Charles Woodson visiting 49ers tomorrow


In what’s likely a sign that Dashon Goldson’s out the door and never coming back, the 49ers are lining up a replacement.

According to ESPN’s Josina Anderson, former Packers defensive back Charles Woodson is visiting the 49ers tomorrow.

Woodson missed half of last season with a broken collarbone, but played well when he was well.

Goldson appears to have been targeted by the Buccaneers, and the 49ers seem resigned to losing him. But after never giving him a long-term deal, they forced him to look around.

11 responses to “Charles Woodson visiting 49ers tomorrow

  1. Balkee is playing with fire with this one. All pro safeties don’t just fall from trees. Goldson should’ve gotten a deal last year.

  2. as much as i like Woodson, as a hawks fan this makes me quite happy. load up that defense with oldies but goodies, 9ers. might be able to keep the score to within 14 this year.

  3. He probably has a year left in him though he’s slowed down quite a bit. He was a superb player and sportsman for the Packers. A real class act.

  4. as a packer fan it’s an overstatement to say he played well when he was well…. he was invisible. he didn’t play horrible or get burned too badly but he doesn’t have playmaking left in him. and that’s his 2nd broken collarbone BTW. I’m not sad to see green bay use that cap space on younger guys.

  5. He is still a very good safety. Dallas should sign him and Huff, but of course, they are doing nothing. I know about the salary cap, they should trade Spencer now, cut Free and sign Romo long term and free up some cash

  6. Lol ing at the SEA fans. Suddenly they are the NFCW champs because they signed a headache who has headaches. The name of the game here noobs is remaining injury free throughout the season.

    I hope Carrol is as foolish as all of you and stays focused only on SF. STL will be much improved next year so have fun with your bold predictions. Your 5′ 3″ QB will be figured out next year.

  7. Woodson has been injury prone but I think he still have something left in the tank…if the price is right, he will be a 49ers but if he’s asking for too much…on to the next. 49ers will do what they do best and that is a little mixture of adding great draft picks, veteran free agents at a discount rate and coaching them up to be the best players out on the field. Coach Harbaugh as a second year head coach took the 49ers to the Superbowl and so far, that resume looks really good…it would have looked better if they won but its called continuous improvement and they will just get better and better.

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