Bucs are the likely Revis destination, if Jets move quickly

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As the new league year approaches, the Jets have, for now, one serious trade partner for cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, it’s the Buccaneers.

The challenge becomes doing a deal that works for everyone involved — the teams and the player.Some, including former Jets G.M. Mike Tannenbaum, believe that Revis should bring in the same haul that the Vikings got for receiver Percy Harvin.  But there are major differences between the deals.

First, one playoff team in the NFC traded Harvin to another playoff team in the same conference.  To justify that deal, the compensation needed to be greater.

The Jets, by sending Revis to a team they’d only have to worry about in the postseason if they meet in the Super Bowl, are taking less of a competitive risk by shipping Revis to Tampa.

Second, and more importantly, Harvin had a year left on his deal and the Vikings could have used the franchise tag on him twice, before the salary would have become unwieldy.  Thus, the Vikings controlled Harvin for a total of three more years.

The Jets, in turn, have one more year with Revis.  Next March, he can walk away without the ability to use the franchise tag, per his contract.

Combined with the fact that the Jets have decided not to keep him beyond the 2013 season and the fact that he’s recovering from a torn ACL, Harvin actually is worth more in a trade than Revis.

At best, it’s a package headlined by a second-round pick this year or possibly a first-rounder in 2014.  Under these circumstances, a 2013 first-round pick for Revis doesn’t make sense.

For the Jets and Revis, the question now becomes whether they are willing to do the deal, before the opportunity dries up.  If the Bucs sign a player like, say, Falcons cornerback Brent Grimes once the market opens, the Bucs will lose interest in Revis — and as of right now there’s no one else trying to get the deal done.

46 responses to “Bucs are the likely Revis destination, if Jets move quickly

  1. The Vikings just released Antoine Winfield, freeing up another $7.25m in cap space… they’ll be looking to replace him…

  2. You’d think the Bucs would recognize the deep, deep pool of available CBs and try their hand at free agency before giving anything up for Revis. You can’t tell me that Grimes, coming off an injury as well, wouldn’t be more valuable to them given that he’d cost less monetarily and wouldn’t require giving up anything in terms of picks.

    The only advantage to making a deal now for Tampa is they have some leverage. They can walk away from the table with the Jets knowing there’s a lot of free agent CBs. Once that well dries up and the Bucs don’t act, the Jets can up their price to a more desperate suitor.

    The whole “opportunity drying up” scenario works both ways.

  3. How about the most important difference being that Harvin isn’t coming off an ACL tear? There is no way the compensation should be the same, just based on that fact.

  4. Vikings just released Winfield and restructured Carlson’s contract…clearing cap space for Revis unless they are going to trade two 1st rounders for Larry Fitz.

  5. Man, could Revis have any worse luck on his teams — Jets & Bucs? I guess his next stop will be Oakland.

  6. Uhhhh…the Jets don’t need to worry about meeting a trading partner in the playoffs.

  7. Based on the taped conversation , since Dominik doesn’t think Freeman is a franchise QB, Idzik should instead get Freeman which is a huge upgrade for the Jets QB’s.

  8. Florio’s hate for the Jets is ridiculous. Snarky comments about the organization in every article.

  9. Welcome to Tampa Mr Revis. You will love the sun, beaches, cuban sandwiches, and Cigar City Beer. Life is good down here.

  10. The eagles need help everywhere, hoping he does go to Tampa. His salary can be spent on several other good free agents.

  11. No winning franchise is giving $16M a year to a cornerback. Bucs sound about right.

  12. I will be sick if the BUCS give up their #1 pick for a 29 yr old coming off an ACL tear. If we can get him for a 2 or 3, then taking a chance makes sense. I have a lot of confidence that Dominick will make the right decision.

  13. Vikings just released Winfield and restructured Carlson’s contract…clearing cap space for Revis unless they are going to trade two 1st rounders for Larry Fitz.

    fitz isnt worth remotely close to that plus this $$$$ new deal

  14. jlv3gem says:Mar 12, 2013 3:16 PM

    Vikes should trade AP while he has his highest value
    what team is going to pay his salary plus give up their first round pick for next 6 straight years?

  15. What about the point Harvin is one randomly occurring migraine away from being inactive on game day or key practice days? Recovery from ACL surgery is not what it once was.

  16. Let him go to the Bucs, he’ll be forgotten there.
    Niners or other caliber teams won’t give him huge contract.

  17. onermedboxer says:Mar 12, 2013 3:01 PM

    Revis Island in Tampa Bay, doesnt sound too bad

    The bucs will still suck… so what is your point?

  18. Make it happen Dominik.. only if Revis is doing well in his rehab for that ACL. Imagine if we bring in Goldson and a healthy Revis. Our secondary will be greatly improved.

  19. chc4 says:
    Mar 12, 2013 3:07 PM

    Man, could Revis have any worse luck on his teams — Jets & Bucs? I guess his next stop will be Oakland.

    Keyshawn Johnson was traded from the Jets to the Bucs, which definitely turned out to be a big step up for him, seeing how a couple of years later it meant he found himself on a Superbowl winning team.

    Jets had FOUR first round picks that draft after the trade (wow), and even with all that, Jets have won their division only ONCE since then (three division crowns for the Bucs since). Interestingly enough, that sole division crown for the Jets came the same year that the Bucs also won the first of their three subsequent division crowns. The difference in comparative team quality is that the Jets got their tails waxed by the Raiders in their divisional playoff round 30-10, while the Bucs went on to embarrass that same Raider team 48-21 in the Superbowl… the same Raiders that beat the Jets by three touchdowns in their divisional playoff game. You might say that with the Raiders beating the Jets by three touchdowns and then the Bucs beating those same Raiders by four touchdowns, that even though both won their respective divisions, team quality-wise the Bucs were a seven touchdown better team than the Jets. (Okay, that particular conclusion is a bit tongue-in-cheek… but there’s still something to be said for it.)

    And right now? Bucs are a better team currently than the Jets, with more quality pieces in place and better situated to make some noise and start knocking on the door, these coming years, that leads to the “big show.” Somewhat similar conditions for Revis leaving the Jets for the Bucs that Keyshawn went through and ended up leading to a Superbowl ring for Key. Okay, I have to concede… Bucs were further ahead at that time then than they are now… but they’re still on their way now, and are improving fast. So as for Revis leaving a dying team and coming to one that has been stocking up on star players in key positions – and comparing to Keyshawn leaving the Jets for the Bucs then and the outcome ultimately resulting in a rare prize (a Superbowl victory) that some high profile teams (Eagles, Vikings, Falcons, etc.) still have never achieved.

    Dé·jà vu?

  20. You have these teams spending all this money on high end players and yet they still get nowhere. Didn’t the bucs spend a lt in FA last year? Where did it get them, same results. Start the season off good and tank midway. At the end the only thing they’ve accomplished is paying out a lot of money.

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