Eagles sign two before free agency, aren’t expected to re-sign any others


If the Eagles do the expected and cut CB Nnamdi Asomugha, they’ll likely be looking to replace both of their starting cornerbacks.

That’s because cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie will become a free agent this afternoon and the Eagles are not expected to make much of an effort to re-sign him. Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Rodgers-Cromartie, acquired in the trade involving quarterback Kevin Kolb before the 2011 season, will be allowed to sign elsewhere as the Eagles look elsewhere for help at defensive back.

Rodgers-Cromartie isn’t the only free agent that the Eagles have decided to move on from this year. Guard Jake Scott, linebacker Akeem Jordan, defensive end Darryl Tapp, defensive tackle Derek Landri, and tackle King Dunlap are also expected to move on from the Eagles once free agency gets rolling.

That would leave safety Colt Anderson and long snapper Jon Dorenbos as the only prospective free agents who wound up earning new deals from the Eagles. Anderson signed a one-year deal with the team on Monday, blocking him from becoming a restricted free agent and possibly putting him in the mix for a starting job next season.

“They gave me a shot last year; I see no reason why they wouldn’t this year,” Anderson said.

Dorenbos signed a four-year deal to stay with the Eagles. He’s been with the team since 2006.

12 responses to “Eagles sign two before free agency, aren’t expected to re-sign any others

  1. “They gave me a shot last year; I see no reason why they wouldn’t this year,” Anderson said.

    Cause you were awful and got burnt every week, but hey another GREAT signing by the Iggles

  2. I’m a little biased because DRC is my favorite current player(we all have flaws, right?), but I’m going to be upset watching him leave. First off, he has talent and just needs someone to help him focus. If I’m not mistaken, the new DB coach for the Eagles was DRC’s coach back during his 2009 Pro-Bowl year. Secondly, the more selfish reason I want him to stay is the fact that I get to meet him if he resigns with Philly. I’m just venting because I hate seeing him go.

  3. “Cause you were awful and got burnt every week, but hey another GREAT signing by the Iggles”

    Anderson is a great special teams player and has the heart of a lion. He should not be starting on defense. Not everyone can be superstars, you need the special teams wizards.

  4. DRC was the only half-decent player on the defensive backs last year. Sure, he got burnt, but so did the whole defense under Todd Bowles (and really, as much as I like Castillo, we all watched the defense get burned on long pass plays). He had the speed to go after the guys that burned him and bring them down.

    Re-sign him to a one-, maybe two-year deal and cut Ass-some-wah. At least with DRC, you have some depth going into the future instead of just severing both players.

    Oh and we need a safety too. Maybe if Polamalu ever gets cut…? Just sayin’.

  5. Seems to me that unless Revis is asking for a huge extension even with his ACL repair, the Eagles may be the rumored trade partner.

    They need CBs and Revis wouldn’t even have to move far

  6. Dorenbos has proven to be as good a long snapper as there is,and Anderson is too good on special teams not to bring him back. the early decision making seems to be on point in my opinion. (with the possible exception of bringing back Vick)

  7. Like the move. Wouldn’t mind seeing Jake Scott come back for the right price. He filled in well

  8. @Slashrageblog-
    DRC was terrible as well as Nnamdi, I am scared to lose both starting corners too but reality is that they were both TERRIBLE….I wouldnt mind DRC bc he is a freak athlete with his size and speed esp to recover. He obvi needs some tech. work and im sure if he does get one on one work with a good dbacks coach he will regain his game and confidence. As of right now the reason I wouldnt want him on my team or any team for that matter is bc he QUITS! Nothing worse than a quitter, he quits on plays….need be making tackles down near LOS, or in coverage he quits. So did much of the team in 2012, but new HC =new team and as talented as he is and as good as he COULD be, if i was Chip watching the end of last season game tapes and seeing both cbs just quit on Andy and the team, id pass too. Boykin might have been the best cb we had, and he was a rookie! There are a ton of quality dbs in FA & the draft so fill the holes and build for the future around a secondary that might not have all the physical tools DRC has but plays with heart and atleast well know what to expect every week out of them. DRC showed flashes and I think he could be dominate if he puts the work in and puts it all together but from 2012″ I wouldnt put my trust in him making the turn around anytime soon with the attitude he plays with…Too many highs and lows for me. The best players at every position in the NFL-Rodgers-Brady-Brees-Revis-Reed-Willis= ALL of them are consistent. I know its far from easy, and ive mentioned some big names but I just wanted to get my point across that it all starts with the “Want to”, aka Heart. True Champions NEVER QUIT, regardless of who your covering, score of the game, record on the season…

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