Dan Connor visiting the Steelers


On Monday, the Cowboys dumped veteran linebacker Dan Connor.

On Tuesday, Connor has plans to head back to his home state.  (OK, Commonwealth.)

Connor will visit the Steelers, according to Calvin Watkins of ESPNDallas.com.

The 3-4 inside linebacker fits the Steelers’ typical free-agency profile.  That is, guys who can be gotten cheaply.

And Connor could end up being a contributor, especially if Lawrence Timmons slides outside to fill the void created by the departure of James Harrison.

Actually, that could be the best plan for Pittsburgh.  With Timmons already under contract for the long haul and with pass rushers more pricey than inside linebackers, the Steelers would be wise to at least consider using Timmons on the outside and acquiring more help for the inside.

29 responses to “Dan Connor visiting the Steelers

  1. I really like this move for the Steelers. Though I wouldn’t move Timmons outside. We tried him there unsuccessfully, and he’s really come into his own on the inside. Connor would replace Foote, and that’s a huge upgrade.

  2. Timmons is an absolute beast, he is just sooo much better suited to play inside.

    I love the fact that we’re kicking Dan Connor’s tires, but moving Timmons outside is insane.

  3. Wow, I write up a post about why Timmons moving outside would be stupid and it gets deleted.

  4. Steelers: sign connor as soon as he walks in the building. that would be a very good signing to replace the aging foote.
    but do not put timmons on the outside, keep him on the inside – draft jarvis jones from georgia. With jones, timmons, connor and woodley the linebacker core will be set for years to come.

  5. he will be chewed up and spitten out in the AFCN. Steelers are sucking wind at this point.

  6. It’s good to know you didn’t watch any of the Steelers’ games recently.

    Timmons is a pro bowl insider linebacker, but average (at best) playing outside in place of Harrison.

    He didn’t put any pressure on the QB and was a liability in the run game.

  7. “he will be chewed up and spitten out in the AFCN. Steelers are sucking wind at this point.”===============================
    Says the fan of a team set to miss the playoffs….

    Ravens have more holes then the Steelers do.
    Harbaugh to Harbaugh insider trading is wrong. But love how the guy who won the Superbowl for you is valued so high! “Average Joe” needs to stop endorsing your players.

  8. dont feel bad steelbydesign. i was deleted for saying i would love to see dan play in philly. LOL.

  9. Timmons would be a terrible fit outside…
    Are the Steelers really considering this or is this just this site putting names in slots?

  10. Well you’re right steelbydesign, he produced little pressure playing outside two seasons ago. It would be nice to see a Penn St. backer playing in Pittsburgh.

  11. This is for depth as the steelers chose not to tender sly stevens. It’s also an upgrade over stevens, who had been injury prone anyways. The cap hit will be about the same.

    Apparently the steelers also restructured woodley’s contract today for more cap room. I think they may still be able to resign lewis, and barring that, sign one of the other secondary guys cut recently. There have been a lot of those. I wouldn’t mind some more depth at safety too.

  12. “And Connor could end up being a contributor, especially if Lawrence Timmons slides outside to fill the void created by the departure of James Harrison.”

    Timmons is NOT an outside 3-4 LB. He was VERY quiet stat wise when he got moved there due to injuries. Meanwhile he’s explosive and loud on the stat sheet at ILB. He’s staying inside.

  13. joshhatesthesteelers | Mar 12, 2013, 12:19 PM EDT
    The Steelers are one if the worst franchises in the NFL today. Right up there with the brown, rams, cardinal and raiders
    This is from a bengals clown…very rich little Josh …how many rings you got peanut? Sssshhh you are getting better , but not fast enough.

  14. Love all the haters comments. Good to end the day with a laugh.

    This guy is a veteran and could help when starters are injuried but we need backups that can play special teams which are usually younger back ups. Wonder how well he would do at playing ST.

  15. I am still laughing at someones comment that the Steelers are one of the worst Franchises in the NFL. Seriously? You have got to be kidding me with that comment! The Steelers franchise is one of the 5 best in the NFL you mean. The Rooney’s run it right. Yes we lost several free agents but quietly we are getting stronger. I have said it before and will say it again. Don’t sleep on the Steelers. When everyone is healthy this team is dangerous. Steelers Nation is the greatest nation!!!

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