Falcons did not re-sign Brent Grimes

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UPDATE 9:05 P.M. ET: After we posted this item, it emerged that the Atlanta Journal-Constitution report was a mistake, and Grimes has not re-signed with the Falcons.

Free agent cornerback Brent Grimes won’t be going anywhere.

Grimes, who has played his entire six-year career in Atlanta, has agreed to a one-year deal to stay with the Falcons, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

The 29-year-old Grimes has been a good cover corner when healthy, although he was limited to just one game last year because he suffered a torn Achilles tendon in the Falcons’ opener.

The Buccaneers were reportedly in pursuit of Grimes, and missing out on him may make them more likely to work out a trade with the Jets to acquire cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Gimes was No. 31 in our Free Agent Hot 100.

6 responses to “Falcons did not re-sign Brent Grimes

  1. Much rather my bucs trade for Revis then sign Grimes. on a different note, I was not happy to see that Gonzalez is coming back for another year and we have to face him twice a year.. guy can still play at a high level at an old age

  2. heartbreaker for this BUcs fan. There’s a reason 2 division rivals wanted Grimes. He was the real deal before the ACL, so a smart move for him to go back to ATL for one year. His name would be/will be a lot hotter in next years free agency and he will get the big longterm deal he’s seeking if he can show he’s back to pre-ACL form

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