Chase Daniel agrees to terms with Chiefs


Earlier on Tuesday, there was a report that the Jets were interested in adding Chase Daniel to their quarterback version of The Hunger Games.

They might have been interested, but Daniel apparently wasn’t willing to engage in a competition with Mark Sanchez, David Garrard, Greg McElroy and anyone else the Jets dig up this offseason.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Daniel has reached agreement in principle on a three-year deal with the Chiefs. That would likely mean Daniel’s leaving his post as Drew Brees’ backup to serve in the same role behind Alex Smith. Moving ahead of Smith may not be the unscalable mountain that Brees presents in New Orleans, but the new Chief signal caller does have two more years left on his deal.

Daniel has thrown nine regular season passes in his NFL career. If Smith remains healthy and effective, he likely won’t be adding too many throws to that total in 2013.

23 responses to “Chase Daniel agrees to terms with Chiefs

  1. Before the ink dries on the contract, Andy Reid has just offered Daniels to the Cardinals for a 2nd round pick and Fitz.

  2. Kansas City is destined to become a medicore team again with all these “great” acquisitions so far

  3. This is just a terrible waste of resources.

    Just keep Cassel. He’s actually wayyyyyyyyyy better.

  4. 9 total passes in his NFL career. Gotta love that you can make a mil or more a year on that resume.

  5. Chiefs already have better QB’s now than they did the entire time Scott Pioli was running things. Sad thing is, they could have had Smith last year and gave up NOTHING! I know it’s early but I can definitely see Kansas City being a wildcard contender if they use that #1 pick right.

  6. slickster35 – Are You Crazy? have You Watched the Chiefs the last 4 Years?

    As a Die hard Chiefs Fan, I am pumped about this Chase Daniel. He tore it up for Mizzou in Columbia. I believe he is an underrated QB prospect. Should be a lot of fun to watch.

  7. Good move by the chiefs. As a saints fan I’ve watched a lot of chase Daniel. He is a mini brees with more mobility. Better than smith and cassel combined. Expect him to be KCs starter

  8. The Chiefs OL does not have a good record for keeping its starting QB ‘healthy and effective.’ The odds are a 4th stringer off the street will start some games.

  9. While Smith and Daniel aren’t anything to get wowed over, both are a big improvement over the crap that started for KC last year.

  10. Chiefs/Mizzou fans all happy about this. Great pickup to backup Smith and now they don’t have to worry about finding some QB in the 3rd round to back him up.

  11. Chase Daniel is terrible. If Chase had actually gotten to play for the Saints, it would’ve been a Matt Painter-level of bad.

  12. This is a great signing by the Chiefs. Chase is a stud player.

    Only the KU fans are hating on this signing because he destroyed them in Arrowhead in the big game a few years back to KU from becoming #1 in the Nation.

  13. Man, this has disaster written all over it. You’ve brought in Alex Smith, who the fan base isn’t jumping for joy over. And the backup QB is the most popular guy in town when you’re not an elite signal caller anyway. And you bring in Chase Daniel to the only place in the country where people think he’s good. OH NO. Smith is never even gonna have a chance with a lot of chiefs fans now. Really bad move.

  14. I’m not a KU fan. I’m just not a Mizzou fan, so I can see this more clearly. May as well bring in Tebow too, and really stir the pot for people who can’t see past their biases.

  15. Thanks, Chase, for hanging around N’awlins. Too bad you were backing up one of the most durable and consistent QBs in the game.

    Be careful in K.C., you could get hurt.

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