David Garrard will get a chance to compete for starting job


Mark Sanchez might have a leg up, but David Garrard apparently has a leg to stand on.

Despite not throwing a pass in the NFL since 2010, Garrard said Tuesday he expects to be given a chance to win the Jets starting job.

They told me I’d have a chance to compete for the starting job,” Garrard said, via Seth Walder of the New York Daily News. “When I saw an opportunity to be able to compete for a job I thought that was good for me and my family.”

That Garrard is competing says as much about the Jets depth chart as Garrard himself. At the moment, that chart includes Sanchez, Greg McElory, and for the moment Tim Tebow.

Garrard said he talked to Sanchez when he worked out for the team, saying: “He seems to be an upstanding guy. It’s all about competition. I understand that and I believe he understands that.”

And the rest of us understand why the Jets are in the spot they’re in.