Bears “hot” on Vikings right tackle Phil Loadholt

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As the Bears attempt to bolster their offensive line, they’re looking to weaken a division rival’s by possibly making an early run at Minnesota’s Phil Loadholt.

According to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, the Bears are “hot on Loadholt,” which frankly is a disturbingly evocative collection of words.

The Vikings right tackle has started 63 of 64 games since the Vikings took him in the second round of the 2009 Draft.

While the Vikings want to retain him, they don’t want to go over $5 million a year for a right tackle in a market thick with blockers, according to Tom Pelissero of

Loadholt played on the left side in college, but his strength is in the run game, and he’s probably better suited on the right. But the Bears have 2011 first-rounder Gabe Carimi there.

Whether they sign him or just drive up the price on the Vikings, it’s a potentially good piece of business by the Bears, depending on where they’d play him.

23 responses to “Bears “hot” on Vikings right tackle Phil Loadholt

  1. Yeah, let them use up their limited cap space on a durable RT best suited for a run-oriented offense, that will cause 2 false start penalties a game.

  2. The Bears can’t count on Carimi on the right side. He’s going to have to beat someone out for PT. A solid run blocker, but brutal in pass protection. Loadholt would be an upgrade.

    The Bears can’t sit on their hands, hoping the OL will just improve anymore.

  3. The Bears shouldn’t worry about what positions are “taken” already on the oline, just acquire talent and let talent decide who plays.

  4. I’m a little disappointed the Vikings even let him get to free agency. He probably could have been locked up cheaper a year ago and continuity on a good offensive line matters more than saving a buck.

  5. Loadholdt is a good run blocker, but you do NOT want him protecting your QB’s blind side.

    While I’d like to see the Vikings keep him, if they do lose him, they’d better have another guy lined up to take his spot, especially a good run blocker.

  6. If Loadholt goes to a division rival, so be it. If he thinks he’s worth more than $5 million per year he’s delusional. He was I think, second in the NFL for penalties (11). And if the Bears want to overpay, have at it.

    The Vikings will turn to in-house free agent Geoff Schwartz as Loadholt’s replacement. Spielman said he wants continuity along the offensive line, there is you guy… He’ll likely come reasonably cheap too.

    Schwartz started 16 games for the Panthers at right tackle in 2010 while Jeff Davidson was the offensive coordinator before he was injured.

    Oh yeah, Davidson is the Vikings OL coach now.

  7. Bears need help on the offensive line so they’re looking into signing a really slow offensive lineman that has struggled most of his career.

  8. Loadholt is better suited for the RG position. He doesn’t have the footspeed to play tackle. That is a big reason why he gets so many false start penalties is because he has to jump the count to keep up with speed rushers.

  9. As a Vikings fan I am ecstatic to hear this news. Loadholdt may have been an excellent run blocker but couldn’t pass protect to save his life. Hopefully the Bears get him so they can endure his drive killing holding calls.

  10. Translation:

    The Bears have absolutely no interest in Loadholt and are trying to bait the Vikings into overpaying an average RT who is the most penalized player in the division. Loadholt makes no sense for the Bears who are already awash in mediocre offensive linemen.

  11. Vikes should just franchise tag Loadholt to force him into another “prove it” season. He played his best ball last year and was in amazing shape.

    That or they can sign him long term but right tackle on a run first offense shouldn’t be THAT freakin hard to pull off under 5 mil.

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