Bengals looking at Beanie Wells, Mike Goodson

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Bengals coach Marvin Lewis has said that the team’s cap surplus will be used on the current players.

But that doesn’t mean newcomers won’t be welcome.

According to Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports, former Cardinals running back Beanie Wells visited the Bengals on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, free-agent Mike Goodson arrives.  Goodson spent 2012 with the Raiders; per Silver, the Jets and Cowboys also are interested.

The Bengals want a tailback who can share touches with BenJarvus Green-Ellis, who arrived as a free agent in 2012.

11 responses to “Bengals looking at Beanie Wells, Mike Goodson

  1. Packers could be a dark horse for Goodson. I think they tried to get him from Carolina a few years ago.

  2. Keep the compensatory picks coming we will end up worth quite a few the way this is going

  3. beanie is perfect for afc smashmouth running football. ONLY if he can stay healthy. I like goodson too but i think his best years are way behind him. would love to see beanie in orange and black! look! its official: Ravens and Steelers are officially AARP members! Meals on Wheels here we come!!!! WHO DEY!!

  4. Looks like RM is building from the ground up. He is keeping a few beets around for grooming our young guys that will all be comimg in. I willbe suprised to see him sign one FA and stock pile pics by trade and he is going young cheap talent throughout the whole roster. That way some of our young guys can grow together under veteran leadersship.

  5. Goodson is a perfect fit for what the Bengals are looking for. Wells doesn’t make much sense with BGE and Peerman already there.

  6. He is not a sexy name, but I would rather have Goodson than Beanie. Goodson can break a long run and is comfortable in the change of pace back role. He can catch, run between the tackles and occasionaly take it to the house. Beanie can frustrate you with flashes of goal line brilliance and then take the next week off to injury. BJGE is the starter and Beanie is the same mold as him. Goodson is the prize here. Don’t rule out drafting the opposite type of back that the Bengals sign of these two. Goodson/ Monty Ball, Wells/ Giovanni Bernard.

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