Vikings trade Harvin to Seattle pending physical

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Well, that was fast.

The Vikings had “no intent” to trade receiver Percy Harvin.  And they traded him anyway.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that Harvin has been traded to the Seahawks, pending a physical.

The deal can be finalized at 4:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, when the new league year begins.

It’s not known who else was interested.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Seahawks were “far and away” the most aggressive.

86 responses to “Vikings trade Harvin to Seattle pending physical

  1. Deion Branch, the return. You better be good young man. None of that Titus Young BS up here, understand?

  2. What is with the Vikes and the Seahawks? Strange bedfellows

    Remember the poison pill cotracts for Hutch and Burelson.

  3. Why is it that the fondest dream of every Viking player is to play for the Seattle Seahawks?

  4. As a Seahawk fan, this is the first “big move” the front office has made that I oppose.

    I hope I’m wrong about this. Guy can be explosive, sure, but he has some baggage, and money is a major concern. I wonder if a new contract has already been worked out? That’s the only way I can see this trade being made….or the Vikings are taking a lot less in trade than his actual value.

  5. blacknole08 says:
    Mar 11, 2013 1:10 PM
    Wow… didn’t expect this to happen so soon. This move only makes Russell Wilson that much better.

    It might make Wilson better because he’s able to rush that much more. Lets see if that makes Harvin that much more unhappy

  6. I wonder where Sidney Rice fits into this situation. You have Ben Obomanu, Golden Tate, and Doug Baldwin already in that receiving corps.

  7. While he was easily the best WR on the Vikings, he was too much trouble. The Viking must be signing a big name WR this free agency and lots of WR picks in the draft.

  8. Leon Washington will be traded now for picks. Russell Wilson will be fantastic. He loves the deep ball and does it well. I cannot believe the got Harvin at age 24 in his prime. This really changes the Hawks draft board. They can focus on a DL and TE.

  9. Wow! That’s a bigtime move for Seattle. Very interested to see what the Vikings’ compensation looks like.

    Add *a healthy* Harvin to a power running game, an emerging young QB and one of the best defenses in the league and Seattle may have just taken another significant step forward.

  10. Typical Minnesota overreaction to a great player with an attitude.

    Game changing ability? Dont care! Get him out of here! He has an attitude! We only like nice guys with good smiles!

  11. Are they gonna release Leon Washington? If so i hope my Colts pick him up!! With the hurryupness!!

  12. He would have fit perfectly with 3 teams, Seattle, San Fran and Philadelphia. Not much leverage here for the Vikes. Don’t expect much in return

  13. The Seattle to Minneapolis pipeline is still flowing strong. I hate to hear this because Seattle is seriously pretty good already. The top spot in the NFC West will be an absolute dogfight. 9ers – fix that secondary and tighten up ST coverage units!

    Hope he is a real headache in more ways than one for Seattle!

  14. The Seahawks sure do like Vikings Receivers. Hope this turns out better than Simeon Rice. I personally think Harvin will be deadly in that offense.

  15. Hey Seahawk Fans. Percy isn’t reading the messege board. I’m not sure why you’re all commenting to him directly???

  16. There are two teams that will dominate the next 10 years. Seattle is one of them. They have the best QB in the NFC, the best defense, the best scouting department, the best head coach, and the best fans.
    The road to multiple Super Bowls will all go thru Seattle.

    The other team that will dominate comes from the AFC… Chiefs nation sees their team being assembled to dynasty status right before their very eyes. They have a top 5 QB now that he has a quality Head coach and stable offensive system. The Chiefs have the AFC’s best head coach, young defense, fans, and running back.

    I see multiple KC vs Seattle Super Bowls.
    Coffee vs BBQ baby I, II, III, IV, V

  17. Hate to see him go; but don’t be surprised Seachicken fans when a return of the migraines is followed by a 3-game suspension for failing a drug test.

  18. My oh my the rest of the NFL is in some SERIOUS TROUBLE!!! Wow!!!! You gotta love this Gm and head coach combo!!! Now for freeney or Abraham and its GAME TIME!!!! Man this is going to be a lot of fun for a long long time!!! So pumped!!! Harbaugh you and your squad is seeing your future slip away!!! We beat you 42-13 without p harvin!!!! Hahaahaha

    GO HAWKS!!!!

  19. So many thoughts, so few characters.
    1) How many teams will Percy end up on before he fades into oblivion like his mentor ?
    2) How will an exciting, transformational type QB like Wilson respond to Harvins “Me first” attoitude?
    3) How many offenses in the NFL run their offense through a slot receiver? How many of them have won Super Bowls?
    4) When judging this trade, I don’t do it on what we got in return, I judge on what we got rid of…a headache that would’ve cost us a lot of money while we are still building. Fact: The Vikings mader their play-off run without Percy; so we have the makings of an offense, now we need to get a couple of WRs, instead of one.

  20. Can’t wait to see what the Vikings got for him in trade….

    Well Seahawks- hope this works out better than the Sidney Rice deal…. but don’t count on it.

  21. Hey Percy it rains alot in Seattle! You seemed depressed in Minny……hope this works out for you and your “MY-graines.” Also, hope you grow up sometime……

  22. Interesting. I thought the Seahawks would’ve opted for Tavon Austin in the draft instead of taking on a “headache” LOL in Harvin. Seems like they have the same skill sets. But I guess now they’ll want to improve the D-line. IF Harvin is healthy and happy, this is great for the Seahawks. Otherwise, they’ve just created a pointless distraction.

  23. Seahawks are dumb. As a Vikes fan, I’m praying we get a ton for him. Percy and Marshawn will work against each other much like AD and Percy worked against each other (look at the stats if you don’t believe me, adrian did great, percy did poor, and vice versa). Percy needs to be a ball control guy to be the most effective (which is hard when you have Adrian Peterson, and now Marshawn Lynch, on your team). Can’t believe they fell for this. Typical Pete Carroll. Now Vikes, go get a traditional WR for a traditional offense. Anquan, please come to minny!

  24. At this rate Seattle will win a Super Bowl before Minnesota with all of our ex-players

  25. Road to the Superbowl goes through Seattle the next couple if years?? Say that when they a really get there.

  26. @iknoweverything LOL thanks for the laugh.


    falcon, saints, panthers, 49ers, packers, bears, lions, redskins and giants fans!

  27. As a Viking fan, this sux for me. Percy is not what is being made out in the press. Listen to his teammates. They love him, once they get to know him. He’s a stud on the field and I’d hate to play the Seahawks twice a year.

  28. At least Harvin will now get to play in front of real fans now. Vikings rarley sell out & now attendance at the Dome will dip to about 20,000 a game except when the Packers play there and it’ll be 75% Pack fans.

  29. I am a big Seahawk fan, and I hate this move. I don’t believe Harvin is the player people think. He has yet to have a 1,000 yrd season – S. Rice had 1,500 yrds before coming to Seattle.

    With such a great team, why do something that could rock the boat??? Obviously I will now cheer for Harvin to do well, but this is not something I would done – but I am not a GM, so likley i have no idea what I am talking about anyways.

  30. Well, with what the Seahawks will have to pay Harvin, they’ll have about $25 – $30m tied-up between two oft-injured ex-Viking WRs- Harvin and Rice- which combined may play 16 games a year…

  31. ESPN is reporting Seahawks gave their 1st round.

    I really don’t understand this. Seattle has been masterful with their picks, and for all the lacking areas in the draft, the WRs seemed to be OK this year.

    G.Tate sounds upset, Washington will be displaced – who was a ProBowler last year. WHY THE HECK did Seattle do this???

    Seattle needed to keep thier salary cap money for the next 3 years – as we are going to need it bad for players like Sherman/Wilson/Browner.

  32. Iknoweverything says:Mar 11, 2013 1:19 PM

    There are two teams that will dominate the next 10 years. Seattle is one of them. They have the best QB in the NFC, the best defense, the best scouting department, the best head coach, and the best fans.
    The road to multiple Super Bowls will all go thru Seattle.

    I see multiple KC vs Seattle Super Bowls.
    Coffee vs BBQ baby I, II, III, IV, V

    By the time Andy Reid has that team in any shape to be competing in the playoffs, the Seahwaks will have revamped twice….wake up. And I still think Andy Reid will do nothing but tread water in KC.


    liddogg33 says:Mar 11, 2013 1:24 PM

    My oh my the rest of the NFL is in some SERIOUS TROUBLE!!! Wow!!!! You gotta love this Gm and head coach combo!!! Now for freeney or Abraham and its GAME TIME!!!! Man this is going to be a lot of fun for a long long time!!! So pumped!!! Harbaugh you and your squad is seeing your future slip away!!! We beat you 42-13 without p harvin!!!! Hahaahaha

    If memory serves me correctly, this is nearly the same comments and hooplah that surrounded the Beagles 2 years ago when they signed “The Dream Team” which was all but guaranteed to bring multiple Lombardi Trophies to Philly. Remember that? We all saw how well that went.

    3 things you can be sure of this coming season:

    1) Wilson fooled a lot of DC’s last year. He’s a fantastic QB, but he won’t repeat the run he did last year for at least another few years….if then. Ditto for Kaepernick in SF…he’ll be broken in half if he keeps running like he does. Book it.

    2) We’ve seen how well it works when a spoiled brat leaves the Vikings for greener pastures, only to be a cancer in pretty much every locker room going forward. This guy has been dinged up his whole life and has had the migraines biting him for years. Bring him to the shrine of fog / clouds /rain and the loudest venue in sports and see how these headaches pan out. My guess is the office and locker room in MN is laughing his crank off right now.

    3) Karma has always been and still is a nasty _____. Crowning your team the next World Champion is frowned upon for a reason. This is how Lynch blows a knee and Wilson misses 3 games with a shoulder or a concussion.

    Now back to your coffee and Nirvana albums.

  33. The deal also includes a crate of Excedrin going to Seattle. Whether it’s Harvin or Pete Carroll who needs it remains to be seen.

  34. Don’t care one way or another regarding Hawks, yet I have NO idea why any team would bring this guy into their locker room. He is either unavailable to play or causing trouble. How in God’s name do you coach him?

  35. Look out world. Prepare for one of the most deadly receiving corps in Football… Wilson, Rice, Harvin, Baldwin, and God knows who else. That will be fun to watch…Better than watching my pathetic Steelers

  36. Vikings started winning games when Harvin basically checked out after that Seattle game. When you hear about the stories of this guy beating up coaches, you have wonder if Harvin is worth it.

    Oh, and boldin just got traded to the 49ers for a SIXTH ROUDNER! Lmao! Boldin is way more reliable than Harvin.

  37. Seattle is our dumping ground for people with heads bigger than their ability. As a big vikings fan all I have to say is good riddance!

    Hopefully Seattle fans are ready for someone who has the attitude of Randy Moss with half the talent.

    Here is what you have to look forward to:
    Ouch my head hurts we will call it a migraine, not playing today.

    They didnt design the offense around me, that AP guy isnt half as good as I am.

    List goes on.

  38. Good bye Percy! Is your headache or your injury riddled career going to happen by game 2 or game 3 in seattle? That is the only over under question.

  39. On paper at least, this Harvin trade makes SEA a much better offense than they were at the end of last season and they were already scary good. Even if they only get 8 games out of him a year because of his attitude, migraines, or whatever other problem de jour he has on a weekly basis, I have no doubt that Harvin will be successful and on his best behavior in 2013 if, for no other reason than to prove he’s not a malcontent to be compared to T.O. or the ‘bad’ Randy Moss. That said, cancer is cancer and though it may take a year to present itself in the Northwest, SEA will eventually realize, as MIN already has, that the tumor is not just a rumor.

  40. I sure hope Rick Speilman knows what he is doing in Mn. If he fails in this draft , he should be fired. He just traded the best kick returner and most exciting receiver in the league, when he’s healthy of course. The good times may last a little while but the diva will come out I guarantee it. Good luck Seachickens!

  41. Wide Receiver seem to be the most difficult position to identify top flight talent because so much depends on the Quarterback/Receiver interaction. Add WR’s in general tend more than most to come with questions/baggage. Seattle seems to work around their mistakes better than most, and Harvin looks to have the talent to take a chance on. They always come up with a Plan B when Plan A gets more expensive in some way. Wilson is a great passer already, but the addition of a true game breaker could reduce the need for him to run. He’ll never be a one trick pony, but the less he needs to run, the longer he will last. Hope this works, could be the most balanced and lethal offense in the league.

  42. Pete Carroll has worked with troubled youth in Los Angeles for years. PC and Russell Wilson will be able to bring the best out of Harvin. Leslie Frazier has excellent communications skills too but because AP is the center of the offense, nasty flair ups from the volatile Harvin made it impossible for the Vikings to tolerate further distractions for management and the team. Good move for both teams.

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