Browns agree with Desmond Bryant


Free agent Raiders defensive tackle Desmond Bryant is joining the Browns, PFT’s Mike Florio has learned via a league source.

The 6-foot-6, 311-pound Bryant ranked No. 33 on PFT’s Free Agent Hot 100. He racked up 36 tackles and four sacks for Oakland in 2012.

Bryant, 27, joins a Browns defensive line that already includes tackles Phil Taylor and Ahtyba Rubin. It will interesting to see how Cleveland, which is moving to 3-4, will use Bryant. Bryant started eight games at defensive tackle in Oakland in 2012, but it’s possible he could be an end in a “30” front. (At his size, he would also have the bulk to play the nose, too.) Rubin has previously played the nose in a 3-4.

29 responses to “Browns agree with Desmond Bryant

  1. Talk about players being overpaid!!! Between him & Wheeler, 2 players from the worst defense in the NFL, they just save the Raiders $60 million. WOW

  2. Cleveland is moving to a 3-4. Browns made to solid pick ups today, They’re probably two wins better already.

  3. Seriously i posted a Funny comment and you Delete it ??? This is not the first time or i wouldn’t be calling you guys out on this but if i spend time reading your articles and comment in a fair non offensive way why the hell would you Delete it ??????

  4. This seemed like the only position group that was strong for this team. With Rubin, Taylor, and Kitchen at NT and Winn, Hughes, possibly Taylor, and now Bryant at T (3-4 DE) I think they could move Rubin or Taylor to get back in to the 2nd round.

  5. Desmond Bryant is a stud.

    Reggie McKenzie is proving to be a TERRIBLE general manager.

  6. Coach Horton is moving ahead with his wish list for building a Championship Team in the AFC. Too bad Cardinals you once again choked at a great opportunity!

  7. Rubin and Taylor aren’t going anywhere. The Browns are quietly amassing one of the best front sevens in the AFC, certainly in the AFC North with the implosion of the Baltimore D via Free Agency and the fact that the Steeler’s D linemen are headed for an assisted living facility. Let the fun begin!

  8. i dont understand all the hate on Mckenzie, he has one of the hardest jobs in the history of the NFL. By trying to clean up Al’s mess. Cut him some slack.

  9. He was good in Oakland, he wasn’t a game changer & he made a lot of dumb penalties at times for Oakland so it’s not really a big loss. Wish him the best with the browns.

  10. thebrownyelf: Don’t get caught up too much in the current positions as they’re listed. Billy Winn will probably line up at DE in the 3-4, and Bryant played DE at Harvard. There’s a solid chance they’re thinking of having him drop some weight and play end, with Rubin, Taylor, and Hughes/Kitchen playing NT (or being trade bait on draft weekend). Hall Davis has the size to be a hybrid DE/OLB in a 3-4, but I don’t know enough about him to know if he’s got a good chance to stick on this roster.

  11. The Browns are really putting together a strong D-line. Phil Taylor and Bryant are a good combo to help the Rush.

  12. A good 3-4 defensive front always has big men on the line. 3-4 ends aren’t necessarily meant to be speedy pass rushers. Instead, they’re meant to eat up the O line and stuff the “up the middle” running game of the offense. In the 3-4 the OLBs are the pass rushers.

    Rubyn will play NT and Taylor and Bryant will play the ends with Big John Hughes and Billy Winn rotating in.

    Plus Hughes and Taylor can definately step in at NT and Rubyn can play end if needed.

    That’s a strong rotation! I like it.

  13. He’s wearing a mask because he just robbed the browns. The Browns cut an overpaid defensive lineman in Rucker and to make up for the solid cut, they overpaid another d lineman. I would have rather seen some money thrown around at position of weakness. I don’t know like free safety, DE, another linebacker, TE, WR, CB, OG. You know every other position on the team besides the one position we are deep at. I don’t mean to be a pessimist, but I’ve been a Browns fan all of my life.

  14. He’s a solid player who will fit nicely in the Browns rotation.

    He has a very high motor and other than accidentally walking into his neighbours house instead of his while drunk, he hasn’t had any issue with the law.

    Nice pickup, I’m sorry to see him go.

  15. The Bengals have the best front 7 in the AFCN guys. Browns fans are still the funniest. Every year the future is in Cleveland. Love it.

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