Wes Welker expected to stay in New England

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The latest will-he-stay-or-will-he-go speculation about Patriots receiver Wes Welker, who becomes a free agent tomorrow, currently appears to be focusing on Welker staying in New England.

When we last examined the Welker sweepstakes, it looked like the Patriots were the favorites, but barely. This morning Peter King of Sports Illustrated reported that Welker is widely believed to be staying in New England.

Welker indicated last year that he wasn’t happy the Patriots put the franchise tag on him, and in the last week we’ve heard there was paranoia about the Patriots’ plans within the Welker camp, and that Welker would love to “stick it to the Patriots.” So given that, it’s a little surprising that almost everyone seems to believe he’ll end up staying in New England.

But the bottom line is that there’s no NFL offense better suited for Welker’s talents than New England. In the end, staying in place is the move that makes the most sense.

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  1. He won’t make top tier money as a FA. Plain and simple.

    I think Welker realizes – and if he doesn’t, he will over the next few days – that he won’t get #1 WR money and he fits best in the Pats system.

    And as long as Brady is there, he will have a legit shot at a ring each year.

  2. Dont be fooled by Peter Kings report, remember King works for the Patriots, but does not have a connection to Welker – So this is a report by the Patriots side, not Welkers agent.

  3. I think that he realizes that once he tries to play BB that NE will move on and then what bargaining power does he have.Two more years with the Brady offense and he’ll have unreal numbers. Two more years with a qb who’s k
    learning the league himself and what will he have for numbers?

  4. I don’t know what the Peter King conspiracy theories are, but this report works in Welker’s favor, telling any team that wants a guy who can consistently catch 100 plus passes a year that they are going to have to blow him away with an offer if they want to lure him away from the Patriots.

    If anyone leaked that report, it’s coming from Welker’s camp – not the Patriots.

  5. Welkers money problems start in his own mirror. The deal he signed in 2007 was too long. If he believed in himself then, he would have never signed such a long contract in his prime. He sold himself short. He should have signed a three year deal, or held out after two or three years. Nice guys finish last in Goodell’s NFL.

  6. Who cares..Pats fans must not remember the last 2 big games..Superbowl drop vs Giants..and a drop on 3rd down vs the Ravens that changed the momentum of that game. He’s a stat fluffer..10yards or Less with an occasional big play on a busted coverage.Don’t know Why ppl act like he’s a #1 or even #2 WR. He’s a System Guy nothin more. But 5-10 passes is the system over there!

  7. To the conspiracy theorists…

    Has anyone figured out that all the cap space the Pats cleared out wasn’t to sign Mike Wallace? Welker will be back. All will be forgotten when he gets his money.

    See Vince Wilfork 2010, Logan Mankins 2011, Randy Moss 20… ok see Vince Wilfork.

  8. It’s not like Patriots fans have forgotten about two big drops in the SB and last seasons AFC title game but hey; averaging 112 catches a season for 6 years cannot be overlooked either. The guy’s been spectacularly productive and I’d expect 2 more years of similar results.
    Then there’s the QB to consider and Welker is his best friend on the team and Brady has a ton of faith in him. That matters a whole bunch too.

  9. marvsleezy says:
    Mar 11, 2013 1:04 PM
    Dont be fooled by Peter Kings report, remember King works for the Patriots, but does not have a connection to Welker – So this is a report by the Patriots side, not Welkers agent.
    If you know anything about Peter King, you will know Belichick hates him. So there is no way Bill would plant a story through King.

  10. Everyone wants to label Welker as a system guy. Last time I looked he plays against the other NFL teams, has 5 years of over 100 catches per year and piles up the yards. I guess that means he is the only system guy in the league. No matter what you say he gets his catches, yards and TD’s. Or would you rather bring back Randy Moss with his 28 catches and 2 Touchdowns???

  11. Wes Welker puts up with a lot of junk from the Patriots and the Boston media. He’s taken the fall for Brady’s bad passes, has been benched for no reason, been needled for not playing hurt and franchised.

    I think he can get good money if he’s willing to do a two year deal. If he’s “loyal” to the Patriots then that’s a one-way street.

  12. grogansheroes says: you will know Belichick hates him
    His source is Craft. They are cozy. Remember the last story Pete broke about the Brady contract? That was word for word what Craft told him to say, without the proper analysis.

    Also, Peter King doesnt normally break stories like this anymore – The Shefters and the Glazers get these first.

    And lastly Craft would be closer to negotiations than Belechik.

    SO, this story is from Craft, who is a personal friend of Peter Kings.

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