Dolphins think Vikings may offer Mike Wallace $13 million a year


The Dolphins have long been viewed as the favorites to land receiver ex-Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace. But interest from the Vikings will make Wallace expensive.

We’ve already noted that the Vikings’ decision to trade receiver Percy Harvin to the Seahawks makes Minnesota a potential landing spot for Wallace and other free agent receivers. And now there’s word that the Dolphins view the Vikings as their biggest competition for Wallace.

According to Jeff Darlington of NFL Network, the Dolphins expect the Vikings to get involved in the Wallace sweepstakes, and the Dolphins believe that landing Wallace may cost up to $13 million a year.

So as much as the Seahawks are going to benefit from the Harvin trade, Wallace may end up benefiting even more. If two teams are making Wallace their top target in free agency, and if both of those teams are willing to spend heavily to acquire him, then Wallace is about to get paid.

101 responses to “Dolphins think Vikings may offer Mike Wallace $13 million a year

  1. Impartial fan here. In no way is Mike Wallace worth 13 million a year. He’s a good receiver, no doubt, but I wouldn’t even consider him top 10. I feel bad for whatever team overpays him.

  2. sigh. shouldve offered more for boldin, and take jennings instead of wallace. smdh

  3. It doesn’t matter if the Vikings will actually offer Wallace $13 million a year. All that matters is that the Dolphins think they will.

    In any case Miami has the leg up. They don’t have a state tax so they can match whatever the Vikings offer and make a case to Wallace that he would get more money in his pocket. Plus Miami is the warm weather city Wallace is looking for. There’s nothing warm about Minnesota.

    Miami also has way more appeal for a 26 year old millionaire. And you get to chill with Lebron, D Wade, and gobs of bikini clad women.

  4. 13 a year? He’s not even a top 5 WR in the LEAGUE! Top 10 might even be a stretch.

  5. Steeler fans turgid at the thought of Boldin leaving Baltimore are curiously quiet regarding the loss of their top WR except when saying “he’s no Antonio Brown.” Whatever makes you feel better, I guess.

  6. This guy is so overrated and isn’t worth this kind of money, but unfortunately when athletes sign megal deals; they usually become a bust and whichever team he signs with will find out later. These athletes today just make wayyy too much money to play a kids game.

  7. I think Percy Harvin is the better receiver. They probably could have resigned him for a whole lot less. Wallace only knows how to run 1 route.

  8. I want him in Miami but at that price let him go. He’ll be a waste up there with Ponder…move along, nothing to see here.

  9. He was fun to watch while with the Steelers and every Steelers fan should feel some gratitude for what he achieved for the team (even with the sour taste of last year), but $13 million? Heck, even the $11 million being bandied about earlier is a lot of money for a guy with above average speed, average hands and below average route running.

  10. As a Packers fan, I hope to God the Vikings pay him 13 mil a year! What an awful cap move that would be. The only wideouts worth that are generational game changers, Rice, Moss, Fitzgerald.

  11. Vikings are inept. They get robbed and let a young, proven, game changer go to the most dominant team in the NFC.
    In return they want to grossly overpay an unproven, one trick pony.

    Congrats Vikqueens fans, your organization has officially overtaken the Redskins as the most inept run franchise

  12. I have nothing against Mike Wallace but man that’s ridiculous. He’s good but he’s not that good. Steelers are smart for letting him walk.

  13. Greg Jennings in Miami makes so much more sense to me. Philbin was his OC in Green Bay, Tannehill needs a composed veteran with high precision in order to benefit most as a young passer… if Miami is just driving up the price on Wallace so the Vikings overpay, I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

  14. Minnesota’s personal income tax is 7.85% & Florida’s is 0%, negating that “extra” $1 Million they are “thought to be offering”… don’t be putzes, Miami ~ Wallace is yours to over-pay.

  15. You knew When tthe Chiefs paid Bowe,that someone was really going to overpay Wallace.Here’s what the sweepstakes winner will get:1) a one trick pony with only 1 limb on his route tree…deep or deeper.2) dislikes any routes over the middle and will gator arm any ball that leads him into traffic.3) Drops easy catches because he lacks concentration.4)A diva,who when playing with a young QB still learning his game,will become the next T.O. in the locker room.When he loses a step in a few years you are really going to be stuck with a lot of dead cap money……

  16. the dolphins were never a potential spot for Boldin. That trade only worked because the Harbaughs are brothers AND more importantly, in different conferences.
    Dolphins werent giving up picks to get Harvin.

  17. This is just absurd.

    Mike Wallace is certainly not worth QB top 10 QB money, and probably not top 10 WR money. He doesn’t adjust to the ball well. He won’t fight for the ball. Can’t high point the ball to save his life. Runs half a$$ routes. Has massive lapses in concentration. And- can be taken completely out of the game by putting bracket coverage on him.

    Actually, that last part is really his value. He forces the other team to commit two defensive backs to covering him.

    Is that worth $13 mil a year? Heck no.

  18. I keep seeing these posts about Wallace and how the Vikings and Dolphins are the two teams willing to pay for his services. I keep seeing the same two things in the comment section. 1. He would be a waste with Ponder. 2. The Vikings wouldn’t pay for Percy.

    Lets start with 2. Percy did not want to play for the Vikings. It had nothing to do with money. It had nothing to do with Ponder not getting Harvin the ball. 63 receptions for 600+ yards in half a season is better than half the wide receivers in the NFL’s complete season. It had everything to do with the relationship between Harvin and the Vikings organization. That’s it.
    1. Can someone please tell me how the Dolphins are a better team than the Vikings? Last time I checked the Vikings overachieved in a rebuilding year, beat the rival Packers to get into the playoffs. Oh… On a REBUILDING year.
    That being said… Wallace will be in South Beach come tomorrow.

  19. If I were the Vikings I’d have kept Harvin and made him happy….he’s way more dynamic than Wallace. Wallace is just a deep threat while Harvin gave them multiple looks and options that teams had to respect.

    If I’m the Dolphins I’d go Jennings….he’s a superior route runner and would come at a lower cost. Tannehill needs guys that are open more then 3-4 times a game over the top.

    I get being intrigued by his speed but $13 million is an awful lot for a one trick pony that I don’t think anyone believes is a teams missing piece.

  20. The Dolphins organization has NOT said anything. Speculation, plus the front office will not pay 13 million per for Wallace or any receiver. You bloggers think that all you read is gospel truth?

  21. Jennings will sign with Minnesota. Bank on it.
    The Packers are a pass-oriented team that was willing to let Jennings walk. Does that tell you something? I pray he signs with Minnesota. He’s had a hard time staying on the field the last couple of years and that’s only going to get worse. Please, Vikings, sign him!

  22. The Vikings have 18 million in cap space, and have many NEEDS! How will they afford to pay their draftees, RFAs, etc. Plus teams normally keep 2-4 million for emergencies such as injuries.
    This article is hogwash, and no truth to it.

  23. Enough from Steelers fans who keep saying Wallace is a one-trick pony, drops balls etc. If he was that bad, why did you offer him 50 million dollars last off-season? Pleaassee!!!

  24. It makes no sense for the Vikings to pay Wallace.

    First, the Vikes don’t have a history of bidding for free agents. They seem content to pick up lesser players with potential rather than big name players (not named Farve … or Walker).

    Second, Minnesota isn’t one player away from a SB run. They’re building. Overspending is something teams with a closing window do. The Vikes window is shut but beginning to open.

    Third, if they were willing to meet Boldin’s 6 million plus dollar demand, then how did they expect to also spend 11 million on another receiver? By going after Boldin (if legitimate), the Vikes make a choice that is not Wallace.

    Fourth, there are several speedster WR in the draft the Vikes could target.

    Fifth, it make more sense for the Vikes to raid a division opponent than to take someone unfamiliar with the NFC.

    If the Vikes do overpay Wallace, they will regret it. It sounds more like an in-love Miami is trying to justify their own lack of spine.

  25. This story has not merit. The Vikings only sign Older Players/Green Bays Free Agents/Old Green Bay Player.

    I project The Phins get Wallace, and Greg Jennings ends up in Minnesota.

  26. The fact that any of you are taking these reports to heart right now is a joke. Everything is smoke n mirrors until 4:00 this afternoon. But in the meantime, spend your time over analyzing every non-factual report that surfaces . Wads.

  27. Vikings play in a dome, and Minneapolis is a beautiful city, so I don’t think the weather will factor much in his decision. Miami doesn’t have a state tax that’s true; however, the real question Wallace has to answer is, “does he want to live in a tax-free state and lose 10 games a year, or does he want a legitimate chance at winning a Super Bowl?”

  28. Wallace might not be worth 13 million on any other team but his ability to take the top off the defense is something the Vikings have been looking for since Peterson arrived.

    What you don’t realize is that Peterson has been running for 200 yards a game aganist teams that have 10 players stack in the box. Wallace will take another defender out of the box and Peterson will be unstoppable. 2500 yards easy!

  29. Wallace Likes Strip Clubs and Cheeba and theres not many places in the NFL better than that than the MIA.

    No way he goes to Minn……He’s South Beach bound.

  30. I would rather the Vikings focus on either the draft or bringing in Victor Cruz than signing Mike Wallace. That way they’ll be able to re-sign Phil Loadholdt and Jerome Felton, plus not have to worry about cap space next year when it’s time to tackle Jared Allen’s next contract.

  31. Tell me another time where a player coming off a terrible contract season still cashed in as the top free agent target in the game?

    Wallace is about to be rewarded for taking a huge step back in 2012. Watching the Dolphins a Vikings battle it out for him is like watching a car accident that’s about to happen.

  32. You guys who keep saying one trick pony…. Its a really good trick and worth 32 touchdowns in 4 years… With Wallace out wide the Offense is 11 vs 10 on every play. Worth every penny… Heck I am not paying. The largest Contract doesnt matter… Only guarateed money does.

  33. I can’t imagine the Vikings spending that kind of money on Wallace, not with Rick Speilman in charge. I can see them going after Greg Jennings or Danny Amendola.

    However, Speilman just got outbid for Anquan Boldin. He could have had Boldin for a 6th round pick, and had an instant quality starter at WR. Instead, he offered only a 7th round pick and the 49ers landed Boldin.

    If you aren’t willing to part with a 6th round pick to land a quality starter at a position which is your most glaring need (WR), I can’t imagine dropping $13 million per year on a guy whose production is likely to be about the same.

  34. To me, this seems that Miami doesn’t want Wallace. They’re creating a reason not to go after him.

    Hopefully both of these teams are realizing that he’s not seriously worth $13 million.

  35. and he’ll turn out just like Holmes did. Fat check and zero production. He’s ther same type. Has talent but he has a huge ego. I feel bad whoever signs him

  36. Leave it to the Vikings to do something stupid like sign Wallace for $13 million.

    Wallace does one thing really well and that is running a go route deep. Ponder does one thing well and that is play action fake to Peterson and then throw a 5 yard pass to the TE in the flat (which by the way, NFL defenses will have that figured out by next year)

    Does this sound like a marriage made in heaven?

  37. Yawn. Another non story. How many times this weekend have we seem stories that seem pretty certain, followed by their retraction. (Actually, that is a daily occurrence on PFT).

    If Philbin has any say in the matter, they will not overpay Wallace. Instead they will target Jennings, and one of the top receivers in the draft.

  38. Smoke and mirrors and MN ends up with Jennings. If you get rid of Percy because of character issues why would you bring in another character? Wallace can go to south beach. MN wants football players of high character not high football players. So long Percy.

  39. I love all the trolls that are bashing Minnesota, maybe if half you morons learned to read this is what MIAMI “thinks” Minnesota is going to spend not what they have offered or will offer, won’t even come close, like the truth in half of pft’s articles.

  40. you cant blame wallace for a bad season,lets see steelers offensive coordinator todd haley sucked even ben was mad when he was brought in,roethlisberger got hurt and missed three games. Now on the dolphins topic lets see go where its warm and lose or go to the vikings play with last years mvp,the best running back in the nfl that defense’s have to stack the box against so it will open the rest of the field for you to tear the defense up and the vikings getting new stadium plus they play in a dome now.

  41. Where is the part where anybody associated with the Dolphins franchise has said anything regarding what they think Minnesota will offer!

    Minnesota has an income tax, Florida doesn’t. That would take about 1 million of that 13, and Miami is much nicer in the Winter time!

  42. That money makes sense for the Vikings because of A.D. It will allow him to get off. Doesn’t make sense for the Dolphins. Greg Jennings makes more sense for them.

  43. for 13 mil he can go to the Vikings, Brady’s base salary is 10- that’s the difference between the have and the have-nots in the league well managed teams get their QB to play for less, crapy teams overpay non stars .everyone thought Tannehill would be under throwing Wallace what about Ponder? furthermore the “one trick pony” or “he only runs one route” argument is a mute point. the one route he runs is the one no one else does! doesn’t make him worth 13 or even 10 or even 8 mil a year, but he holds leverage because hes the only deep threat available, and no one who has a deep threat is willing to deal. sure plenty of possession receivers available (Harvin, Boldin, Welker) but tell me what is the alternative to Wallace?

  44. Thats definitely overpaying him. As a vikings fan I wouldn’t offer more than 10. And I would rather get Jennings for 9. Id rather have Percy over both of them. But then again, Having Wallace or Jennings, a 1st rd receiver, say Keenan Allen, and Jarius Wright in the slot…. that’s not too bad….

  45. This is the second “the Dolphins think” article posted on here. Spielman has stated time and time again they’re not going to break the bank on FAs. Jennings is the furthest he’ll be willing stretch.

  46. enea900 says:
    Mar 12, 2013 7:05 AM
    As a Packers fan, I hope to God the Vikings pay him 13 mil a year! What an awful cap move that would be. The only wideouts worth that are generational game changers, Rice, Moss, Fitzgerald.

    ^^ spoken like a packers fan, you forgot someone buddy and he plays in your division

  47. Amen C1!! All the haters on here crack me up, especially Packer fans saying Minnesota should sign Jennings……like he never did anything for the Packers and is garbage now……amazing. I LOVE Percy but he’s a Diva and wanted to get top dollar and doesn’t wanna stay in Minn so why wouldn’t they trade him, get some picks and go after players who WANT to be there. All the Miami fans hatin on Ponder too…….seriously?? He doesn’t have a great arm, but he doesn’t need a great arm with AP in the backfield. Defenses knew he was getting the ball and still couldn’t stop him. That freed up any WR on play actions 5 to 10 yards down the field. Tannehill is a good young qb, but he isn’t great and one good WR away from being any better. Miami can have Wallace though for 13 mill. I’d rather Jennings and a young WR in the draft cause they are a young team.

  48. Congrats Vikqueens fans, your organization has officially overtaken the Redskins as the most inept run franchise?

    Clearly you forgot about the j-e-s-t-s-!

  49. I find it HILARIOUS that Miami fans believe that free agents will want choose Miami over other teams because of the weather! Really!?! There are two things that motivate players: Money & the opportunity to hold the Lombardi Trophy. If any free agent chooses Miami it is because of the M-O-N-E-Y considering they are an inept squad that has no QB to lead them.

  50. Wes Welker’s price just went up from a performance standpoint. Won’t be shocked if he leaves the Pats now if guys like Mike Wallace are getting $13M

  51. And how did the Dolphins come to that conclusion? “hello Mr. Ireland?, this is Mike Wallace’s agent. You still interested in my client? Well I just got a call from Rick Spielman, the Vikings are VERY interested as well, so you may need to up your offer if you want him.”

    The Vikings ARE NOT going to pay $13M for Mike Wallace. This is Wallace’s agent drumming up the market even more to make Miami (who is so freaked about losing out on Manning, Jeff Fisher, etc) panic into throwing even more money at his client in order to get the biggest deal possible.

  52. The whole made-up story was leaked by Wallace’s agent to drive up his price in Miami. And it will work. He’ll be a Dolphin by the end of the day. Garcon got 22 million gauranteed last year and that was too rich for the Vikes. They’ll never pay this guy what he wants.

  53. Guys, the Dolphins do NOT play in South Beach. 99% of the players do not even live in the same county as South Beach, because the practice facility is in Broward. The stadium is closer to Sunny Isles Beach than South Beach. Ever since Lebron James said taking my talents to South Beach everyone feels everything in South Florida revolves around it.

  54. i would love to see wallace in miami but 13mil is a bit steep. as for him being this one trick pony that many posters here keep calling him i’m a little confused not because i would argue with it to much but because i look at what randy moss use to do and although he never got a ring in his prime thats pretty much all he did and he got attention and to his credit made with wallace he can create that same impression with just a catch or 2 a game and that will open things up for the rest of the offense. so from my point of view this one trick pony would be very usefull but the price needs to be maybe 11 mil per year but i’m not gonna count on it.

  55. They vikings arent going to offer him 13 million. If they had that kind of money to spend on receivers theyd have paid Harvin and made him happy because hes twice the receiver wallace is.

  56. I’m tired if hearing that the Dolphins overpay for players. With the exception of Dansby, everyone is making a fair salary. If a team wants to acquire a free agent, the free agent sets their price based on the market and most teams must pay a premium to sign an elite player in their prime! It’s just supply and demand. You’d be hard pressed to find a free agent, elite player who was not “overpaid”. And, please tell me, how is anyone claiming that free agents are overpaid? Is anyone here qualified to make an actuarial assumption of the players worth? Check out Hartline’s deal and compare it to Laurent Robinson’s and Meachem’s deal and see who overpaid. And if your still not convinced look at Hartline’s deal for the first 3 years. If the Dolphins sign Wallace they will do it in a fiscally responsible way.

  57. Since neither team has a shot of going to the SB in what will be the duration of his career, he is going to go with whichever team offers him the most money. Simple as that.

    All the speculation is disgruntled fans from one team or another engaged in a pissing contest.

  58. Dolphins have no choice but to sign any of the receivers in this FA. Fin fans cry that Tannehill needs help and Ireland should be fired because he traded away Marshall (even though it was Philbins choice to get rid of him). Now Ireland is out to get Tannehill help but it’s now too expensive. Ireland underneath all of the criticism has done a solid job of rebuilding the Fins even though nobody calls it a rebuilding phase. We have a young qb who showed flashes of being good. With 5 picks in the first 3 rounds and potentially 7 in the top 4, and loads of cap space, with the right acquisitions on offense, Miami could be on the door step of good things to come.

  59. Also another thing is that Mike “Stone Hands” Wallace only has 21 drops over 5 seasons. My math may be wrong but that sounds average to me

  60. I don’t see Spielman throwing this kind of money at a guy who could end up being Bernard Berrian II with a Percy Harvin attitude. Yes, the Vikes need to address WR, but I don’t see them doing something crazy like this. I could see Jennings as an answer because he could be a playmaker and mentor to the young receivers they draft as he’s a great route runner and a team guy.

  61. So asublime day, if the Vikes suck after finishing ahead of your team last year, does your team super suck? Not to mention giving up all your draft picks for a QB that blows up 3 times a year and your cap space in an aging DE that gives full effort 50% of the snaps. I think it’s fairly clear which team sucks.

  62. See the Arizona Cardinals example of how to overpay a WR, even though Fitzgerald is top 5. Wallace is a one trick pony and Ireland will further cement his legacy as a moron if he breaks the bank to sign Wallace. The contract he gave Hartline was ridiculous.

  63. minnesota or Florida?? minnesota one of the worst ten states for high taxes….. Florida one of the best. Case closed.

  64. There are quite a few intelligent posters on this topic but the majority are most definitely rubes who just like to “talk” even if they don’t know what the hell they’re talkin’ about. Everyone, the experts and even Florio (sorry Florio) have told you for weeks that everything leading up to FA was going to be “smoke n’ mirrors”, disinformation, posturing etc. and not to believe a word of it but yet the clowns who post like the Wallace signing is a done deal just don’t get it. I know Ireland hasn’t been the best judge of talent and has his shortcomings but Speilman in Minny is a pretty sharp cookie and no way do I see him getting into any kind of bidding war for Wallace. Wallace isn’t worth $10M per but it’s up to his agent to put out disinformation for rubes to gobble up and believe and you haven’t disappointed him, lol

  65. lifelongfinfan says:
    Mar 12, 2013 7:39 AM
    “Enough from Steelers fans who keep saying Wallace is a one-trick pony, drops balls etc. If he was that bad, why did you offer him 50 million dollars last off-season? Pleaassee!!!”

    He was offered 42 million over 6 years, and it wasn’t enough. That was before he seemed to take a step back this year, dropping a bunch of on the money, in his hands passes. Reports are that the work ethic wasn’t there either, and that is DURING A SEASON IN WHICH HE’S TRYING TO GET PAID!! I honestly hope he breaks out as an explosive player for somebody, as he’s had flashes of brilliance and I hate to see the wasted potential. Good luck to you and the ‘Phins this season.

  66. Whether it’s Tannehill or Ponder NOT getting the ball to Wallace (or dropping it on the few occasions when they do), one thing is almost certain—the Wallace sweepstakes winner is going to be sad after spending $13 mill a year for his services.

  67. Hey Miami. Go get Cruz and let him salsa in the Miami end zone!! Pay him instead of Wallace. Give the Giants your #12 pick and make a good decision for a change!!

  68. As a Miami Fan I would rather go last years route…..botch the big FA signing and draft a rookie that we have been researching for over a year and develop them, the way that our HC (Philbin) was taught in GB…..with that being said I would rather Ireland and staff be at Cordarelle Pattersons or Keenan Allens pro day than in a room with Wallace talking about who can blow money the fastest. Be smart Ireland, you acquired all this cap space and draft picks by being smart, lets not screw things up now. You should have learned from BMarsh that money will not make a diva WR drafted in the later rounds more dedicated or focused.

  69. Wallace is going to get paid because he’s the best available WR in FA, not because he’s a top WR in the league.

    This happens every year, why are fans surprised now.

    Vincent Jackson got paid like the best WR last year, but he’s not the best. Happens every year to the best FA wide receiver.

  70. idc what team he gets signed to..theres going to be a pissed off team in 2-3 years with a restructuring and a bust way in the world is MW worth 13 mil a year haha. id give cruz that money before MW and cruz isnt even worth that much money

  71. He isnt worth 8 mil a year. Just draft the fastest rookie this year with below average hands and have him run 9 routes all day long. BOOM, you have mike wallace

  72. Ok first off if vikings fans think that they’re rebuilding and that they have more than one hole, than what does that make Miami? The laughing stock of the league with 53 holes?

    This over paying of Wallace had the Retard Currently Known as Ireland written all over it. Save cap space missing out on some nice pieces, just to blow have of our cap on someone that someone in the 2nd or 3rd round can do, Go deep and drop too many passes.

    I highly doubt Ireland is smart enough to up play Wallace to try to get Jennings cheap, but I hope to God he shocks me and by Midnight Jennings is in a Miami Uniform and then we draft someone in the 2nd or 3rd rd to learn from Greg. Miami has toooooo many holes to worry about paying half their salary for 1 guy. Joe step up and speak out for your former Wide Out and save us money for Cook Cox Reed possibly Mendy or Levine. Or sign Wallace watch him bust and see yourself and your whole coaching staff out on the street.

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