Dolphins dump Dansby

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So what do you get for a 134-tackle season?

You get cut.

That’s what the Dolphins are doing to veteran Karlos Dansby, per a league source with knowledge of the situatuon.

Dansby signed with Miami in 2010, after six seasons in Arizona.  The 31-year-old veteran becomes an unrestricted free agent.  He was due to earn a base salary of $6.05 million in 2013.

Dansy played through a torn biceps muscle in 2012, starting all 16 games.

51 responses to “Dolphins dump Dansby

  1. Ellerbe is another in a long list of average Baltimore linebacker.

    We are made of pure steel. Jealous of our splendor?

  2. Dansby failed to be the play maker he was brought in to be and he also rubbed Coach Philibin the wrong way twice in public this year.

    “do not want”

  3. Karlos Dansby signed a $43 million contract with $22 million guaranteed in 2010 and made him the highest paid ILB at that point.

    Miami brought him in to cover pass catching tight ends.

    Since then, guys like Dustin Keller and Aaron Hernandez have made careers on him, and as far as his national image goes; Rob Gronkowski’s drunken club rages get more attention than he does.

  4. Its time for a REAL salary cap (including minimum cap to keep talent on the field and not the free agent list) and real contract penalties. To restructure a contract,, a player should have to be released so every team has a fair shot at him. Why have a salary cap if it can be so manipulated.

  5. Teams are starting to figure out the market corrections associated with some of these deals of the past were not properly factored in. They still look at it in a contrived way by seeing the dollar savings from forgoing continuing on with these contracts, but they are still slow to realize that the dollars they made up until this point were more than they should have been.

    They will never reconcile the inefficient losses accrued up until that point, or acknowledge that they even exist.

  6. most teams would like a productive player such as him, however baltimore seems like a likely landing spot.. Ravens fans better hope so at least.

  7. Sorry to see him go, but I will talk Ellerbe anyday of the week and especially at near even money against the Cap. Dansby will be signed immediately, but the injuries and age won’t get him a huge contract. Best of Luck to him. Too bad he won’t be a Dolphin in the upcoming winning seasons.

  8. He was good and dependable but didn’t make many impact plays. Dolphins are still getting younger. That should mean long-term relevance but these young guys will come due to get paid and cap hell is in the distant future for Miami.

  9. Seriously? He is a leader and core of our defense… He pulls the d together in times of need, this loss goes well beyond his physical abilities. We can afford him. Bad move. I am a true dolphins fan and rarely speak out against Miami. I have yet to this off season, and when all is said and done support Jeff Ireland and moves he’s made. He is slowly getting recognition he deserves but this one is beyond me. Not only is e very affordable and loves Miami but he is consistent. You build around consistent pieces. 134 tackles! Why not trade him and at least get something for him? This provides no security to anybody in Miami. 2 steps forward one step back. This hurts.

  10. A good player making great player money. Miami asked him to restructure, so the Philban-hates-him aspect is probably overblown. He was overpaid.

    I think he made a mistake not staying in Miami. He’s not the player he was projected to be after a hot start early in his career. He “stays at home” well and makes a lot of tackles, but rarely makes game-changing plays.

    Love to see Miami continue to fill holes in FA…then move up from #12 to get Dion Jordan.

  11. What would the Dolphins have got in a trade? Dansby will be 32 next season, is not an impact player, and was one of the highest paid ILB’s in the NFL. No team is going to give up a draft pick and then take on his overly priced salary. The Phins had no choice but to cut their losses with him.

  12. cantonbound13 says: Mar 12, 2013 6:51 PM

    Should have cut Misi instead. He doesn’t fit the system.
    Misi actually had his best year in 2012 in the 4-3 system. He is also 26. Dansby will be 32.

    Didn’t see it coming, but I like the move. Less money, younger, and equal or better talent.

  13. Great move by the Fins. Dansby lost a step covering those TEs coming out and he was going to be a huge cap hit by next year, 14 million. Good time to move him. People keep getting all caught up because they bought a jersey with a players name on it. This was a good football move.

  14. I like Dansby, but this is a very cleaver move by Miami. They get a player who is 4 years younger, who has played at the same level for about the same money and Ellerbe is also viewed as a ascending player. Not to mention that the contract of all three of Miami’s LBs were about to expire.

  15. I find it hard to believe no team in the NFL wanted to drop a 6th round pick for him. He must have said “no” to other teams about a restructure as well.

    I know that MLB/ILB is one of the positions (like RB) where you can plug a rookie or underpaid ex-special teamer in and see good ROI, but this guy is a contributor, not a placekeeper.

    Sadly, Cards are stacked at ILB right now, can’t see where else he’d fit. Pats, for cheap due to SB contender-ness?

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