Eagles, Rams, Dolphins want Jake Long

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The first overall pick in the 2008 draft hasn’t generated the kind of buzz that he would have preferred.  But he has three interested teams, so far.

As multiple reports have indicated (and we’ve confirmed), Long will visit the Rams on Tuesday night.

Also interested are the Eagles and the Dolphins.

Miami would become Long’s fallback is he doesn’t get the deal he wants elsewhere.  Before the legal non-tampering tampering period opened, we heard that Long was looking for $11 million per year.

At a certain level, it’ll make sense to stay in Miami.  And that would be a major coup for the Dolphins.

If Long leaves South Florida, 2012 second-rounder Jonathan Martin will likely become the Dolphins’ new left tackle.

26 responses to “Eagles, Rams, Dolphins want Jake Long

  1. Clearly the Eagles will sign him if they want him. Our offensive line is back, healthy, and once again ready to dominate with the best tackle in football Jason Peters.

  2. I dont believe he is even in the top 3 f/a LTs out there. Dolphins can take their time and due diligence. Even the draft has multiple LTs that would be adequate

  3. Jake, the grass is not always greener on the other side. Stay and prove that your play last season was a fluke. If not, thanks for the hard work and effort for the last 4.5 seasons. Go Fins!

  4. The fish are spending themselves into “cap hell” with players that have hardly proven themselves. Hartline one good year…..Ellerbee an average LB, Wallace a one-trick pony. Can’t wait to see how bad the fish got reeled in by Wallace’s contract. Wallace’s agent did a terrific job of creating a false bidding war for him, no way is he worth $13M per year, he’s not even a top 10 wr in the league. Ireland could mess up a wet dream.

  5. Martin should be at LT either way. Long just doesn’t seem to have the quickness to protect Tannehill’s blind side anymore. Cornerbacks are a major need for the fins…even before losing Smith. Cromartie? Asumghua(sp)? Maybe Talib from Pats! Then Landry from Jets! Even if big names are to get new stadium, it’s a good time to get excited in FinNation! Formerly only hoping for Marino to unretire was cause for applause.

  6. The Eagles are really going to be players in free agency. Could this possibly be dream team 2.0 if they can bring in Long.
    They are also looking into Landry and Goldson. Having a good defense however
    is their second problem. If Kelly knows anything he will draft Geno Smith. Vicks
    one good season with the eagles was a major fluke. I guess we’ll just have to see
    how this plays out.

  7. Ireland made the right move here…he’ll be waiting with a solid contract…when Long realizes hes not going to get 11 per he’ll come crawling home

  8. He’s been playing injured the last two seasons. He was arguably the worst starting lineman on the team during stretches last season. If any team signs him for top dollar, they are taking a huge risk on his health. Lately, he’s been more consistent at being injured than being dominate.

  9. “If Long wants to win he’ll resign with the Dolphins.”

    The Miami Dolphins? Or is he going to work at Sea World?

  10. With over 40m avail I was afraid the Eagles would be “all in”. This is the first good sign that Kelly is making a difference. Given the lack of quality in free agency & the draft let us hope that discretion and patience prevails.

  11. The juddstir, you have no idea what you are talking about, so just go and worry about your own team/ Who said Jonathan Martin is not ready for a starting job, he’s better than a Jake Long who isn’t on the field because of injuries. He hasn’t finished the last 2 seasons. How many more injuries can the guy have???

  12. Wow… One trickpony? Did you come up with that yourself. Plz mike wallace doesnt even have to catch passes to have an impact on a game. His speed alone dictates how def play. His numbers are almost exactly the same as fitzy after 4 years. Ayb the fins shouldve given up 3 draft picks and 67 million for a guy thst cant stay healthy and has 17 less tds rec in past 4 years

  13. If I’m Long, I’m p*ssed that they give some one trick pony off the street $13M before they give it to me, their franchise OL.

    He’s walking…

  14. I don’t want the Fins comin close to more than $7-$8 mil per. as Parcells has already proven, one offensive lineman doesn’t win you games.

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