying to make Tavaris Jackson their starting QB.

  69. dukemarc says: Spielman’s “ability” to draft offensive difference makers should have you very worried by this move.
    What are you talking about? Spielman drafted Peterson,S. Rice, Harvin, Rudolph,,,,not to mention Sullivan, Kalil, Loadholt,,,,get it chip?

  70. Sherman and Browner will have a chance to resign before Russell Wilson’s rookie deal is up. (rookie deals cannot be re-negotiated until 4 years)

    Actually 3 years

  71. psilenttype says:
    Mar 11, 2013 3:44 PM
    Sherman and Browner will have a chance to resign before Russell Wilson’s rookie deal is up. (rookie deals cannot be re-negotiated until 4 years)

    Actually 3 years


    Thanks for the correction. Either way, Sherman and Browner will have the contracts looked at prior to Russell Wilson.

  72. Browner only has one good year left, so he won’t matter. They will sign Sherman next year and extend Kam if he proves to be healthy after both offseason ankle surgeries.
    Pete and John are elite player personnel guys.

  73. Look up draft point values, this is equal to the hawks trading up from 25 to 20. Don’t believe me, look it up. The hawks owned the Vikings and the unknown players they will draft.

  74. Good trade for both teams but good luck to Seattle signing him long term. This was a perfect move by the Vikings because Harvin was going to hold out and then probably not do anything the entire year, then he walks for nothing. This way, the Vikings get a bunch of picks for him and get rid of a headache.

    It’s a good fit for Harvin. Sidney rice is there and I don’t think Harvin was too happy when moss was cut and rice was not signed a few years back. Harvin’s numbers were way better with a good deep threat. A mobile quarterback should help his style out too.

    I think Harvin wanted out also because Peterson was getting such a large share of the workload. Very similar to Garnett and Marbury in the 90’s.

    Overall good trade for both teams. But the Seahawks have a real problem now if they want to keep him long term, because he wants a megatron contract.

    Sad to see that talent go but Harvin was a ticking time bomb here in Minni.

    I’d root for the Seahawks because they have some great talent but I absolutely detest Pete Carroll. Cheating sob.

  75. filthymcnasty1 says:

    “The last time the Vikings had multiple picks in the first round, they took Troy Williamson and Esmarus James…”

    Ummm…. Earth to filthy… The last time the Vikes had multiple picks in the first round was last season.

    Matt Kalil at Left Tackle – helped AP run for over 2000 yards. Harrision Smith was an immediate starter at Safety.

    Those are two pretty good draft picks…

  76. Beastmode, Wilson and Harvin all in the backfiled running the Spread Option. The Hawks offense is going to be tough to deal with. The trade is contingent on a new deal from what I am reading so if he asks for Calvin Johnson money rescind the trade and no harm done. The Vikings definitely turned Harvin into a good haul but I think the Hawks will utilize him correctly and it will be a good trade for both teams.

    Wonder what this means for Tate and Baldwin? Seems like one of them becomes expendable. And what about Leon Washington?

    I remember Bills fans saying good riddens to Marshawn Lynch a few years ago. How’s that trade worked out?

  77. Tainted, normally I would totally agree, but this org is really good, and really smart. We here are excited because this isn’t a move Seattle typically pulls off. I am excited, and Vegas is too, as they just made the hawks the favorite to win the Super Bowl , which doesn’t mean they will but…

  78. Hawk, I see a LOT of 4 and 5 rec sets and Russell getting around 700+ rushing yards this year as he will be spied by only 1 guy (too many weapons to cover). We will cut Leon, then next year cut rice and Zachary miller as young guys develop.

  79. Finally, the Vikings are on the right side of a big trade… Can anyone say Herschel Walker.

  80. I wonder if the rain will make his migrains worse.
    Seems like a lot to give up, sure he could be a really good/great player but had the issues with the migrains, and does not seem to be a team player, I’m not sold on him, but I could be wrong. Things had really been looking up for the Seahawks but now I wonder if this is the beginning of the end for them.

    With the draft pick slotting, these picks can start for years and are a cheap option. I think this was a great deal for the Vikings.

  81. Viking fans it appears that you are trying to sell yourself that this is a good trade. There is no question a trade needed to be made because Harvin did not want to be there but the only legitimate draft pick was the first rounder. with other 2 there is a small chance a player will stick on the roster and if he does the impact will more than likely be neglible. That leaves the late 1st rounder and will the pick be as good as Harvin? My guess would be slim to none.

    Just ask AP what he thinks? Your best player doesnt appear to be happy. Is there another schism brewing and some more disgruntled players? Could be.

  82. Hey Vikings fans, let’s be honest. I’m sure you’re going to miss the only wide receiver you had. Oh, and good luck with using those draft picks to replace him. We all remember the last receiver you took. (Troy Williamson.)

    I think Seattle didn’t really give up that much. They are getting an established All-Pro caliber player and who is young enough to be someone in this upcoming NFL Draft.

  83. @ filthymcnasty1 –

    Someone else has already pointed out to you that Kalil & Smith were the most recent picks when the Vikings had two first rounders in the same year. But they didn’t point out the Vikings passed on Rodgers twice because they had a very young QB on their roster who was coming off one of the best years for a QB in history (at the time). Without a time machine it didn’t make sense to select Rodgers.

    @ tokyo –

    If the Vikings suck, and Green Bay one just one more regular season & playoff game than the Vikings, then I guess Green Bay must suck too?

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