Vikings made a play for Anquan Boldin, too

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The 49ers weren’t the only NFC team who made a trade offer for Baltimore’s Anquan Boldin.

PFT’s Mike Florio, citing a source with knowledge of the discussions, reports the Vikings offered a seventh-round pick to Baltimore for Boldin.

The 49ers, of course, got the deal done with a sixth-rounder, strengthening a pass catching corps that already had quality performers in wide receiver Michael Crabtree and tight end Vernon Davis.

Meanwhile, Minnesota, which is poised to trade top target Percy Harvin to Seattle, is still in need of some major help at wide receiver.

41 responses to “Vikings made a play for Anquan Boldin, too

  1. Seattle gave up way too much for diva who can’t see straight.

    Vikings and Niners with the steal….

  2. Lets look at Vikings draft history with late round picks. Boldin would have been a STEAL for a 4th or 5th round pick as well. I can’t believe the vikings didn’t match niners offer, esp since they were willing to absorb boldin salary. We are the WORST passing team now, and it just so happens that we are in a passing league.

  3. I was wondering why the 9ers couldn’t get it done with a 7th rounder and figured a few other teams were in the mix; now I know. The Vikes felt that a 6th was a little rich for Boldin? You just came up on 3 picks (OK not all in the same year, but still).

    Very happy that the Vikings didn’t offer their 6th…

  4. Well, they do need some receivers.

    Good thing Spielman got that Harvin trade done before the Ravens shipped off Boldin to San Fran, otherwise he wouldn’t have had leverage and probably wouldn’t have gotten as much as he did for Harvin. Would have looked even better if had been the Vikings getting Boldin for a 7.

  5. Why did the Vikes get the picks for Harvin? To go and low ball the Ravens and miss out on a great receiver? Christian Ponder, maybe, might throw for 2,000 yards next year.

  6. If the Vikings offered a 7th and could have gotten him for a 6th (because their 6th is obviously a higher pick than SF’s), then somebody in Minnesota is hopefully getting kicked in the fanny right now. Sure, he’s not exactly the explosive guy Harvin is, but MN is desperate for anybody who doesn’t suck.

  7. would have loved to have seen him play another year, without cameron. so sad about him being gone. but “in ozzie we trust”.

  8. I still feel like the Ravens could’ve gotten more than a 6th rounder but Oz and Co. clear up 7.5m in cap space and would’ve had to carry dead money from Boldin’s contracti f they cut him. It’s a win-win for both sides and it keeps Q out of the AFC. Good move. Hate on haters.

  9. The Vikings better not miss on Florio’s boy, Tavon Austin. He’s not Percy but he’s damn close.

    I doubt Boldin would have wanted to come to MN anyway.

  10. ummm Hey Adrian looks like your the modern era Barry Sanders…

    we gotta watch the next best running back since barry and same sad team scenario…

  11. Vikings couldn’t have offered a 6th? Seriously, what are they going to do with their 6th?

    Also, when are the Vikings having open tryouts for receivers?

  12. this move won’t be flashy.. but when the playoffs come around, watch out for boldin.

  13. Vikings don’t have a coach who is the brother of the Ravens coach, makes it hard to do business.

  14. Lets look at Vikings draft history with late round picks. Boldin would have been a STEAL for a 4th or 5th round pick as well. I can’t believe the vikings didn’t match niners offer, esp since they were willing to absorb boldin salary. We are the WORST passing team now, and it just so happens that we are in a passing league.

    Thing to remember is Boldin is 32 yrs old. He’s maybe got 3-4 yrs left. Wouldn’t make sense to give up any mid round picks for a rental for a couple years. 7th round picks are throw aways basically.

  15. You people who are complaining the Vikings didn’t offer their 6th, do realize the coaches involved in this trade right?

    Vikings offered a 7th, 9ers offered a 6th, and John jumped to help out his brother without consulting the Vikings for a counter offer

  16. Wow, Speilman takes Seattle for a ride, but then gets beat out on landing Boldin. Ouch! Talk about winning one and losing one.

    How in the name of Sam Hill do you not offer at least a 5th round pick for such an established WR as Boldin, especially when the Vikings are now in dire need of help at that position.

    The Vikings need receivers VERY badly, and giving up a 5th or 6th round pick for a quality starter would have been a smart move. Very, very poor decision on Speilman’s part; embarrassingly poor.

  17. So Spielman almost traded Harvin for Boldin, Victor Cruz and a mid-round 2014 pick. Of course, this would assume that Spielman goes after Cruz with the 1st rounder acquired from Seattle.

  18. If Vikes actually offered for Bouldin, then they were willing to pick up that 6 million plus demand.

    So they aren’t/weren’t interested in Wallace?

  19. The Vikings coach isn’t a brother to the coach in Baltimore. You know how nepotism is. The younger hairbough would have cried to mommy and daddy if he didn’t get his way.

  20. The Vikings were supposed to be adding receivers, but thus far they’ve just been subtracting them.

    I guess you can’t have too many of those 6th round picks. Way to go Spieldope!

  21. God Damn it Spielman! You couldn’t top a 7th round pick for Boldin? You need wide receivers. dumbass!
    I’m so pissed of at the Vikes right now I might cancel my NFL package on DTV.

  22. Is it possible that “Jim” Harbaugh had the inside track on trading a 6th round pick to outbid the Vikings 7th round pick?

    Meh, I got no problem with it.

    Jim: “Hey John, you got the trophy, and you are going to cut Boldin anyway … How about I give you one draft round ahead of the next best teams trade offer? unless it is a stupid high offer of course ?”

    John: “Deal, Bro”

    Hey … I could happen.

  23. The Vikes fleeced the Seachickens for Percy Harvin. Then they turn around and won’t ante up for a much better WR in Boldin by offering a 7th instead of a 6th or better? If this is true, I see a new GM in the Vikes future very soon.

  24. Maybe, just maybe after offering a 7th rounder the Vikes found out that Boldin didn’t want to come here.
    The free agency starts tomorrow…step away from the ledge!

  25. I don’t understand why people underestimate picks! Last year, a 6th round pick gave us Blair Walsh, ALL-PRO kicker as a rookie! So I have faith Speilman has this under control

  26. It’s amusing seeing all the know nothing armchairs whining about ponder. At this point in their careers Rogers, Bree’s, and Brady were still carrying clipboards and the starters jock straps.

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