Dolphins cutting Kevin Burnett in LB makeover


It’s like Christmas in Miami.

When the kids get a bunch of shiny new toys, the old stuff goes to the garage. Or to the curb.

After a flurry of activity which saw them sign linebackers Dannell Ellerbe and Phillip Wheeler, and releasing Karlos Dansby, they’ve also released Kevin Burnett, according to Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated.

Burnett started every game during his two seasons with the Dolphins, and didn’t seem like the kind of player who was screaming to be replaced, at least until somebody woke up with a wad of salary cap room burning a hole in his pocket.

14 responses to “Dolphins cutting Kevin Burnett in LB makeover

  1. welp, I called this in the comments on the Wheeler PFT article. easy to read these tea leaves. Youth movement in full swing.

  2. Miami got alot younger with their LB core today. Ireland has done a great job of keeping our own FA, getting the best WR on the open market, and bringing in younger playmaking LB’s. It makes you wonder if Ireland or Philbin is calling the shots. Either way keep up the fantastic job Dolphins! Fins Up!

  3. “until somebody woke up with a wad of salary cap room burning a hole in his pocket.”

    Yet another weak attempt at being cute. Try just reporting the news there, Seinfeld.

    Wheeler is younger and faster than Burnett, and can also cover Tight Ends.

    Miami has a couple of formidable ones to deal with in their division. You may have heard of them.

  4. This team is going to be real good for years. Now all kneel before the genius of ireland. Go phins.

  5. Dolphins are getting faster and more aggressive. Wake eats up blockers and these guys are fast enough to close on the QB or cover the TEs. I wasn’t expecting this until next year. A better pass rush takes the pressure off the secondary which will no doubt be the target on draft day. My only concern with this is the chemistry aspect. Hopefully these guys will learn quickly how to play together.

  6. I like the linebacker moves quite a bit.

    Grossly overpaying on the wide receiver is not what I would call a savvy move.

    Before calling Ireland a genius, why aren’t people asking why the Dolphins still have so many gaping holes this far in to his tenure?

  7. Bill Parcells is the main culprit. Had he been on board with.Ireland to take Matt Ryan, the franchise would be better off. Ireland has done his best job since Tuna rode off like a coward. Ireland making some good moves and will continue to improve as well as the team.

  8. Faster, better and younger at LB for a pretty much neutral price. Makes sense to me. Wheeler is grossly underrated.

    Now with Wallace they need to go all in on offense and draft Tavon Austin.

    With Wallace and Austin I think Hartline would be open all day.

  9. It seems that most every team that has made these wholesale off-season FA signings in past seasons didn’t do squat the following season.

  10. Really exciting news. At first, it seemed odd for them to be going after LBs, but they did, indeed, get younger and better without adding much salary. Ireland saw the chance, so he took it.

    So what about the other holes? They still have some money to find a CB, O-Lineman, or a TE. And/or, they use their copious draft picks to fill them in. Of those 3 positions, CB is the most obvious need.

    Two or three more savvy moves in free agency and the draft, and I will be extremely excited for the start of the season.

  11. These two LB moves make a ton of sense. Look beneath the surface and you’ll see that these moves didn’t hurt and only helped. Dansby was good but getting older. Burnett was not very good. They got replaced by better younger players at the same or less money. It’s brilliant really. Ireland may have gotten lucky but that’s part of it. I’ll take it. Hate all you want….two great moves

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