Eagles interested in Laron Landry


When free agency begins Tuesday afternoon the Philadelphia Eagles appear to be strongly in the market to address the safety position.

The Eagles seem set to go after two of the top safeties that will be on the market. In addition to having interest in San Francisco 49ers safety Dashon Goldson, Geoff Mosher of CSNPhilly.com reports the Eagles are also interested in New York Jets safety Laron Landry.

The Eagles have four safeties under contract for next season including 2012 starters Nate Allen and Kurt Coleman. Despite ranking in the top 10 in passing yards allowed, the Eagles defense ranked as the second worst in the league behind Kansas City in opponent passer rating (99.6).

With Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie set to become a free agent and the Eagles possibly looking to move on from Nnamdi Asomugha as well, Philadelphia’s secondary could have a substantially new look next season.

36 responses to “Eagles interested in Laron Landry

  1. I for one have learned as an eagles fan not to reach in free agency. This is a very very far reach. This would be a step in the wrong direction if we added another liability on defense.

  2. OH BOY, another overrated secondary player. Just what we need.

    Then again, he’s much better than the crap we got at safety now

  3. Well they better get somebody relevant after making all these cuts and players headed to FA..

    Although that being said, Laron “I once shot myself in the nuts” Landry would be a good place to start..

  4. He’d certainly be an upgrade over the current depth charge. So would Goldson. Jeez, imagine if the Eagles signed both of them.

  5. Eagles are interested in everyoneapparently, goldson, deangelo hall, sean smith, laron landry, I don’t care anymore.

    If it looks like they’re trying to do something then let me know, but telling me a team that is rebuilding is INTERESTED (not even leading candidates) in a host of free agents is a waste of time.

  6. Heck yea! We need some fire in that back seven. I can’t take another Nate “Please Don’t Run At Me” Allen or Curt “Overpursue” Coleman’s pathetic attempt of a tackle. It’s embarrassing!

    Hell, I’d settle to see Kevin Kolb use all his strength to throw a 25 yard pass, and trust me it wasn’t pretty!

    That’s how bad our safeties are. HELP!!!

  7. if landry does come to philly i hope he can do more than lift weights. We need better safety play and more importantly (in my opinion), we need to get back to punchin ppl in the mouth. It makes me sick to see how soft the D has been the past few years

  8. not paying top dollar for injury pron dudes, love his style, but guys like that cant last because, that style is what gets them hurt. we need tough guys, not guys who are intellectuals first, football second. jackson is my favorite player, but i dont wanna hear about his music until we win a super bowl. he can have that shat, save it! not trying to hear a loser. I want a dominant team gdammit.

  9. Nnamdi will be released as soon as tomorrow. The reason for the delay is to make sure the dead money hit is in the new league year.

    Several people seem to think that when this happens it will add 11M to the Eagles cap space. Not quite.

    The cap is based on the top 51 players. With Nnamdi released, another player will replace him in the cap calculations. That brings the additional space down to 10.52M.

    Then, the Eagles will void the 2014 and 2015 years in Vick’s newly renegotiated contract. That will add about 5.1M in dead money against the cap.

    So the two transactions together will add about 5.4M to the Eagles’ cap space, and the Eagles should have about 38.5M in cap space before any free agent signings.

  10. defense is the least of this pathetic teams worries. better spend some momey on offense first.

  11. Although the eagles need a sure tackling safety this would be a bad move for Laron. The NFC East know how to exploit in him coverage and without any good corners, he will definitely get exposed.

  12. I am hoping the Bills offer up more than what Philly offers him. I’d really like to see Landry and Byrd play side by side.

  13. He is a way better option then what we already have .. it’ll be interesting to see Laron and D-Jax on the same team ..

  14. LaRon Landry was one of the only reasons watching the Jets were tolerable to me last year. I hope the Jets resign him, but any team is luck to get him. Good luck dirty 30.

  15. To all the Redskins fans laughing – Landry might not be a great player & he has his flaws, but Kurt Coleman makes him look like Ronnie Lott.

  16. I dont know whats funnier, the eagles having 4 safties on the roster and sucking at defense that bad or the thought that Leron Landry would help. This guy needs to stop playing football and get into bodybuilding.

  17. The Eagles gotta sign a couple free agents as a stop gap measure. They need 9 starters on defense alone. Andy Reid sucked the life out of this team.

  18. What no Jets bashing here??

    No Rex is a clown?
    No Jets are a circus?

    Must be a national holiday for assistant shipping clerks.

  19. Laron had good synergy & provided a fierce hitting component within the Jets secoondary as a whole. He had his moments but he’s not a stand alone coverage star. Once he stopped hitting people out of bounds & getting us 15 yard personal foul penalties I started seeing him as a good component that contributed to the overall strength of the entire secondary unit, which was where our only consistentcy was on the team all season. Hope the Jets resign him & we keep the unit intact, but we’ll see his head is a little big right now plus some desperate team may overpay for him.. Probably the Redskins.

  20. I think eagles shouldn’t make huge name signings just the signings that are neccesary. If they do what they did a few years ago it won’t work out no matter how good the players are

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