Alex Smith-to-Chiefs trade now official


The drama ended on the Alex Smith saga two weeks ago, but the paperwork was filed today.

With the beginning of the league year, the 49ers traded their former starting quarterback to the Chiefs for a pair of draft picks.

“We would like to thank Alex for his contributions to the 49ers organization over the past eight years,” 49ers General Manager Trent Baalke said in a statement released by the team. “He is a true professional who represented the 49ers with class on and off the field.”

The former first overall pick will have a good offense to preside over in KC, with today’s addition of tight end Anthony Fasano.

21 responses to “Alex Smith-to-Chiefs trade now official

  1. I’m not sure that anyone played the backup role as well as he did. You know damn well he was ready to step in and do some work against the ravens or anyone else if need be and I hope you know damn well that KC is building something with him there. In Andy Reids offense with Jamaal Charles as the half back Alex Smith is going to be at or near a pro bowl level

  2. I hope alex is comfortable for rolling the ball 60 times a game and Jamaal Charles getting the ball 10

  3. Hey Arizona,

    How do you feel about Ryan Fitzpatrick?!? Eh? Eh?

    No, huh? yah, ok.

    It’s only funny if Arizona gives up Peterson and a 2nd round pick for Fitzpatrick.

  4. KC runs the ball like few else in the league can, got a playmaker in Bowe, now they pick up Fasano as well. KC is going to be a lot better this year.

  5. The Chiefs have not drafted a qb that has won a game for them since todd blackledge in 1987!!

    Looks like that streak will continue!

    wow, that may be one of the most amazing things ive ever heard.

  6. I hope smith has an okay time over there. I hope he can mesh into yet another new system as well as he did the 49er’s most recent iteration. He deserves it.

  7. After suffering through some of the worst years in franchise history with Alex Smith at QB, I want to make a snide remark, but I can’t bring myself to do it. He handled his demotion last year with too much class for me to do that. He will be a competent game manager for them like he was the last two years for the Niners. If their individual defensive talent can play together better as a unit, they should be able to contend for a wild card spot.

  8. Finally geez that only took 8 long years K.c you suckers the guy is a class no doubt about it but he cant play football he cant beat the defense over the top. He’s got noodle arm will try to work you with underneath stuff but if not available your in trouble wont try to go deep knows his arm incapable oh and we were gonna let him walk last year but with strike we needed some one to bridge it over to Kap lol and you suckers gave us two second round picks thanks joe Montana & Elvis Gerbac

  9. I’ll miss watching #11 in a Niners jersey on Sundays, but I’ll be paying close attention to the Chiefs this year. I think the Kansas City organization just gained a lot of fans from California. Best of luck to Alex Smith – a class act, a man’s man, and the ultimate teammate.

  10. Cassell to Smith? That’s an upgrade?? I can hear the boobirds after the first game or two.. Numbers speak for themselves.. Smith was worse. Just saying…

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