Elvis Dumervil willing to restructure, but may be cut anyway


The Broncos and defensive end Elvis Dumervil are still talking. Whether they can come to an agreement or not remains unclear.

Dumervil, who appeared to be on the way out because the Broncos aren’t willing to pay him $12 million this season and he wasn’t willing to take less, is now willing to take a pay cut, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

However, Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that Dumervil is only offering to take less than $12 million this season if the Broncos will make up the difference by adding guaranteed money to his salaries in 2014 and 2015. The Broncos don’t appear willing to do that. And so the Broncos may still cut Dumervil before Saturday, when his $12 million 2013 salary would become guaranteed.

The Dumervil situation could have a domino effect around the rest of the league, as Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning was getting in on the action and trying to convince his old buddy Dwight Freeney to come to Denver. Free agent defensive ends Michael Bennett, Matt Shaughnessy and Osi Umenyiora have also been mentioned as possibilities to sign with Denver in the event that Dumervil is released.

12 responses to “Elvis Dumervil willing to restructure, but may be cut anyway

  1. After an 11 sack season you ask a guy in his late 20’s to take a pay cut? And your play is to replace that person with a mid 30’s DE? Good luck with that

  2. Payton Manning cannot be trusted after “STEALING” over $10 million from the Colts and carrying a clip board all year when the Dr’s KNEW he couldn’t play.
    That was just wrong.

  3. After an 11 sack season you ask a guy in his late 20′s to take a pay cut?

    So each sack was worth more than a million a piece?

    I mean, most of those sacks came in the fourth quarter when the game was put away and teams were in long situations.

  4. 9 out of his 11 sacks came with the game out of hand. He also is ranked as one of the worst 4-3 DEs in the league against the run. His value is about the same as Kruger’s…around $7-8M/yr.

  5. paul kruger set the market price for edge rushers today. 8 million. elvis at 12? not worth the $$$$. love ya doom, but you gotta take the pay cut. either with broncos or with someone else. kruger had better stats and more upside. won a superbowl. if he’s cut–he gets signed between 6 and 8. that’s his max.

  6. I gotta 2nd what broncobeta and agilson78 said. Not only that, but if Dumervil doesn’t take a reasonable pay cut he will be released and probably not get signed by another team for as much money as his restructured deal would be.

  7. I wish I knew what denver is willing to pay him, I think it’s only fair for dumervil to take a pay cut and prove next season that he’s worth more. No team would pay 12 million for a 11 sack season, it would take someone desperate and from what his agent said, the market is not good in dumervil favorite. His best bet is to do what he can to stay a broncos, a team that’s close to getting to a SB than go to a team that’s years away from competing.

  8. 12 million a year for a DE is reserved for constant hell raisers like Jared Allen and Julius Peppers etc… Dumervil had his best year in Denver as a 3-4 OLB (17 sack season). Since he has switched back to 4-3, gotten over some injuries, he just isn’t the same player there. He simply is not worth 12 million a year. 7-8 million is more like it.

    If there is a 3-4 team out there that wants him, that is where he would fit best as a OLB. THEN maybe we can start talking about 12 mil/year then.

    BTW I think the NFL needs to up the salary cap anyways… way too many cap casualties are going to ensue if they don’t.

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